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Looong Panel Truck: 1962 GMC Carry All

Before the roads were filled with Express and E350 vans, people who needed to carry their working gear with them got to drive cool-looking panel trucks like this 1962 GMC, for sale here on eBay in Orem, Utah.  While a Sprinter van isn’t as good-looking, I’d have to guess it’s less taxing to drive, though.  But after all, isn’t it better to look good than to feel good?

Before modern-day vans became the ubiquitous enclosed work-vehicle, panel vans were all the rage if you needed to haul to a jobsite a lot of materials or tools that you didn’t want exposed to the elements or thieves.  This panel van is essentially a windowless Suburban, although it appears to have a somewhat longer rear than a passenger Suburban would come with.  Apparently, whomever originally used this van had a lot of stuff to carry around, or wanted a good excuse to never have to parallel park.

I’ve always found this generation of GM truck and SUV to be attractive, and while I think the whole patina thing is very much played-out, I find this truck to be very desirable.  I especially like that this truck comes with a third pedal and the big, 305ci V6.  It’s no powerhouse, and it’s known to be thirsty, but it’s a bit of an oddball engine and it puts out a good bit of torque.  Throw on a fresh coat of paint and a few rows of seats, and I bet you’d be the only one taking the kids to soccer practice with a six-cylinder engine with pistons that large.  Just make sure the kids bring their sunglasses, as the sunlight will probably be quite bright to them after riding in the back of this rig.

The seller says the truck needs a few minor repairs, and I’d want to give the truck a thorough once-over before buying, especially since it’s not drivable in its current state.  The seller claims less than 70,000 original miles, but that’s based on the previous-owner’s claim, so that should be verified with a title history or inspection.  The seller says his plan was to use this as a shop truck, and it would definitely make an attention-getting advertisement.  In fact, that might be a more practical use than putting small children in the back.


  1. canadainmarkseh

    Well its an interesting looking truck and I can’t say I’ve ever seen one this long, I’d be willing to bet it was a special order vehicle. I guess there is all kinds of potential here but the fact is it would be a shame to see it used up as a daily driver work truck. I’d want to change engines over to something modern and more powerful with some highway gearing in the back then possible camperize and use it for hauling your trailer queen to the differant shows while still giving you a place to stay while your there. Now just because you pull the engine out does not mean that you get rid of it. I’d keep it incase some where down the line someone ever wanted to put it back in. Same goes for rear gears.

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    • NMCarNut

      Nope this was part of the standard line up, the 10-1/2 Ft. panel, which was the only length offered with 10,000 GVW. Here is the specification page for the Chevy which used the same body and chassis.

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  2. angliagt angliagt Member

    The 1 tons are rare today,as most of them were
    used as work trucks.
    Here’s mine,that I had a few years back.These are
    the coolest rigs – IF you have a use for them.
    The one tons are different than the other models.
    The one tons have a torsion bar front suspension.

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    • LC

      Sweet red panel – All 60 – 62 GMC’s and Chevrolet trucks had torsion bar fronts. …. they gave a great ride yet I guess a bit pricey for the General…coils to follow in 63

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    • norm

      My ’61 GMC ‘burb was a 1/2 ton with 305” with torsion bars .

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  3. LotiJudd

    The rust thru that is visible on the right front fender should be fair warning. I had a 64 version that was 1 1/2 foot longer than this one with sliding glass in the panel section. It was a retired rural 15 passenger Colorado school bus. The fender rot eventually made the truck look like the “Flying Nun” headgear when driving on the highway, fender bottoms flapping outward in the wind. Eventually, my friend stepped on the door jam, which rots in lockstep with the front fenders entering the passenger side and his foot and the door jam went to the ground.

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  4. HoA Howard A Member

    This truck sure brings back memories. When I was a kid in Milwaukee in the mid-’60’s, the Milwaukee Journal had a bunch of these to deliver bundles of papers to the distribution shacks, where we waited on our bikes to deliver them, exactly like this, green and everything. The carry-all job was a part-time deal, that catered to high school students, and they beat the heck out of them, a testament how tough they were, also why you don’t see many today. Most became storage sheds out back. Great find.

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    • John

      Wasn’t this shade of green the only color available on this model? :-) Honestly, I can remember these battleships being used daily by tradesmen and I can’t recall any other color!

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  5. redwagon

    have the kids bring their sunglasses? more likely to need a barf bag. the bucking from a 1 ton and the tunnel vision effect of no windows has a disastrous effect on one’s equilibrium.

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  6. Big_backyard

    I love this thing. Have never seen one this long. I would try to leave it as is, upgrade the drivetrain and use it as a work truck, that is if the rust isn’t too bad.

