Big Surprise! 1949 Ford F-1 Ice Cream Truck

I absolutely love Craigslist because it offers infinite surprises with every click of the mouse. Finding an ad on CL like this beautifully restored Good Humor ice cream truck happens every so often and when it does, it sets off waves of excitement, happiness, curiosity, and… disappointment. Disappointment? How could that be?  Click here to view the ad on Craigslist and perhaps you’ll see what I’m referring to. The truck is located in Watertown, Connecticut where it can be had for a cool $25,000.

Is anyone else incensed by the seller’s description of the truck, consisting of a measly 13 words?  Half of the description is a repeat of the ad’s title and the other half merely states the obvious.  We can see that it’s unique and a collector’s dream just from the main photo!  Normally an ad for a piece like this goes into fanatical detail about every step took to restore the truck, a laundry list of sourced parts, and a diatribe from the seller lecturing us on how rare the truck is and that you’ll never find another one like it.  I’m happy about not being lectured but was hoping to learn more about the truck’s history. We’ve featured many ice cream trucks here at Barn Finds in the past but none as nice as this from what I recall.  I love the added touch of the old milk can that’s mounted to the running board. And the less common two-tone paint scheme looks to be done to flawless perfection.

Surprise! Quick, Ford fans, look away!  How could this be? A beautifully restored F-1 with a Chevy motor stuffed under the hood?  Blasphemy!  Well, in the neverending battle of Ford vs. Chevy, chalk-up a point for Chevy.  How could the seller not mention or justify this stunning detail in the ad? While you Ford fans are hastily hitting the close browser tab, Chevy fans are leaning in for a closer look at that distinctive TPI engine that’s been beautifully shoehorned into the bay of this vintage F-1. Adding insult to injury are the little ice cream stickers placed on the intake tube runners!

Prices for vintage and restored ice cream trucks are all over the map. We’ve seen examples advertised for more than double the asking price of this one. It appears no details were spared in the restoration of this beauty, including the warning painted above the windshield and the writing on the front bumper! So do you think $25,000 is a fair price for this old Ford even if it runs on Chevy blood? One thing is for certain, there probably isn’t another Good Humor truck out there that can keep up with this one!


  1. bull

    This is not only Good Humor it’s also a Smokin Deal on this truck!

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  2. michael h streuly

    One bad azz ice cream truck.

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  3. Sam61

    Foul….at least put a FoMoCo engine in it

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  4. Mike

    A thousand times better than the current beat to s**t, haphazardly stickered, pathetic sounding mini vans that sell popsicles.

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  5. NotSure

    🎶I’m your ice cream baby! Stop me when I’m passin’ by🎶….

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    • Jay B Staff

      NotSure, love the VH reference! I was trying to figure out how to incorporate “all flavors and push-ups too” in the write-up but couldn’t make it work!!

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  6. Andy

    Daddy, can I have a dime for an icecream cone?

    And Mommy, can I have $25,000 for the truck? I picked up my room today. PLEASE, I WON’T EVER ASK FOR ANYTHING EVER AGAIN!!

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  7. Howard A Member

    Only in the good ol’ USA,,,or possibly Canada.

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  8. firefirefire

    The graphics are wrong for a Good Humor Ice Cream truck.

  9. firefirefire

    like so….

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  10. Rick Member

    To my way of thinking, a Ford engine goes in a Ford and a Chevrolet engine goes in a Chevrolet.

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    • David Ulrey

      I completely agree with you Rick. It isn’t that I’m brand partial because I’m not. Like you said straight to the point – Ford in a Ford and Chevy in a Chevy. Same with Mopar products.

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    • Chas358 Chasman358

      Ford powertrains in Ford vehicles please.

  11. Wally

    The guy who restored this died a few years ago. He built this and would take it to the car shows and give out free ice cream to the kids.

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    • Jay B Staff

      Wally, thanks for sharing that info!

    • Rj Keenan

      That’s to cool, pun intended.

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  12. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    To each his own. Don’t think you’re going to sell much ice cream with this truck. Lol but it’s definitely going to catch people’s eyes at cars shows and cruise nights. You need an engine that’s comfortable idling for hours on end slowly crawling down neighborhood streets. Then again this truck was never restored for that use; looks great.
    God bless America

  13. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    A local Good Humor truck showed up on the field of a Maryland antique car show last year, The owner handed out free ice cream bars & Popsicles to kids, until the truck was empty!

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  14. Howard

    Eh, IMHO there should be nothing under the hood of this truck other than the flathead it was born with, but Chevy engines went into everything back when engine swaps came into trend. Chevy’s larger bore, short stroke, high winding engine was the hottest thing going. Every gofaster guy was scrounging for a 283 cause it would run the wheels off a 312 Ford in a heartbeat. My fave swap was stuffing a 401 Buick into a 47 Ford. But I happened to have a wrecked 59 Buick and a 47 with a rod through the side of the block. Sure surprised a lot of guys at a stop light tho

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  15. Joe Haska

    I love this ice cream truck, if I had the Capitol, I would become an ice ceam vendor. How much fun could you have, with ice ceam and this truck!
    On the other side, why don’t all you guys, that want Fords to have Fords and Chevy’s Cheverolet’s, get on the same page, and everytime you want to talk about, just have a code word, so the rest of us don’t have to listen to your opinions anymore. We get it, get over it!

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    • Karl

      Joe I am totally with you on this one! It’s about the vehicle NOT the engine, GET OVER IT!!!

  16. Little_Cars Little Cars Member

    Similar story at our annual British car show locally, a fellow has shown up each year alternately in one of these or a later GMC Good Humor truck and serves ice cream to all. Unfortunately, he doesn’t give his treats away! Boo.

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  17. Bob McK Member

    How can anyone not like this truck? Think of the fun you could have with it.

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  18. Karl

    Pretty COOL “pun intended” little truck. As far as the engine goes I would prefer it be original but in looking for a good replacement he did make the right choice!

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  19. Dave Mazz

    I like the front view, it’s smiling at us!!

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  20. Wayne

    “Shoe horned in? Come on, there is room under the hood of this truck for an original style Hemi! I understand the Ford/Ford Chevy/Chevy thing. But my father and I always used what we had. So usually brand did not mean a thing to us as far as transplants go. The only reason that I don’t care for the Chevy engine in this very nice truck. Is that it seems like most people have no original thoughts or taste.. If you are not going to make it original, at least have an original thought as to what goes under the hood. This engine bay is cavernous. The only thing that might not fit is a straight eight. ( take your pick of the brands) How about a supercharged Ford 300 Six? Or if you are stuck n Chevy, a 292 6 cyl. that is equipped with all the Clifford goodies. (headers, 3 carbs, cam, etc.)
    I have gotten to the point at Hot August Nights that I rarley look a car twice if it has a “small block or LS Chev ” in the engine bay. It’s not that I am not a fan. I have had more than my share of small bock Chevys AND Fords. And I appreciate each brand and what can be done with them. But when you spend this kind of money building a “beautiful and rather unique ” vehicle. Make the engine something to be remembered also. Instead of the same old thing.
    Ok I will get off my soap box now and return to my cage.

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    • David Ulrey

      I LOVE your idea about the good old Ford 300 inline 6!

  21. Tim

    Truck is on its way to California after a long life on the east coast … i am sure it will be resold for way more than 25k .
    It was no hot rod but is sure is cool .

  22. Chas358 Chasman358

    Ford powertrains in Ford vehicles please.

  23. Bridget B

    Is this truck still for sale?

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