Big Survivor: 1966 Pontiac Catalina

I know the Pontiac Catalina isn’t as popular as its smaller sibling the GTO, but I really like these big Ponchos. The Coke bottle styling is fantastic and the 389 V8 offered plenty of giddy-up even in it’s lowest trim level. This example is said to be a low mileage survivor with the original window sticker and records for previous repairs included. The seller has had a lot of work done just recently to make it a driver again, but it needs a new home. You can find this sweet Catalina here on eBay in Killingworth, Connecticut with a current bid of $5,525.

With 61k miles on the odometer, this car should have lots of life left in it. The 389 is the 2 barrel base engine and is mated to the Turbomatic. Depending on the transmission, power ranged from 256 and 290 horsepower. The seller notes that the transmission has a leak, but has recently been serviced. They rebuilt part of the suspension and had the brakes gone through, to make sure it is a safe and fun driver. Rebuild the A/C system, and you would have a fantastic classic to drive this summer.

While it isn’t a high option car, this looks like a very nice survivor. I’m always amazed at how cheaply these cars can be had for, given the styling and features. If it were a 2+2, it would obviously go for crazy money, but I would be more than happy to have this sitting in my garage. How about you?

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  1. geebee

    At that moment, Pontiac was building some of the most profanely beautiful cars in America.

  2. olddavid

    Absolutely. Has there ever been more beautiful automobiles? The Bonneville and even the humble Tempest had panache. Bill Mitchell knew his field. I’d put on a four barrel with headers and disc brakes and drive it to my demise.

    • Chris In Australia

      You read my mind! Before I got to the comments, I’m thinking “aftermarket alloy intake, 4 bbl, duals, and a dual circuit disc brake setup”. Faster steering too.

    • Tim Rusling

      The ’64 Bonneville is my favorite of the sixties big ones. Timeless and always desirable – wonderful lines. If we’d only known what would be on the road years later, we’d have snapped up a lot more of these art treasures for posterity.

    • Greg Member

      And the beautiful Grand Prix !

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      • Tim Rusling

        Without a doubt – I just prefer the Bonne’s vertical taillights.

  3. jdjonesdr

    My kind of car….

  4. Andy

    The stacked quads remind me of my ’65 Caddy. Handsome car.

  5. Bob in Seattte

    I’m a die hard FoMoCo guy, but I gotta agree with the comments, This is one fine automobile. Reminds me of the ’68 Galaxie fastback I used to have. 390, 2bbl similar color. Would have been a direct competitor to this beauty. I wonder who would have won in a head-to-head drag race.

    • Marty Parker

      Probably the ford. HP was about the same but the Pontiac was a couple of hundred pounds heavier and geared a little taller.

  6. Keith

    Looks like the car that was used to make the first bat mobile in the batman and robin series from back in the early 70’s !!!

    • 86 Vette Convertible

      That was a Lincoln Futura (I think) show car that was converted into the original BatMobile.

      That’s one beautiful car though.

      • Tim Rusling

        I know we’re off on a tangent here, but it was indeed the Ghia-built Futura that George Barris bought cheap for the TV show. It was Bill Cushenberry who did the body modifications to the Futura, but in true Barris fashion, George took all the credit for it.

      • RS

        That Lincoln Futura from which the TV Batmobile was made appeared in a movie during the 1950’s starring Glenn Ford. I think he and his wife had won the car and were driving it through Europe or something. While it didn’t have the many Batmobile styling cues it is very obviously the same car. Supposedly it was miserable to drive, the A/C didn’t work well and it was like riding in a terrarium. Believe it or not that car sat in a parking lot at FoMoCo for years, just parked, its paint fading to chalk before George Barris got hold of it.

        Back on topic, I agree, Pontiac had absolutely stunningly beautiful cars in the middle 60’s.

  7. Fred w

    No idea why values are so low on these…4 door hardtops are nice too and even less

  8. Howard A Member

    My uncle had a ’65 Catalina very similar to this. He had a heavy foot, and this car obliged. It was always much more fun when Uncle Marv drove. I agree, I think this was the best era for full size Poncho’s. Very nice car.
    The IH tractor, also seen, was a neat tractor. The Farmall “M” was the biggest row crop tractor made for many years. A friend I knew put a SBC in one. The Super M “TA” ( torque amplifier) was the one to have.

