Big Ol’ Bee: 1970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee Wagon

Wagons are “in” right now, and this custom 1970 Coronet wagon checks off all of the boxes on most classic wagon shopping lists. It is well-known that Super Bee wagons were never produced, but the seller and creator had a vision that came to life on this canvas. All of the added parts are genuine and correct for a Super Bee clone, with the only giveaway being the obvious fact that it was never factory produced! This car is well-built, sits right, and priced to sell at $23,900. Find it here on eBay in Kentucky!

Under the hood is a Chrysler 440 big block V8 sourced from a Plymouth Barracuda. The correct Super Bee hood scoops and hood that have been added are indeed functional, just as they should be. The washer bottle and battery hold-down are correct, and you can tell it was restored by a Mopar person: the engine bay is body color! This car runs, drives, and can hold the whole family. The seller says it’s fast, and I don’t doubt it.

The seller doesn’t state whether the interior has been refinished or not, but since it has had a full restoration it seems likely that it has been. The only interior damage is slight wear to the driver’s seat, as claimed by the seller, but it looks pretty good from here! Other than seat wear and a non-functional speedometer, the inside of this car is nice and ready to cruise.

Even though this car never would have left the factory this way, the seller has made a darn good attempt at what such a vehicle would’ve looked like if it had. Aside from a small dent in the passenger quarter panel, visible in this picture just above the wheel well, the paint and body are in fantastic shape and this car is show-ready! Sure to be a conversation starter and a head-turner, for the seller’s asking price a car this unique and nice could not be built. Would you keep it like it is, or do you prefer more of a sleeper look?


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  1. Brian Cody

    Like this a ton. My kinda grocery getter

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  2. Joseph Wayne Haddock

    Tint the windows and drive daily. Sharp wagon.

  3. Lawyer George

    Great, cool. I want it.

  4. Dolphin Member

    What’s not to like about this wagon? First, it’s a WAGON, one of the most useful vehicles ever devised, but largely pushed out of production by the SUV.

    It’s based on an iconic ’70s MOPAR model that, to the right person(s), has been made even better by the transformation to a wagon.

    It’s ORANGE, a forgotten color in the car world. I’m partial to cars that aren’t painted some minor variation of black, gray, silver, or white, and this wagon screams 1970s! In fact, I happen to be in the mood for orange right now because I’m restoring a 1970 car back to its original orange, just about the same shade as this car.

    If the build is as good as it looks from the photos, this is a car that’s well priced. I hope he gets a sale.

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    • Andrew Tanner Member

      I’m with you 100%! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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  5. Radarone

    It’s a good looking MOPAR, I’d drive it with pride.

  6. angliagt angliagt Member

    Hmmmm – THIS,or a generic SUV?
    This is much cooler.

  7. Rodney

    I’m sporting wood

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  8. Troy s

    That 440 will get this wagon moving in a hurry. Very cool idea of turning a family hauler like this into a muscle…..wagon.

  9. rcflyer

    I’ve seen this car and it is done beautifully. It sounds great also.

  10. SRyan

    Can I order 10???

  11. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I like. Better than any DD available today.

  12. Classix Steel

    Leave your wagons at home kids and get a real Bee!

    • Duane Boda

      🐝 ahead of the 👨🏼‍🎓

  13. Ray

    Very nice concept. With a slight lean towards utilizing a 2 door model wagon as a base, it would have been a grand slam…

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  14. David

    Love this car! Been (sorta) looking for a ’69 to do something similar. Science I didn’t have to do the work or write the check, I have to ask: how much cooler would it have been with the correct dash and a floor shift?

  15. Rob79Malibu

    Take my MONEY!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

  16. JW

    Love it, would drive the wheels off it.

  17. Johnny Cuda

    I like it! I had a 70 Chevelle wagon 40 yrs ago. I painted the grille black, put an SS emblem in the grille, put some Cragars on it, and it was sweet. I love station wagons.

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  18. RicK

    Only thing that would make me like it more was if it had a correct period Mopar Pistol Grip shifted 4 speed

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  19. Moparman1123

    Very cool and nicely done. The only thing that would make it cooler would be the A833 4 speed with the long pistol grip shifter.

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    • Cuda Dave

      Since this has already been so heavily modified, there’s no need for period-correct parts. Therefore, instead of the A833, I’d rather switch in a 5-on-the-floor with an OD final gear. With that motor and that weight, I’d appreciate all the help I could get on gas mileage.

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  20. tugdoc

    Me too on wagons, longroofs, shooting brakes or your favorite name. I have had several, all fun cars. A trip into the past with the late Arnie The Farmer Beswick.

    • Steve

      I believe and hope Arnie is still alive. The Grocery Getter wagon was restored and being raced out of Ohio…I hope I got the info correct.

  21. Gray Wolf

    Wagons are head turners with a little custom touches. Got lucky to find my ’66 Impala Wagon. All numbers matching 396, 400 trans and 12 bolt diff. Factory a/c, power steering. Added ralley wheels, 2″ drop and disc brakes. Most wagons were stripped of running gear and sheet metal then turned into chicken coops!!

    • Jake G

      Thats a head turner alright!

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  22. Frogwarts Member

    My grocery getter.

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  23. Mark S. Member

    This makes me want a station wagon. I never liked wagons when I was younger but they have grown on me in more resent times. This is definantly way cooler than any SUV.

  24. David Ulrey

    i ….want!

  25. glen

    I’m somewhat upset that a 440 Barracuda, is now missing it’s engine.I appreciate the effort that went into this wagon, but a presumably original 440 Barracuda was destroyed to build this.

    • JW

      Just maybe it was rusted or damaged beyond repair for the average guy and being so he would not get much $$$ selling it to someone who could bring it back so he kept the motor for this project and parted what was left of the Cuda.

      • glen

        Could be.

    • Miguel

      I doubt the car is missing it’s engine.

      Too many people are taking out the original engines in exchange for the new hemis.

      The fate of the Barracuda is not necesarily a bad one.

      • glen

        I agree, too many original engines are removed. I like originality.

    • Kurt Neumann

      Maybe the cuda was smashed

  26. Taco Juan

    yabba dabba dooo!!!

  27. Cuda Dave

    Or the Cuda was getting a Hemi upgrade and the 440 needed to find a new home! The wagon is a thing of beauty, isn’t it?

  28. Walt Guy

    I love wagons, have for years and have owned 5. I’m glad to know it’s not just me that sees the practicality of a 2 box design; my wife & kids think I’m crazy (which is arguable). Am I the only one who thinks it might look more “factory” if it had a full length black vinyl top?

    • Cuda Dave

      Not a full length – too much. But what about just over the “trunk” area behind the passenger bench seat. It would leave you visually with the appearance of a bright orange sedan with the rest of the roof and back pillars blacked out. BTW, what DID we call that area back in the day? Often the third seat row was there, so I’m not sure trunk would be correct, but what was the proper/most commonly used term for the back end?

      • Walt Guy

        We just called it the “back” depending if it had a 3rd row or not; then it was the “way back”! ;-)

  29. the one

    yabba dabba yabba dabba dabba doo now, don’t know what it means but I say it anyhow!
    Wierd Al

  30. Duane Boda

    I wonder….what costs and effort it would be to start producing any one

    particular car (like a 74 Plymouth Satellite or a 75 Dodge Coronet) just

    give it the mandatory government updates as needed and so on….

  31. James Monroe

    I’m one lotto ticket away from buying that.

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