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Big Block Pony: 1969 Camaro SS 396


The seller of this Camaro calls it a good father and son project, but I think that depends on their combined abilities! It’s a sweet looking car from a few feet away and it’s a very desirable X55 optioned car with the bonus of having a 396 shoehorned into the engine bay. Sadly it has some serious rust around the rear window and that’s the kind of repair that takes some serious skills to properly repair. Now that isn’t saying a father child duo couldn’t take the project on and end up with a extremely cool car to be very proud of, but be warned it could have some major issues hiding under all the bright yellow paint! If you think you’re up for the task, you can find this Camaro here on eBay in Dunellen, New Jersey


  1. Bingo

    Is a B&M shifter really a “desirable feature” like the seller states?

    Maybe I’ve been out of the loop too long. I love the car even with the shifter!

  2. JW

    Knowing what I know from previous experience with leaking rear windows on early GTOs and Mustangs I would have to see the trunk area before making a bid, that water is going somewhere and most likely in to the trunk. Nice car otherwise.

  3. Jeff V

    The “SS” option on any Chevy car of the late 60’s/early 70’s is gold in the eye of any muscle head car person or collecter, imo! Had a ’70 Nova SS350 in hs myself (’76) owned by a local gas station guy who had it semi-built; Edelbrock, Holley, Hooker etc & a showroom black paint job w/vinyl roof, 4spd, buckets, posi w/traction bars, Sun gauge cluster around the steering column, ET alum slots all around. 2200$ in ’76

  4. dirtyharry

    I think she was a rusty beast before someone poured on the yellow. I would rather start from scratch, then correct a bad paint job. Everyone knows if the rust problems are not prepped correctly, the rust is coming back. You would likely wind up stripping the entire car, to ever stop the rust. Certainly worth fixing, if the seller can accept reality.

  5. Bruce

    Something about this car scares me. It’s a 396, but is it the original 396. No front wheel houses, No pics of the trunk….It appears quite nice, but they keep mentioning that it IS a project car…They are boasting about all the “good”, but no mention, or pics of the “bad”…
    Better look this one over pretty carefully, especially the bottom side & the trunk area…

    • DAN

      This car is powered by a Big Block Chevy 396 that starts up and runs great (see Under the Hood below) but please keep in mind it is a barn find and has been sitting for over 20 years.

      This car will need extensive rust repair during its restoration.

      sounds like they tell you the bad…………^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

      any buyers will email to find out more:)

  6. Rock On Member

    I owned a yellow Camaro back in h/s. They do not hide the rust very well. I would be more concerned with the areas painted black on this car and in the trunk.

  7. JoeR

    I have never done business with them, but recognize the location from the photos. Look up class 1 Autosports in Green Brook NJ….they appear to be the sellers. If you do a Google street view, you will see the building in the background of the photos.

    For what its worth, here is one review from last year on their Yelp page….you can check out the other reviews there:

    “Bought a 1969 Camaro from these people and WOW what a shame. Joe I guess one of the owners advertised this car as a rust free, all new panel car with a 9 out of 10 paint job. Had the car transported back to texas and WOW what a terd. Took it to my restoration shop I use to learn it has bondo, rust and the panels are crap along with the paint. The owner Joe said he wanted to make right just needed to talk to partner, next day via text said pretty much to stick it. These are first calss businessmen…NOT………….WARNING…these guys will stick it to you….”

    I suggest to make sure you know what you are buying if interested in this. Just my opinion.

    • JoeR

      …to be fair to the seller, it looks like they have plenty of disclaimers about condition, rust, etc in the listing on this one. It’s entirely possible that this is just a flip or consignment for them. They always have different antique and custom cars parked in the front of their shop.

    • David Montanbeau

      And why didn’t you have a professional inspector check out the car? I know why!! I did not want to spend the 300.00 bucks. I get that all the time when I was a car hauler hauling Ebay cars. It’s like when I have hauled million dollar cars on my open trailer and I would ask the customer why not enclosed? OH!! it cost a 1000.00 more.

      Here is one example.