  9. Cary Dice

    Learned to drive in my mother’s ’65 Catalina – burgundy with black convertible top and interior. Nice looking car. Of course, I tarted it up with 421 emblems on the front fenders and put dual exhausts on it with what I thought were quiet glass packs when parents were out of town. Dad thought something was wrong with exhaust and took to Pontiac dealer. Replaced my packs with OEM mufflers. But still had duals!! Crazy teenage days. I still pine for a real 2+2, ’65, all black convertible.

    • boxdin

      In 1965 my buddys mom bought a new 2+2 coupe yellow w black inside, my mom bought a olds 98 coupe, about 21 feet long w a 455.
      Both womens husbands had died the year before and it was their time to get a car suitable to their status !!

  10. ACZ

    Take a magnet with you when you inspect. Look at the rust in the engine compartment, yet body looks clean? Smells like Bondo curing. This IS a Yankee car.

    • Ralph Robichaud

      Don’t think so my friend, the exterior has obviously been washed and polished regularly. Under the hood, rust (surface) on barely painted parts from the factory is pretty normal, for the average owner.. this is just like I like to find a used classic car, when I look for one.
      but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  11. John Hess Member

    Yup had a 4 dr 66, same color, belonged to the Chevy service manager, L.O. Gates in Mishawaka, his mother. CLEAN, like new, great car but we were buying and selling, went to a nice lady.

  12. boxdin

    There aren’t enough 2+2 s we need clones !

  13. Greg Member

    Love it… it… it ! I agree, new intake manifold and a four barrel carb. Or maybe EFI? But what a beauty! Would be a lot of fun with a 421 or 455 replacement engine. Then I’d put the 389 in my 62 Tempest Lemans convertible!

  14. Mitchell MacLeod

    An Army friend had a 1966 Pontiac….plebeian Canadian Strato Chief, two door sedan 283 with Powerglide. Had some good times in that car ca 1980. It had been his Grandfather’s.

  15. rmward194 Member

    Beautiful automobile. I’m surprised to see it has AC!

    • jackthemailman

      My family’s people hauler was a ’56 Buick Roadmaster S /W with A/C, bought new in Princeton, Illinois (Fager Buick/Pontiac/GMC). So why the surprise?

  16. Angrymike

    My first car was a 1968 Catalina, not as pretty as this but man the memories.
    I rebuilt the 400 2 barrel engine at 16, and learned a heck of a lot.
    I’d love this car, and yes I’d clone a 2+2, my father had a 1967 2+2 with the 428, he traded it in 69, so I don’t remember much about it, but I know it was midnight blue……

  17. Tiki Vegas

    Bought a very nice 65 with stock 4 speed Hurst and a garish factory tach on the dash. 333 HP. Super rare car. Stupidly, yanked the engine for my LeManns, GTO clone (1982). Hate to even tell what happened to that poor Cat. Sorry.

  18. Wrong Way

    I had one just like it! Mine was used, I bought it in the 70’s! I felt like a rich guy, but I was just a teenager then! I wished I would have appreciated it more than I did! Wished that I still had it! We are all young and dumb as teenagers! LOL

  19. Roberto Gracia

    This car looks super clean. Definetly a good contender for a mock 2+2. I currently own an original 66 2+2 convertible and love seeing the big ponchos at shows considering I am usually one of the few there.

  20. Roberto Gracia

    Here’s mine.

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    • boxdin

      Very Nice ! Love those 8 lugs. Pontiac was the only manuf who took suspension & brakes seriously at the time.

      • RS

        Amazing how much that front end brings to mind the original Riviera for me.

    • Greg Member

      Beautiful !

  21. Gregoart Stringer

    Nice car but 65 Grand Prix was nicer! I have a 400 out of a 68 with 4 bbl, 3in duals and HEI no more points lol had it since ’88.

  22. Rolf Poncho 455

    Lovely car a must have for me!

  23. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Sold for $8,000. Not sure if that’s a deal, but sure sounds like one.

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