Big Project: 1966 Ford Cortina GT

1966 Ford Cortina Gt Front Corner

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Update 6/30/11 – With 38 bids, this Cortina sold well at $2,800.

Ford Cortinas are extremely rare and hard to come by in the states, especially the GT model. This Cortina is in need of a serious restoration, but has potential. Given its current state, this car would be a perfect candidate for a restro-mod or a race car. The Cortina GT was a very popular race car in Europe and was very successful, even though it was going against the higher powered BMW 2002. This project Cortina is here on eBay and the seller is in Atlanta, Georgia. The seller claims its been in a barn for years, we hope it has or there may be more rust then is visible.

1966 Ford Cortina Gt Engine

The owner says this Cortina has the 1.5 liter, but it looks more like the 1.2 liter. The Cortina GT could be had with either engines. The 1.5 liter was the same OHV Kent engine used in the Lotus Cortina. If this car does have the 1.5 liter in it, then it would be a perfect candidate for a vintage race car.

1966 Ford Cortina Gt Interior

Given the overall shape of this car, the dash looks to be in good condition. The seats are a different story though, they will need to be replaced or reupholstered. We would probably try to find some Lotus Cortina seats from Europe.

1966 Ford Cortina Gt Rear Corner

This car is very rough and is going to need a lot of body work done to it, but it would definitely be worth the time and expense. It’s too bad that there weren’t more of these wonderful little cars imported to the States, as it’s hard to source parts for them here. This one has a couple period correct upgrades such as the Dunlop wheels and the fender mounted mirrors. We would find a nice set of mini light wheels and switch them with the Dunlops. If you have the time to invest in the body work this car could be a fun project.

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  1. Lorin Mueller

    A few comments on a technical front… All Mk1 Cortina GTs had 1.5L engines with GT specific manifolds, carb, head, and cam. It looks like a real GT down to the badges, gauge cluster and manifold/carb. The Lotus cortina was a DOHC 1.6L kent-based engine, not the OHV 1.5L.

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    • DolphinPorsche

      To further nit pick–the twin cam was the SAME block bored from 1497 cc to 1558cc’s
      The Corty GT is HOMOLIGATED for dual 40 webers!

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  2. foxxy

    That engine looks like the small engine that Ford first used in the Pinto then later in the Fiesta.

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  3. Lorin Mueller

    foxxy: It basically is, but this is what is called the "Pre-crossflow" version of the Kent. The Pinto used a crossflow Kent with the intake manifold on the right side of the engine and the exhaust on the left. On this car, they are both on the left. The Fiesta's version of the Kent was called the Valencia, which was again the same architecture, but with a different piston/head arrangement and a block intended for FWD.

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  4. The One

    A couple of my friends had these when I was in my mid teens. Can’t remember the power plant but they sure handled well for the day.

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  5. Thom

    Had one for one racing season in 66 before I went on active duty –it was a great handling car and had good power considering its size –another one I wish I still had

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    • Patrick Gonzales

      I had one a 1969 Ford Corrina GT, it was a graduation present from my Mom & Dad. It had a 1.6 it handled really good. I didn’t know anything about cars, I was only about13+15. And I drove it to school without a driver’s license. I missed that car.

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    • John

      Sounds like fun. Where did you race the Car. It’s hard to find info on GT’s that were raced in the states. I’d love to hear more. Thanks, John

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  6. ROARMember

    THESE ARE RAPIDLY INCREASING IN VALUE AND HAVE GOOD SUPPORT FOR PARTS AND ALWAYS WILL BEING THE SAME BITS AS THE lOTUS CORTINA. Mine was STOLEN, it’s a 65GTwith big front ARB, decambered, batt in boot on rt. Rf front fender wrinkled at the headlite,
    VIN# 77FBA77EU61644

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  7. Kevin

    Here’s an excerpt from Wiki, I wondered what made you think this was a 1200cc engine as the 12 and 15 are identical on the outside and as mentioned earlier the GT was only ever 1500cc.

    The Cortina was launched a few weeks before the London Motor Show of October 1962 with a 1,198 cc three-bearing engine, which was an enlarged version of the 997 cc engine then fitted in the Ford Anglia.[5] A few months later, in January 1963, the Cortina Super was announced with a five-bearing 1,498 cc engine.[5] Versions of the larger engine found their way into subsequent variations, including the Cortina GT which appeared in spring 1963 with lowered suspension and engine tuned to give a claimed output of 78 bhp (58 kW; 79 PS) ahead of the 60 bhp (45 kW; 61 PS) claimed for the Cortina 1500 Super. The engines used across the Mark I range were of identical design, differing only in capacity and setup. The formula used was a four-cylinder pushrod (over head valve) design that came to be known as the “pre-crossflow” version as both inlet and exhaust ports were located on the same side of the head. The most powerful version of this engine (used in the GT Cortina) was 1,498 cc (1500) and produced 78 bhp (58 kW). This engine contained a different camshaft profile, a different cast of head featuring larger ports, tubular exhaust headers and a Weber double barrel carburettor.

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  8. Mike

    This is my car, it was a lot rougher than the pictures. If I had of known the roof was in holes I would never of bothered shipping it over.

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