Big Red: 1973 Pontiac Grandville Convertible


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I’d really like to think this Pontiac is as nice as it looks here, with the original skirts and wheels. It’s listed on craigslist in South Holland, Illinois for $5,500. Perhaps the whole car is this nice, especially with the original wheels and skirts. Looking at the selective photography, you have to wonder how the interior and the left side are? What about rust? A friend talked to the owner and he says the paint is original but faded and the only rust is in the trunk. The interior is dirty from sitting, but can be cleaned up. The owner is out of state and cannot provide more photographs.

right front

Somewhere there is someone who likes these wheels on this car in this picture. I apologize to you, but, well, these are awful on this car. I have learned a lot about this car since I began writing about it. A friend is trying to purchase it. The wheels in this picture are off the owner’s van and were replaced with the original wheels, as you see it in the first picture. This is an older picture before the top was replaced.

right wheels

The car does look straight and the trim and chrome are in decent shape. Perhaps a professional polishing could save the original paint. My apologies if those wheels have disturbed you in any unpleasant way. The owner took the car to Chicago over a year ago and has not gotten back to pick it up. It’s been stored in a garage. If I can’t find anyone in the area willing to inspect the car for more rust, I may fly out and have a look myself. My friend is not looking to flip the car. He wants it for his collection. What do you think? Is it worth the effort and the money?

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  1. Nighttrainx03

    Why in the first pic does it have a red wheel tire skirt and the last pic a white one? Or an I just looking at it wrong? Looks like a nice car for the money if it as clean as the seller says.

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  2. Roseland Pete

    I don’t know. The whole story seems fishy to me.

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  3. redwagon

    so craigslist is free right? and if something is free you can make the most of it right? there is no reason to do a poor job intentionally unless you really dont care right?

    so why do people do such a piss poor job of trying to sell something. poor photos, poor text and then throw in another picture of another car coming off a trailer and tell us that o yeah, i have a second car for sale too. jeez, just give the chevy its own ad. its not that tough, really.

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    • Alan (Michigan)

      Well said.

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    • Texas Tea

      Spot on redwagon……………………..

      And throw those after market wheels in the re-cycle trash pile.

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  4. Alan (Michigan)

    Agreed, David. The aftermarket wheels here are hideous.
    So many questions about this car. So many inconsistencies.
    I’d worry about the frame for the top, as it looks pretty odd in the partially open photo.
    There is definitely rust in the first photo, above the red skirt.
    What is the white mark on the front fender?
    The only under-hood shot is from 15 or more feet away?
    If the carb needs to be rebuilt, do it, then sell. Otherwise, the understanding I take is “Runs rough, we think it is the carburetor.” With “Oh, I guess we were wrong.” When a buyer-financed rebuild fails to cure the problem. Plausible deniability. Tune it up, then sell with no apologies.
    I suppose if someone is local and interested, they might be able to take a look and sort through the BS. From afar, too hard to see much of anything. For an ask of $5500, not even one interior shot. Pitiful.
    I construe this seller’s game to be that of a “Chicago-based finder and flipper of older cars.”

    Dang. Those wheels really ARE ugly. :-P

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    • JW454

      It appears the retractor cable on the right side is broken, missing or, has come loose. Hard to see how this is possible with a new top but in any case it would be a problem lowering the top until it’s fixed. Oh, and yes, those are some ugly wheels.

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  5. Bill

    I had one! a great cruiser, and yeah.. the top on these is WEIRD.. it doesn’t work like most, but was one of the easiest to repair i have seen. It always went down a little crooked, because the supports were.. I don’t know how to describe them… almost like scisors, but not…ANYWAY… It was reasonable on fuel for a Big block car and drove like a dream. if it had been smaller i would have kept it, but i was moving to a town with very narrow streets and didn’t think the ol’ yacht would fit. I wish i had kept it. looked so nice with the top down

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  6. Greg Mosho

    I have a 1975 Pontiac convertible. I have had the car for 10 years. yes, the tops are odd! and mine still works! Mine looks exactly the same too – the only difference from the 73’s to the 75’s – were the headlights. So, here is the deal with the rust in the trunk: it was left outside. with any mid 70’s GM – you can always tell if the car was garaged or not – because after a while – ALL of the tops would leak – and right into the trunk. when i was shopping around for my car – this was one of the sure signs that it was not taken care of – even if they said: “its been garaged its whole life” – just open up the trunk!

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  7. Bill Owens Bill OMember

    I agree with you David, except take it a step further, those wheels are awful on ANY car. I like classic cars that are kept original, and often see a nice older car with no body damage and great paint job, but then the hideous wheels ruin it.

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  8. Dylan Watkinson

    I had a 73 with the 455 4 brl. Had every option- glass rear window with defrost- ac- cruise- dual exhausts- nose on 73 is better looking than that 75

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