Big Blue: 1970 Buick Electra 225

What’s with the peek under the cover? Are they trying to be suggestive and hoping we’ll fall under the spell of this lovely lady? Just look at that shiny paint and those flowing lines. This barge is more nautical than naughty, of course. It’s only got two doors and it’s a hardtop but this is one big Buick. And Buicks got even bigger the next year. This one is for sale on eBay in Pearland, Texas. The opening bid is $6,500 and no one has bid yet. Everything works except the AC compressor. If it’s as nice as the pictures, it just might be worth it. Or it could it be hiding some dark rusty secrets?

It looks really nice inside as well, especially for 117,000 miles. Even the rubber doors seals look nice. That’s not a really fancy interior, but it looks the part. It doesn’t even have power windows. Hopefully, there’s no cement showing under the floor mats.

Here’s the  370-horsepower 455 cubic-inch V8, new for 1970. From what we can see, it could use some detailing but it looks unmolested. Some of you won’t like the red hoses, but that’s an easy fix. It only needs an AC clutch to get the cold air flowing. Hopefully, the compressor is one where you can replace the clutch and one is available.

This big Buick is the kind of car they gave sales reps in the 1960s and 1970s. The cars were nice but pretty basic with just power and air and nothing fancy. Only the top brass flew around the territory so the lowly sales guys got a lot of windshield time in cars like these. You would hang one of those bars behind the front seat to hang your suits and shirts on and keep them nice. It was a long way home on Friday but these were such wonderful cruisers except the lack of tunes. 1970 was when they started putting the antenna in the windshield, so reception on those long drives was terrible. Gas was cheap and the company paid the bills so life was good. This Buick looks the part but I’m not a fan of the wire wheels and the tall sidewalls on the meats. That’s an easy swap for taller wheels and tires with less sidewall showing. There is no history of this car and why it looks so nice. It is not likely to have been restored, but it must have been repainted sometime. The pictures show no rust around the windows or the vinyl roof which are common trouble spots. If this Buick is as nice as it looks how much do you think someone might be willing to pay for it?


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  1. Max

    Beautiful classic Buick! I am classic cars collector I would have bought it instantly except its Too big for narrow and congested roads here in Beirut LEBANON! I have very hard time driving my 78 Deville & 80 New Yorker which are both smaller than this Beast!

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    • nrg8

      You know a guy named Alan?

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      • Mjlaw

        One in the same

  2. Mike

    I can’t believe that nowhere in your description did you refer to it as a “Deuce and a Quarter”.

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  3. Howard A Member

    Mike’s right, this car epitomized the term “Deuce and a Quarter”. Nicest 225. Next, and final step up on the GM ladder was the Caddy. I saw many of these in Milwaukee with those cornball wheels. Even though don’t care for them, clearly, these guys know what to drive.

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  4. RoughDiamond

    I love this “Deuce and a Quarter” as Mike referred to. It is stunning and I love the cursive writing for the “Climate Control” panel and “Fasten Seat Belts” reminder. The bumpers are amazing especially the way the rear bumper is contoured to the body. A junior high school friend’s mother had one and talk about a smooth ride. I used to love it when she volunteered to drive us places. It appears from the bidding that someone is going to score a great car at a great price.

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  5. Troy s

    Really a nice looking car, awful big that’s for sure. The kind of car the 455’s were really designed for, unlike the tire shredding Gran Sports of the same year.
    Tall tires work for me on these, rims not really. Absolutely none of those big garish pimp my ride wheels please.
    Wouldn’t know where to begin to figure out the dollar amount on this one…

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  6. Tom Justice

    A Buick duce and a quarter! I had an uncle that got a new one of these every three years. Nice highway cruiser and this might be the best survivor if the type. Have not thought of one of these in years.

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  7. hatofpork

    “Diamond in the back-sunroof top-diggin’ the scene with a gangsta lean, mm-hmm……” Great old Deuce!

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  8. Rhett

    Had two of these, a 69 and 70. The 69 was the governor of Tennessee’s wife’s car back in the day. Well built, fast and quiet- I’d take another in a heartbeat

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  9. Rob John

    This just brought back memories of my Great Grandfather’s pea green Electra 225. Thanks!

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  10. David

    Fantastic cars! Always thought the marker lights turning to reverse lights was a nice touch.

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  11. Moparmann Member

    Only needs period whitewalls mounted on Buick Road wheels! :-)

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  12. mlm

    My dad had a ’69 or ’70 dark green 4 door “Deuce and a Quarter” with a black top.Man I wish he would’ve kept that car.One smooth ride

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  13. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Sorry gang, the Deuce and a Quarter is down the road. Nice ride. Ended: Jul 08, 2018 , 12:38PM
    Winning bid:US $6,700.00
    [ 2 bids ]

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    • Robert Thomas

      That was a good deal.

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  14. M.Balmer Member

    Sorry Dave,but I have to disagree with you on the tire size.I like the tall tire size not only because I personally like the look,but,here in Michigan they help protect the wheels from pothole damage. Just sayin’.

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  15. Nick


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  16. John Traylor

    Now that is what I call a trunk. My wife could put her Honda Fit in it.