    • Woodie Man

      Hey its New Jersey!……….baada bing baada boom

  8. Blackta1

    “Father child duo”, good grief.

  9. dave

    hmmm, their wording, their disclaimers, ‘NEW FUEL FILTER’ polished up engine…..RUN!

  10. Larry K

    No trunk picks, underbody, just the eye candy.

  11. Oldog4tz Oldog4tz Member

    I’m reminded of the 1966 Galaxy 500XL I brought off a dealer’s lot. Brand new brilliant red paint. I thought it a little strange that the underneath of the hood was covered with a light coat of rust, but I was 22, had a pocketful of cash, and was it red. Every time it rained, or otherwise got wet, it stopped dead. Didn’t run again till it dried out. Lesson learned

  12. Mark

    Having owned a ’68 Camaro in the Northeast, the very first place I’d check is underneath- floors, rockers, frame and/or unibody. A black stripe along the rockers would demand the ‘magnet test’, as would the rear quarters. No trunk photos is another red flag.

  13. Andy

    I agree with the comments/concerns about rust issues. If you watch the video, there appears to be a fair amount of rust along the bottom of the rear window… I also question why the only engine pic that I saw was posed so that you could only see the silver top of the engine, but the rest of the engine bay was dark/black…

  14. John

    Why ARE it’s front inner fender liners? Why were they removed? Was it necessary in order to fit that motor in? And what about power steering? Why is it sitting so high? Lots of things to ask about this one. It could be a really neat car for some one with the skills and bankroll to support the project. These were wonderful cars in their day.

  15. ACZ

    I had one of these years back. The rear window and trunk rust is not impossible to fix, just time consuming to do yourself. Expensive to have someone to do for you. A great chance to learn how to use a mig-welder.

  16. SquirrleyGig

    First of all, I’m by no means an expert @ much of anything, let alone Camaro’s. So I have to ask, wouldn’t SS models have had posi-traction rear ends as a standard equipment, unless ordered optionally? Then why?
    Look @ the Ebay photos. Particularly the one down the passengers side from behind. The one of the passengers rear quarter. Someone has obviously been recently smoking the bologna on that side. There’s fresh rubber all over the bottom of the quarter panel (I know fresh rubber when I see/smell it!).
    There appears to be potentially significant rust along the bottom edge of the trunk lid? In fact, the prep of the entire rear of the car appears to be weak?
    The black along the rocker on the drivers side @ the rear of the door does not line up w/ that of the front of the rear quarter. Although door alignment doesn’t appear to be bad? Hard too say from photos.
    I could pick out several other things, but will leave it @ this final mention. It very well could be the lighting, but I swear that the passenger front fender is a tad bit more of a pale yellow than the rest of that side of the car? No matter what angle I view it from.
    Leaving it @ that. Late!

    • Rspcharger Rspcharger

      People did odd stuff back then. My ’69 Charger R/T with a 440 came special ordered as a one legger. Could have been why the differential housing was torn to bits when i pulled her from a field 20+ years ago.

    • Marty Miller

      That is not tire rubber but road tar. I know because I saw the car up close. Comes right off with cleaner. This car was in a barn for 20 years and it saved it from certain destruction.

  17. SquirrleyGig

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention the nice patina on those tail pipes? LOL!
    After looking over the photos further, I may (?) be willing to blame lighting on what I thought was a color variation amongst different body panels.

  18. Ck

    Yaaa unless you can check this car out up close and personal. Or have someone who you trust and knows,what to look for,Id be verry leery of this car. Dealers can be so shady and they always want Way more than the car is worth. That being said .This guy wants almost 20K for this car ,I’d bet a 30 pack of Bud lite I could find a nicer one on the interWeb for less $$$, just give me a minute.

  19. John B

    That shop is actually in Green Brook. They always have some nice stuff parked out front.

  20. James M.

    Yeah, used cars always look nice and shiny when you look at the pictures and read the description… but when you actually inspect them, it is another story :)
    Lemonsquad (as mentioned above) and WheelScanner ( are companies that should minimize risks and surprises for few hundred bucks.

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