Big Time Toys! 1970 Boss 302 Mustang and Transporter

Nearly every reader has played with MatchBox cars or similar die-cast metal miniatures. Manufacturers of the tiny tribute cars offered numerous combinations of racers with matching transporter trucks. Few of us collect real cars like Matchboxes, but if you do, first off, you have my eternal jealousy, and second, this might be you lucky day! This 1970 Ford Boss 302 Mustang and C8000 Cab-Over Transport Truck in Winfield, Kansas come to market here on eBay, where bidding has eased past $50,000 without meeting the reserve. While not an authentic Parnelli Jones-driven race-car, the genuine Boss 302’s tribute goes far beyond paint stripes. Built in consultation with Bud Moore, the Boss Mustang and its engine follow race preparations of the day including an engine rebuilt by Smokey Yunick‘s California machine shop. Les Werling participated in the build as well.

While a stock Boss 302 Mustang would more-than-satisfy the average gear-head, a fully race-ready version brings a tremendous capability to those with the skills to utilize it. Anyone who thinks you can’t corner fast without O-ring tires and a turbo has never followed a vintage Boss 302 around Laguna Seca.

Air conditioning comes courtesy of missing side windows. Both airflow and heated seats can be controlled with the pedal on the right. The beefy Hurst shifter with cue-ball knob rows through four speeds, all accomplished without the use of billet aluminum. The home-made control box on the tunnel controls… well I’m not sure, but mine would have labels like “Oil Slick,” and “Ejector Seat.”

Ground-dwelling mammals are forewarned not to get Hoovered into the mammoth air intake. The ’70 Trans-Am spec race motor no-doubt makes beyond the 370 or more HP recorded in dynamometer tests of stock Boss 302 motors, which were sold as making 290 HP. Don’t launch from idle on this high-strung beast, or you’ll fall flat on your face. While engine and suspension utilize 1970 tweaks, the brakes have been upgraded with more modern four-wheel discs from Wilwood. With 4.33 gears, you’ll need those racing slicks and Ninja-like reflexes to put the power down without taking an abrupt 90-degree turn.

The Transporter is equally authentic, and the 636 cid CAT diesel makes over 500 ft-lb of torque. That low-end grunt, with the 10-speed gearbox, should make for easy hauling of a single Mustang. Are you hauling out your piggy bank to meet the reserve?

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  1. Air Boss


  2. JOHN Member

    How freaking cool is this???

    • Classic Steel

      Pretty Freakin Cool John..!

      I love older Mustangs….(have a dark blue 67 mustang vert built 289 windsor with Shelby tail lights, trunk and side vent scoops that i built / welded and engine from ground up etc..)

      “Horsepower sells cars, torque wins races”
      Carroll Shelby

      • Skorzeny

        Or, ‘You buy horsepower, but you drive torque…’

  3. i8afish

    Great write up Todd! Thanks! Maybe you can write my epitaph someday, I’d be honored! 😊

    • Todd Fitch Todd Fitch Staff

      Ha! Thanks; let’s hope that’s a long time from now! Much appreciated.

  4. Troy s

    Man, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen one of these! Saw one just like this down at Jack Murphy stadium, mid eighties, and picked up on how that air inlet box and tube reminded me of the brand new ’86 5.0 upper intake and air inlet.
    Would get higher than a kite just sitting inside and goosing the throttle. Wonderful noise!!!

  5. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Looks great, and they’re color coordinated!

  6. Jay E.

    Love the combo, but wonder what has been to the truck to make it more driveable? In my youth I drove a lot of miles in a flatbed version of this delivering lumber and it was utilitarian at best. 55 max, noisy, hot and jarring when empty. The norm for the day, but not something I would like spending hours in anymore, even with a big engine.

  7. bog

    I love that the seller says “they’re both street legal in Kansas”….

  8. Desert rat

    Ok, I know I’m a little slow but , “genuine Boss 302’s tribute”, what does that mean? It’s a real Boss 302? A 1970 mustang built to look and and run like a Boss 302, or is it a reall Boss 302 that has been modified to 70 Trans Am race specifications.

    • bog

      Desert rat – I’ll take a shot at answering your question/s… It is an actual 1970 BOSS 302, however, it started life as a street version NOT a race prepped T/A version, and certainly not Parnelli’s car. One really has to dig through the seller’s write-up to determine all that. So, much time and money was spent to make it as close a “tribute” as the seller ( or previous owner & many shops) could make it, or afford to make it. No doubt obtaining some pieces would be impossible. It seems like it could run in various Vintage events, but I don’t know if it fits all the current regs (and I’m not going to look again..). Seems like current owner uses it mainly for shows & Mustang gatherings. As a former owner of BOSS 351 that I ticked all the boxes & traded in my ’67 Fairlane GTA for, even I find this to be a very expensive “toy”….Someone out in Mustang land will love this and have to have it, just not me. p.s If I read it correctly, the BOSS is street legal and licensed in Kansas. Yippee !!

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