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  17. Top Jimmy

    Deuce and a quarter, riding on Daytons. All it needs are curb feelers and the Plex winged lighted swan to be an O.G. ride. Maybe the boomerang TV antenna to top it off. Superfly!!! I’d rock it!

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  18. A.J.

    My dad would have loved this Buick. He was a Buick man his whole life. I learned to drive in his 65 Wildcat! Might have taken a shot at this one myself, even though I’m more inclined toward a Riviera of this vintage. Really hard to find up here in the the great white north and I don’t do rust repair!

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  19. David kostuk

    I will never forget picking up my dad’s NEW 1970 Buick Electra 225.
    He had no time to get it in Hamilton Ontario from the dealer.
    It was a 4 door hardtop ,Burnaby in color with a black vinyl roof,fully loaded.
    I love the built in 8 track player.
    Worst part in this story is it was the first year with the antenna in the windshield.
    Went to show my now wife, at a outdoor hockey game, a flying puck hit the
    I was scared to tell my dad what happen, so l told him a flying stone hit me on the drive back to brantford.
    Was not a happy camper.
    I loved that car,felt like a millionaire driving around town.

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  20. Bruce Fischer

    I had the station wagon. Boy I sure do miss her. She Never let me down. It would pass anything but a gas station. Bruce. F.

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  21. MIKE D

    This is a real nice Buick…..Was thinking of bidding on this….It arrived in my in-box at 12:52 pm Monday July 9th…The e-bay listing closed on Sunday the 8th….What’s the use of subscribing only to be too late to make any serious bids….What’s up guys???

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      We try to get them out before the listings end, but sometimes it happens. Sorry guys!

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    miss my 70 ragtop she was a beauty

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  23. Fran

    My father bought a new model 71 Electra which turned out to be one of out worst Buick’s ever in fact Buick can be thanked for us switching to Fords for the rest of their lives. I do miss his 63 2 door Electra and 62 2 door caddy. Wow they were cool!

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    • William Decker

      From Buick to Ford’s ??? When Hell freezes over maybe.

      • Fran

        Yup always dependable. It did freeze over remember the eagles reunion?

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  24. Mountainwoodie

    The perfect car for the cigar chomping owner of a dry cleaners who thought driving a Cadillac was too mob like…………..

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  25. Richard Nepon

    Dad had one as a sales rep. After a year and over 100k miles he sold it to my grandfather who drove it from NJ to Miami many times. His had a white roof and interior but same blue. What a cruiser!

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  26. Chebby Staff

    Those look like Borrani wire wheels, not Daytons. If that’s the case, this was a steal.

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  27. ACZ

    What a sweetheart!!

  28. Beatlepat

    Those tall sidewalls are exactly what you want if you’re piling up the miles. Especially in a land yacht like this. Riding on set of dub deuces on 40 series sidewalls would wear your behind out in no time.

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  29. Reid Hall

    Looks like this beautiful car has,sold ,who know’s maybe Carmen Electra actually bought the car, h’mmmm,let’s dream a little bit, Carmen Electra has the car restored for you, or me,l can see a Cranberry Red car, factory wire wheels, and of course Carmen Electra in a very long, and low cut cocktail party dress, and one more thing she must have done a convt.,conversation to the car, but I guess a person can only dream.

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  30. Ken

    I had a 1962 Electra 225. It was far and away the best car I ever had. It was owned by an elderly lady outside Spokane whose husband died a few years after he bought it new. It sat in storage until 1975 when the lady finally got a driver’s license. In 1986 she willed it to her grandson, who didn’t want it. His dad told him if he sold the car for a decent amount of money, he’d help him buy a Pathfinder (or a 4Runner, I can’t remember which). The dad did not define “decent amount,” so the kid sold it to my girlfriend and me for $335 and a college algebra book (he tutored at the local community college). All I ever had to do to it was replace the starter bendix and the water pump. An absolutely super car that rolled down the highway as if floating on air.

    The photo is of the car and my wife’s grandmother. It’s both funny and sad at the same time. She was suffering from dementia at the time, and she kept telling me how much she liked my “new Chevy.”

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  31. Michael Gregory

    My final Buick purchase was a used tricked-out 1974 225 coupe. It had a sunroof, landau padded vinyl roof, chrome sport wheels, and a fancy velour interior that looked like it belonged in a house of ill-repute. A lady I knew at the time called it my “Z” car because she always wanted to take a nap when she rode in it.

    The thing would haul on the highway with that 455. I got the only speeding ticket I ever got in that car.

    Now for the bad part: Typical of cars of this era, nearly everything that could break broke in under 50K miles. After my dad and I had replaced the starter, radiator, distributor, water pump, and I can’t even remember what else he told me to buy an alternator and stick it in the trunk because I was going to need it. Sure enough, a week later I had to replace it.

    The final straw was when I moved to the city where I live now the transmission went out on the very day I got my first paycheck.

    But it was a beautiful car…

  32. Fran

    Finally, someone who also remembers how bad Buicks and GM cars were, and in some cases still.

    • William Decker

      Only by those who had no clue how to properly operate, care for & maintain great cars !!!

      • Fran

        Your funny. Got nothing but a personal attach to which not knowing who your even dealing with. LOL

  33. Tom Roberts

    No mention of the Continental kit…almost appropriate!

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