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  7. Bob C.

    This reminds me of a 62 Chevy Pickup I replaced a windshield in a few years ago. It was long and really curved like this one and pretty much took four of us to get it in. I pulled the rope on the inside, one guy on each end holding the glass, and another guy up on the hood pushing on the glass while I pulled. Luckily we had a brand new gasket that was soft and pliable.

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  8. DayDreamBeliever Alan (Michigan)

    The GMC looks much better in the front than the Chevy version, IMO.

    I’m usually in the “restore to original” crowd, but with this I’d go modernized drivetrain, plus interior. Make a great racecar/trailer tow truck.

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  9. Madmatt

    This is a really clean,very scarce,totally cool rig..!!
    would love to customize interior,mini motor home style,
    perfect “off Grid”vehicle,also would/could?be a great
    motorcycle hauler.Lots of awesome potential.Its very
    rare to find one in this kind of shape,I hope it stays
    somewhat affordable,and the new owner,
    has a great time with it.Very cool find..!!

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  10. Wrong Way

    This is perfect for a camper! Build it like you want and make it off grid, so you can stop and stay wherever you feel like stopping! Wish I could get my hands on this one!

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  11. John

    I love this! 5.14 rear end on the spec sheet; oughta get great mileage…

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  12. Pete

    Very cool, Oh if I had enough money to trick it out after I bought it. I would put a clip on ladder rack on that roof seam. Throw my 24′ ladder up there, fill the back with my tools and paint Pete’s Remodeling & Repair Service on the side along with my digits. Maybe build some custom racks for bins on one side and a rack to hold sheets of plywood or a door assembly I could just slide in there. I would also think about putting a modern engine it it, Just to save that old one for when I got to old to do that kind work anymore. Imagine pulling into Lowe’s or Home Depot in that rig. I could see them other contractors going we’re not worthy like waynes world. Bahahahaha

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  13. Pacekid

    Absolutely, Positively, Awesome!

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  14. JohnnyB

    If I brought this beauty home, I’d likely have to live in it. Love the 305 V-6 and its somewhat unique sound. Torque notwithstanding, I’d replace it with a more modern, fuel injected mill, a 5-, or 6-speed, disc brakes and taller rear end gearing. Otherwise, I’d just drive it.

    When I was a kid, our local fire dept. used the Chevy version for ambulances. As such, although rare, I have seen a few of these over the years.

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  15. Bill Alvarado

    There were several of these running around San Francisco when I was a kid/Teenager in the late 50’s – early 60’s. They were used as carpet trucks. They would take the carpet out of the truck and let the carpet just unwind itself, rolling down the hill and make a rough cut right out on the asphalt. One guy would roll it up and take it up 2 or 3 floors by himself while the other guy rolled what was on the street back uphill towards the truck and then drag it in lengthwise. Those trucks were loaded to the roof with carpet so much so, that they were ass-heavy.That’s where the low 4’s & high 5 differentials got used. Lots of stop & go from standing starts on hills. Sometimes the carpets wouldn’t fit and they would dangle out 2 or 3 feet with the doors open. they’d let us sit on the ends of the carpet.

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  16. NMCarNut

    If the body is as good as the pictures indicate this could be a real deal. And regarding the grille, with patience and a little skill it definitely looks fixable, especially considering the money a nice one is worth.

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    • DayDreamBeliever Alan (Michigan)

      What’s wrong with the grille?

      I don’t see or read of a problem there…

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  17. chad

    5 door?

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  18. Gaspumpchas

    Nice shape, bring mechanicals up to snuff and use it!! Inside looks worn but useable!!!
    Beautiful Jimmy..

    Good luck to the new owner

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  19. Jose Delgadillo

    My Dad had a 1960 Chevy Suburban for a while.It was turquoise and white and quite good looking. Three row seating with only two doors! It had a V8 and auto and drove very smooth with light steering. It had a wagon style tailgate. Cool truck but my dad got tired of always waiting for the kids to get out from back, plus my Mom always had to get out or slide over to the middle. Looked like this one.but not 4WD.

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  20. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended: Aug 13, 2018 , 9:00PM
    Current bid:US $6,869.69
    Reserve not met
    [ 26 bids ]

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    • DayDreamBeliever Alan (Michigan)

      I kinda figured that the seller was looking for $10K. Maybe I was close? Would love to have this truck, if I could keep it out of the weather, and do it justice.

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  21. Patrick

    I love my 60 Pie wagon. To hell with original. Mine is my daily driver shop truck. 6.0 LS swap with a 90s rearend and front clip underneath for better suspension and disc brakes, 2.72 rear gear. 80mph down the highway at 2000rpm… I love this beast.

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