Big Block 4-Speed: 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle

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At first glance, this 1970 Chevelle SS seems to be a straightforward proposition where the project has stalled, and now the owner has decided to move it on. It appears that a fair amount of work has already been completed, but it also means that there is still a fair amount left to do. If you’re not afraid of taking on a bit of hard work and have always wanted a Chevelle, this one is located in St. George, Utah, and is listed for sale here on eBay.

The owner refers to it as an SS454, and decoding the VIN identifies it as a Malibu, but we are in the dark as to whether this is a genuine SS or not with the information available. Looking at the car as it stands, there appears to be an awful lot of new steel in there. I know that a lot of our Barn Finders aren’t keen on taking on a car in this state, but I always feel that with a car dismantled to the stage that this one is, the opportunity is there to do a really thorough inspection of the work completed without the impediment of trim to obscure the view.

Under the hood is a 454ci V8 engine, backed by a manual transmission. If this is a genuine SS, then the transmission should be a Muncie M22, but the owner doesn’t provide any information on this, or whether the car is numbers-matching. According to the seller, the car was driven into the garage 11-years-ago. There is no word on whether the engine runs, or even turns freely. The car is fitted with power steering, power brakes, and aftermarket headers.

Apart from the seat frames and the instruments, the interior is bare. The owner says that it will require a full interior kit, including headliner, door trims, etc. The gauge cluster fitted to the car is a base SS pod with the optional clock, but no tachometer or ancillary instruments. Once again, the lack of trim gives us an opportunity to examine areas like the floors, and they do look nice and solid.

When finished, this has the potential to be a nice car with performance aplenty. There are a number of unknowns with this car, but that certainly hasn’t discouraged people from bidding on it. At the time of writing, there have been 12 people who have bid on the car, and this has pushed the bidding to $7,200. I’m sure that you won’t be surprised to learn that the reserve hasn’t been met. So, with the information that we have at hand, is this one that you would take on?

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  1. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I do like Chevelle’s, do like manuals but I’m more of a SBC person which is a personal thing. Right now the offer is $8K but with no interior. If the work done so far and any rust issues eliminated it could be worth the cost. IMO you aren’t going to make a lot of cash trying to flip it once done but then again anyone wanting to build a 70 Chevelle could be easily satisfied here if everything checks out.

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  2. CapNemo

    Inner door panels.

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  3. Arthell64

    With the 1969 – 1971 chevelles the vin does not identify if it’s a SS. In 72 they added the engine size to the vin so factory 454 cars can be identified as a ss. Looks like a solid car

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  4. TomMember

    Numbers matching or not the car has a value being a 70 Chevelle original SS or Clone etc. with that said, the VIN on the block either matches the VIN on the car or it doesn’t. VIN matching started in 68 at GM. So does it or doesn’t it? If it does, a 454 is going to be an SS in most cases. I might guess that somehow back then you could have ordered a Malibu, non SS, with a 454 in it? Like a COPO type car. If it is not numbers matching and/or Not a real SS then there is still A LOT of money this car will take to get it done AND the value is clearly different. REAL SS 454 numbers matching = more valuable.

    ALSO, let’s see the undercarriage please….how about some photos BEFORE the primer went on. How much body work is in it? This CAN BE one of the WORST ways to buy a car. Sell me the car where I am FULLY aware of the issues…..and not UNAWARE of what has been done poorly potentially. and PLEASE don’t put a fresh coat of paint on it !!!

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    • Steve R

      You could not get a 454 in any Chevelle other than an SS in 1970. No way, no how.

      As mentioned above, the VIN will not document the car as an SS, let alone the original engine. The seller offers no eveidence this car started life as an SS. A potential buyer would be smart to value it based on the condition of the body and whatever parts come with it.

      Steve R

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  5. Dan

    VIN does not tell the car engine, but all SS cars had mandatory power disc brakes, 12 bolt rear end and any transmission could be offered, M20, M21 or M22…..unless I am wrong, both my LS6 chevelles had M22 trans…..

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  6. Derald Rine

    11 years , sad

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  7. 8banger daveMember

    Original or not, the HEI strikes again!

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  8. 433jeff

    Although i like the Gto better, i had 7 of these and drove s 70 ss in high school and after, monetarily i should have kept my 70s , i used to go down the road in my ss and my head would snap when i saw the Gto. That said i have a lot of great memories in my chevies, and nothing says Yee-haa like crappy original paint stripes,going to by see a car and in 10!second you see, the sway bar, stripes ss pad round gage dash, these cars are special, all mine were born 396 cars, although i did get a ls6 motor. As much as my red/ black stripe car was a bench 4 speed no ac 350 hp 402, sure the red black cars were everywhere, when i see the barn find real deal ss454 street brawler, i say DONT PAINT DA F#%*%^? THING !!! Drive it and listen to the motor and m22

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  9. sluggo

    if its not numbers correct, then a 454 is a much better engine than a 396 as why pay the weight penalty for the 396?? Put some 396 stickers on it to calm the rivet counters. But Id assume its a clone car but would need a FPI regardless to establish if the work & parts are good or all need rework. For a DYI person this could be a great project, but poor decision to try and sell this way. Very limited market.
    But for a driver or to actually ENJOY the car, a SBC is a much better choice. My take away is, very poor strategy and marketing here, but could be a good opportunity if it checks out. Clone or real car, its still a very valuable and sought after classic.

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