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Big Mater! Chevy 6200 Boom Truck


I want this truck! I suppose for no logical reason other than I like looking at it and like the story behind it, but I can’t help but imagine it at our home. Located for the past 30 years in Erie, Colorado and up for sale here on eBay, this has to be one of the neatest old trucks I’ve ever seen! And with an opening bid of $400, I might actually be able to afford it (although it does have a reserve).


The seller tells us that it’s been used as a yard truck in a small junkyard for the past 30 years. The truck runs and drives, although it hasn’t been on the public roads for about 25 years. The ad states that it’s been used to lift hay bales, equipment, cars and even buildings onto trailers for that time. That boom is 14′ high! The resemblance to “Mater” from Cars has me wondering if John Lassiter saw this truck sometime when he was researching the film.


The interior looks like it’s been open to the elements for more than 30 years, mainly because it has been. I don’t think there’s an intact window in the whole truck cab, so that is something I’d have to address once I got it home. But I’m thinking once the windows were intact, the classic foam + Navajo blanket would be a great and appropriate solution for that front seat.


I’m assuming this is the original 6-cylinder engine. It is said to run well but sometimes needs starting fluid to fire. I’m guessing a little refurbishing wouldn’t hurt, but it’s run this way for at least 30 years, so it can’t be too bad, right? There’s even a video here that shows the truck running and driving back and forth.


Look at that face! We’re in the process of moving to a property where something like this would be useful…I wonder if my wife is up for a trip to Colorado? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. James

    wish this was in the uk… its there to sell as the seller says “Reserve bid is $400.01”

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  2. JW

    I guessed it as a junkyard truck before viewing the ebay ad, seen a few of these in the same shape back in the 60 / 70’s junkyards. They are work horses but not really road worthy as they are worked rain or shine / snow with or without windows, all the junkyards want them to do is move things not look or feel pretty. They are cool but purposely used.

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  3. Eric

    Ok to the one that’s writing the article… I’m guessing you have a hard time seeing the intact glass… or am I missing something here

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    • Mark S

      If you look closely at the front view pic. You’ll notice that the drivers side windshield is mostly missing.

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  4. Howard A Member

    Well, clearly worth the money. ( winch alone is worth that) Not sure what you’d do with it, unless you lift a lot of things and it better not be too heavy, or the front wheels will come off the ground. It is hard to see, but most of the windows are there, except the drivers side windshield, but still, open to the elements. Sorry, nothing really special here, they made millions of these. When someone mentions the “ubiquitous old truck”, these Chevy’s always come to mind. Pretty tired, though.

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  5. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Eric, Howard, I’m seeing what I think are cracks in most of the windows (not sure about the rear cab one) when I zoom in closely on the pictures. But maybe it’s my eyes.

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    • jim s

      seller states multiple windows are broke which is what i see in the photos.

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  6. Fred

    If nothing else, this shows that with regular starting and running these things can run forever with almost no maintenance. It’s sitting long periods that really hurts them.

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  7. jim s

    i hope someone has a use for this truck and it get saved. but truck needs a lot/everything before going back on the road. i too would be very careful about using that boom. nice find.

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  8. Mark S

    The thing to do with a truck like this is to make a car hauler out of it much like the COE one you see on counting cars. I’d trans plant a cummins diesel with a 5 speed and a 2 speed axle. I’d also paint it a dark red with black fenders and running boards. I’ll bet that engine in this is whipped anyway as yard trucks like this seldom saw any oil changes or any basic maintenance. It also looks like there are no functional brakes on it as indicated by the brake pedal resting on the floor. Interesting find.

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  9. Donnie

    nice steering wheel .WTF

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  10. Donnie

    The trucks that size where called JOB MASTER .A lot of them had GMC engines .Back then GMC had there own engines so did chevy

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  11. Matt Tritt

    Get it! Out here in (former) cattle country those trucks were mostly used for setting and pulling submersible pumps, which is why the tip is so far off the ground. Be sure that the cable and winch are good before attempting to lift your house.

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    • Donnie

      it has been used as a junk yard truck for 30 years they say I think the reasen it is 14 feet hi is so it could stack cars.if you look at the door it was a plumbing truck first

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  12. Donnie

    I take that back if it lifted a car the front would come off the ground

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  13. Marty Member

    No, way, way too cool to re-paint. This truck has once in a lifetime patina that takes almost 70 years to create. Fix the glass and use this truck as-is until the Sun swallows the Earth.

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  14. Doug Towsley

    Thats one sweet ride. Thats one area that I believe is a real growth opportunity is to find cheap donors like this, preserve the patina or paint it with a 10-20 footer industrial paint job, warts and all, Put modern power train under it, and sell it to hipsters and style conscious urban dwellers. Think stake side, or modular container on back that can be removed. Use it to haul your Organic veggies to the farmers market, Or go off the grid with a Camper and Solar array.
    Sell the boom and winch or use those in your shop doing body swaps and fab work.

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  15. Doug Towsley

    Im just saying,, check out google images for Fury road-Mad max cars.

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  16. Matt Tritt

    Well, that’s one way to destroy a functional and historically interesting truck!

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    • Doug Towsley

      Well to quote from the Movie Nux says “Well, if I’m gonna Die, Ill die with glory on the Fury road!!”

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  17. Derek F

    I LOVE the plumbing and heating logo on the door- I bet it’s been there for at least 50 years. Now that’s character! Cool truck with some tidy up.

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  18. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Note to all: it’s met reserve at $405…the seller wasn’t kidding, it’s going to sell.

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