Big Fins, Big Price: 1959 Cadillac Convertible

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I’m a huge fan of the finned Cadillacs, especially in convertible form. The massive fins are as cool as they are ridiculous. And of course, you can’t beat the build quality and comfort of the late ’50s Cadillacs. With around 20k built, they’ve become fairly sought after by collectors, but I’m not exactly sure where the seller of this barn fresh 1959 Convertible came up with their pricing. They’ve started the auction at $50k and a BIN of $50k. We will get into that later, but if you’d like to take a closer look at first, you can find it here on eBay in Toms River, New Jersey.

There’s no doubt that this a barn find, but the seller doesn’t offer any of the story. It appears to be surrounded by a number of really interesting cars, including some nice Camaros. A quick check reveals that they have listed several of the other cars on eBay with equally as preposterous asking prices. These convertibles really are desirable and there have been a few exceptionally nice examples that have reached the six figures mark, but those were the exception. In pristine, running and driving condition their asking might be a great deal. For that kind of money, they could have at least cleaned and detailed it.

We don’t get the best look at the interior, but it looks serviceable. It looks like the horn ring is missing from the steering wheel. And is it just me or does the clock look to have been changed out for some kind of gauge? I won’t pretend to be a Cadillac expert, so if you know more about these car’s, please share in the comments!

This appears to be the correct 390 V8, but there’s no word on its condition or if it’s original to the car. It’s the 325 horsepower 4-barrel engine. Hopefully, it doesn’t need any major repairs and can still get this 20-foot long convertible up and going down the road!

I’m a huge fan of these cars, but I have so many questions and concerns about this one. It appears to be complete and fairly solid from what can be seen, but this kind of money I’d need to know more about its condition and history. I’d also need them to clean it, fix any mechanical issues, and correct any cosmetic issues! So, what do you think of these Cadillacs and what do you think is a realistic number for this one?

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  1. Will Fox

    First, that does not look like the factory 325HP 390 V8 the `59’s came with. Wrong color, and the word “CADILLAC” was never spelled out in white letters on that engine. I can only guess this is a 365 V8 out of an older (`56-`57?) model. The radiator doesn’t look right either. The finned aluminum rims are from an older Caddy as well; I’d guess a `56-`57 Eldorado maybe? These weren’t even options on`59s. The horrendous whitewalls belong on a `48, not a `59. This is a Series 62 and not an Eldorado. No factory AC on this one, and the horn ring is missing. Lord only knows what shape the interior is in, as it’s been used as a storage bin I see. With a white firewall, it appears that’s the original color of this car, not black. Seller is way too high with a $50K BIN price, given the current state of this car. We can’t see more of this thing to make further judgements, but I’m not seeing anywhere near enough to justify his starting figure. Unless a chump comes along, he is going to be sitting on this for awhile.

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    • Josh MortensenAuthor

      Thanks for the info on the engine Will. I knew the color was off and that the lettering was wrong but it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen an engine that’s been repainted and had custom lettering added to the valve covers.

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    • Dave Coakley

      I wondered about the lettering as well so I did some You Tube searches to see what stock looked like. Apparently the block lettering is correct but it was never painted white. It would’ve been the same color as the valve cover. Not positive which color is correct stock for the engine but appears to be a different shade of blue than this. Color could just be off in the pic itself.

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      • Will Fox

        Dave, the 390 was a dark royal blue shade. Not this turquoise.

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  2. TimM

    $50,000 wow!! It’s a great car but before I lay out 50k I would want to look it over extensively!!! It might have to be taken apart and rebuilt!!! That 50k would put you upside down!!! Now if you could clean it and have it running and driving with only 5k more that might work!!

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  3. Paul Z

    Well at least he came down to only 59,000 on the Woody he has for sale. He originally listed that for $105,000. Must be something in the air in Jersey he has to be tripping on something or smoking something.

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  4. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    Usually I research my responses before I post, but here I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that 50K would get a decent running/driving example of a 59 Caddie? OK maybe not a convert, but surely 50K would buy a nice cruiser.

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  5. Fred H

    Another “pull it out of a hat ” price.

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    • TimM

      I don’t think it was a hat!! It was the other end!!!

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      • Will Fox

        Thank you. You said it for me.

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  6. Stephen

    For 50k it better drive itself up to north jersey to my house

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    • Pierre

      For such a dream drive, if gas is paid for, I would volunteer to drive it to your place :)

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  7. WQ59B

    “20K built”? “20-feet long”?
    Try ’11K’ and ‘18.75 feet’.

    “I’d also need them to clean it, fix any mechanical issues, and correct any cosmetic issues!” – in other words; restore it top to bottom. I’ve yet to see selling a car go like that for the buyer.

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  8. Santa Fe Steve

    A friend of mine just bought a very nice driver (and I mean very nice) for $62K. It was a relatively low mileage example. Original engine, rebuild transmission and one repaint. I thought he paid top dollar for the car but he really wanted it. Good luck with the $50K BIN pricing!

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  9. Steve H.

    I hate lazy sellers. Ask top dollar but won’t make the effort or take the time to clean it up or even provide decent pics. At least mention if the engine turns or not. SMH

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  10. Sam H

    Radiator is correct… no paint on it so the brass is showing…

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  11. Bob McK

    The last 59 Cadillac Convertible I owned was in 1980. I paid $600 for it and it ran and drove well. I got it painted and redid the interior. Then like a fool, I traded it for a 67 Lincoln convertible. Needless to say, that was one mistake that I made. The price of these are high, a nice convertible was around $100K, but they have come down lately. You can probably find a nice one for under $70K. This one will cost you a fortune to restore correctly. I would love to have those Sabre wheels for my 56.

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  12. WQ59B

    Well, there’s 2 nice Series 62 converts in Hemmings; $97K and $98K. There’s a really rough black convert; no windshield,, partially disassembled, no top, rust on both chrome & sheet metal, asking $29K. From what I see from the pics of this car, if it has no rot or Bondo, the price seems to be in line.

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    • Steve H.

      With such terrible photos and weak description, how would you be able to tell? He makes no mention of the floors either.

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  13. mark houseman

    The seat(s) are out of a 1969 or 1970 Cadillac. Look at the pattern as well as the close-up shot of the side of the head rest. Definitely NOT original to this car.

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  14. Del

    I hate lazy sellers too.

    No way he will get 50 gs with this presentation.

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  15. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Nice tail lights.
    God bless America

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