Big Heart Hauler: 1973 Dodge Coronet Crestwood

Here we go again with another classic station wagon, with wood applique, and a big block. Perhaps not for everyone, these big old “muscle wagons” often have great styling, plenty of storage, and can often be picked up cheap. Those of you that are fond of patina may really dig the looks of this old wagon. Packing a low mileage 440 from a motor home and a rebuilt transmission, this solid wagon is offered for $4,000. Check it out here on craigslist out of Reno, Nevada.

Described as needing a lot of little things, it is easy to see the interior could use a little work. The front bench is split on both sides, and the dash has succumbed to the western heat and sunlight showing some generous cracking. Surprisingly the carpet seems pretty nice in this old wagon. For a minimalist, the front bench could be recovered or wrapped in a blanket, and a carpeted dash pad would hide the cracking.

The back seat and third row seating is actually in very nice shape. A vacuum and some good old fashioned cleaning would leave the interior of this Crestwood looking mint. There is plenty of space for whatever you may need to haul, and you would definitely be hauling in style.

There is surface rust present and the paint and wood applique is worn, but the exterior of this old wagon is mighty straight. There is some body trim missing, on the lower rear driver side door, as well as on the passenger side quarter. A trailer hitch is installed which is likely very useful with the 440 big block in this wagon. Unfortunately there are no images of the engine bay, but the engine is a low mileage unit with a rebuilt 727 Torqueflite transmission providing more than enough grunt to do some hauling with.  A little scruffy around the edges, this wagon is a rot free example with a charming patina, and a big heart. What would you haul with this old wagon?

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  1. Loco Mikado

    Anyone notice the 150mph speedometer? In a station wagon?

    • Ed P

      Yes, very unusual for a family wagon.

    • Fiete T.

      Lifted out of a cop car. Certified speedo

  2. Gunner

    Well speaking for a guy that has a 69 Coronet Hardtop, I really dig it. I am not big on green, but these Station Wagons are pretty uncommon, and they have great lines. They have the same speedometer that you would see in the Sebring Plus, Roadrunner, and my favorite for the awesome GTX, although by 73 the GTX was gone. Yeah, stay thirsty my friends.

  3. KevinW

    This just has a cool look to it. It would be a sweet towing rig for a vintage drag car.

  4. Mark

    Did the Brady bunch ride in one of these? Not Tom Brady .

  5. Scott

    Overpriced for a car with half the interior gone,surface rust and faux wood on the outside faded to nothing. No thank you.

  6. Nova Scotian

    Ohhh..I’m a sucker for Crager mags on just about anything! If it didn’t have them, this would be a boring wagon! No picture of an engine replacement from original says their hiding something, or don’t care…which would have a lowww price to buy. Who swaps an engine, goes to sell their car, and doesn’t put a pic of the new ❤️ in the ad? Are they embarrassed 😩? The car is decent enough IMO, it should sell, if the heart transplant works well.

  7. Del

    Lot of stuff is transplanted here. Which is alright. But I suspect that 150 speedo is from a Runner or a Bee and is a transplant too.

  8. Bruce Best

    My family purchased a wagon similar to this and it had the 150 Mile Speedometer but it was the personal car for the captain of the local Missouri State highway patrol district and it was built to the standards their cars were. It was bright yellow with wood sides like this one and a black interior.

    The mileage was not great even for the time but we had to end up putting 5 stronger and stronger springs on the gas pedal so my mother would not get another ticket. I being a teenager did not get a chance to drive it much which may have saved my life for it was a real sleeper.

    I was then and still am into small sports cars and better yet convertibles but I loved that wagon. There were a few Mustangs and Camaro’s as well as a couple of Chevell ss 396’s that must have wondered what was in that wagon that could easily out accelerate them and I am certain could out break them. Everything was heavy duty from the heater and air conditioner to the tires and brakes. Restore this one and amaze yourself by being totally foolish and practical at the same time.

  9. Stu

    Reminds me of the Griswolds “Family Truckster”.

  10. Graywolf

    Who cares about the wood grain! That is always the first thing that is going to go! You already have a headstart! I have a big block ’66 Imp. Wagon and it surprises a lot of people, lots of fun! Who ever gets it will see what I mean!!!🙀

  11. mark

    Nice Crager rims!

  12. Conivan

    All I want are the cragars. If anyone is selling cragars like this in central washington please let me know.

  13. Eddy D. Smith

    My Dad bought one of these brand new in December of “72 Looked exactly like thecar on the “73 Dodge wagons brochure.Looked a lot like this car. The only wagon I’ve ever seen with the 150 mph speedometer. I went with him the day he bought it, from a long gone dealership in Murray Utah called Pioneer Dodge. I loved that car,and wish I could have had it. After my dad died,I was devastated when I found out my mom traded it in. I’ve always wanted another one just like it.

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