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Big Block Project: 1970 Chevelle SS396

One of the most formidable muscle car foes is the 1970 Chevelle SS. Whether it was a 396 or 454 car, the variation of horsepower options caused others to take notice. This particular Chevelle, found here on eBay and submitted by Robert W, is a 396 car and is said to be in mostly original condition. There is no doubt, though, that this Texas Chevelle will need a Texas-sized restoration.

The seller claims that the car was recently pulled from storage after a 34-year hiatus from the road. Being parked in 1985, the car would have only been 15 years old and appears to have been ridden hard and put away wet. There’s also the possibility that the place of storage wasn’t the best. At any rate, this car will need a full restoration. Whether the engine is original or not, it’s at least promising that a big block is there and still appears to maintain some of the original parts. The cowl induction hood and air cleaner may help to pull in some interested parties.

While the interior is rough, it’s still promising to have most (if not all) of the pieces in place. There is mention of rust in the floorboard and defining the amounts of rust, unfortunately, become subjective. Potential buyers should always expect to find more than originally anticipated. The back window channel is pretty rough, most likely caused by the vinyl top that was previously in place.

Like most full restorations, this one could very well eclipse the value of the finished product. An interested party would really need to be committed to this Chevelle in particular. The Buy It Now price sits at $14,500 but there is the option to make an offer. What might be a good offer for a mostly original 1970 Chevelle SS in this kind of condition?


  1. Arthell64

    I like a 70 Chevelle. The problem I see here is this car needs a full restoration which would cost 30k to 50k depending on how much work you did yourself. What is it worth when the restoration is complete? If it was a LS6 car it could be worth it. Here the engine and trans option makes a huge difference. Other wise it would be a project of love.

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  2. Keith

    Considering the current declining classic car market and the work that has to be done to this particular car I’d say14.5k is asking too much. 7k tops will leave a little meat on the bone for restoration costs providing someone has a stash of parts cars available for parts.

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  3. Dovi65

    Geeze! Buried by age 15, this Chevelle did NOT have an easy life. Even tho it’s not the most highly sought after model, it should get a second chance at life on the road. Yes, it does need EVERYTHING, and yes, it’s unlikely to get a return on investment, but restoring a classic should be a labor of love, not just about flipping for profit

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  4. Bill OBrien

    Thats a lot of work ahead for someone. No Chilly Wind? I will pass.
    is that bondo popping out of the drivers lower front fender?
    odd in 85 that it would need that. Anyway would be a fun project. Good luck to the winner! At least all the parts are there.

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  5. Del

    The 601 Chevelle parts car fearured here this year

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  6. Will Fox

    The one advantage with this `70 (as sad as it looks) is that there are TONS of parts reproduced for these now. From interiors, sheet metal, trim, Lord knows engine parts, rims, etc. If your pockets are deep enough, this could eventually one day look showroom new.

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  7. PaulG

    I’d offer 8500, tetanus proof it, get it running well /safe, and enter it into car shows in the “un-restored ” class. trust me, you’ll get more attention than the California car duster crowd (not that there’s anything wrong with that…)

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  8. Mark

    Preach it brother!

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  9. 86_Vette_Convertible

    You guys are more generous than I’d be. Shift the BIN decimal a place or two to the right on this one. No way do I see anyone making money off this one so unless you want it for yourself, I’d let it go.

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    • Brian

      Do it not for $ but for history, and like 86_Vette_Convertible indicated, move that decimal left…no, more, keep coming LEFT!

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  10. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I meant to say move the decimal to the left a position or two.

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  11. Bob

    5k tops this car is in bad shape seller said nothing about the motor being free of locked up

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  12. Troy s

    Man, looks to be pulled out of a lake more than a barn, what a mess.
    Not that I would really know first hand, but only the LS6 454 would make people take notice performance wise on these ’70 SS Chevelles. A bit heavier, with more emissions tuning, the 402 had more to contend with than earlier offerings. Lookswise I think is what sold so many of these, very aggressive styling…

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  13. 433jeff

    Unless its the 454 4 speed, or even a 4 speed car, dont buy the auto, at this stage of the game , wait, wait ,wait for the next bus. An awesome and great car all the same, keep them coming,

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  14. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Buddy just sold a 1970 LS5 car that was really really nice with cold A/C and with an automatic…..I know he lost money on it but he needed seed money in a quest for another C-2.

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  15. SumtingWong

    Field find .

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  16. Larry

    This car brings back a lot of memories for me only mine was a LS-6 70 Chevelle SS with auto trans. It was black with white stripes, black vinyl top and black interior. I dated my wife in that car in 1976. Oh, how I wish that I never sold this car. If anyone ever spots a car just like the one I had. I would definately be a buyer for sure!!!

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    • Ken Lunsford

      I had a Chevelle just like this too,same color.Bought with my Viet Nam money after I got home.gave 2800 for it,sold it in 75 for 1400.The first gas shortage in 74 really killed the value then.Most were going for around 1200.I still have dreams I have my Chevelle.Get sick when I watch the auctions.

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  17. Brian

    The asking price is undeserved. The owner obviously didn’t give two hoots and a
    holler about this car. Offer about 9 or 10 Benjamins and tell them take it or leave it, you don’t deserve 14k for this treatment of this car. I see too many abandoned cars, some quite rare (these not so rare), with the owners demanding what they never earned (or consignment shops like Gullwing).

    Utterly ridiculous.

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