Black Plate Survivor: 1967 Porsche 912

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Finding a vintage car in a highly preserved state is a sought-after specimen no matter the make or model. What is more impressive is when a car remains highly original and undamaged through multiple owners, as it indicates all the caretakers through the years were committed to the same goal: keeping a special car in as close to mint condition as possible. This 1967 Porsche 912 seems like one of those vehicles and certainly doesn’t come along every day. It wears just one respray in its original color and is otherwise very close to factory specs. Find this California black plate survivor here on eBay with a Buy-It-Now of $64,999 or best offer.

The 912 has become a touch more sought-after as prices of the 911 have risen dramatically. To buy a 911 in similar condition would set you back well over six figures, so a very nice 912 for well under $100,000 is a bit of a bargain. In addition to multiple original details, the 912 also wears genuine California black plates as opposed to the later reproductions that have now found their way onto later model vintage cars; in my opinion, this has only made the real-deal plates even more desirable. Speaking of desire, the listing notes this 912 has been a southern California weekend driver since new, which seems like an ideal lifestyle routine to me.

The interiors of claimed-original cars are a fantastic litmus test for what the seller is claiming, and in the case of this 912, it really does live up to expectations. Although tan or biscuit-colored seating surfaces are typical for white cars, I was secretly hoping for an oxblood or cardinal interior to put this 912 over the top. Regardless, the wood-rimmed steering wheel is a treat and not a piece of trim appears to be out of place. With crank windows and no other notable power options, this is purity defined. The seller confirms the interior comes with its factory radio, factory rubber mats, spare tire, jack, and more.

The listing notes it has just 77,000 original miles, and that the engine was removed and overhauled in 2017, and the seller confirms that it has enjoyed regular maintenance across its different chains of ownership. With a clear history of caretakers who all shared similar levels of attention to detail, this 912 presents like the car we all wish we could find before it hits the market – well-loved and well-maintained, and in a rust-free climate. If you can be open-minded and understand that the driving experience is similar despite the mild difference in performance, you’ll own a gorgeous specimen for far less than a 911.

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  1. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    There are BF readers (and I suspect writers) that could wring this honey out for all its worth then step into a, say, 1967 S model and do their Lars Kern imitation.
    That being said, this is a car that has been lovingly preserved and though ain’t probably enjoys a track day on occasion is just as much at home being a substitute for an hour on the shrinks couch every month.Maybe not as much so as a good days ride on an enjoyable bike but pretty darn close.
    Good find, Jeff.

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  2. WoodyBoater

    This is the type of Porsche that is priceless. The 912 is a reliable fun drive, and the black plate thing is a real deal. I think the plane Jane versions of classic cars are the hidden gems. If you have ever owned a true Southern CA car, they are amazing. Even the rubber is great. This is an investment car. As close to driving a new version. LOVE the hubcaps, and the honesty of its history. LOVE!

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    • Grant

      You lost me with the word, investment. The dreaded “I” word. I miss these being affordable used cars. I have driven a few, though never owned one. Have always loved the way they drove. It would be nice for the hobby if cars like this are passed from one enthusiast to another for reasonable prices. That way the cars and the hobby is preserved for generations. Not everything should be about money.

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  3. Joey MecMember

    My 912 story. 45 years ago, I drove BMW 02’s and always liked the 60’s 912’s. Didn’t want a 911, liked the 4 cyl. I had my opportunity to buy one. I found a 66 in decent running and overall condition. The price? $1100. I said “wow’, I can afford that!”. The only problem…. it needed front fenders. I priced them back then,,,,$600 a piece! That killed the deal for me. Quite a different market today. What are the prices of fenders on these models today? Just curious….. My only Porsche story………

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    • bobhess bobhessMember

      One of many of our Porsche stories. In ’74 the Air force transferred us to Norway. At the time we had a ’64 356C coupe, a ’59 Convertible D race car and a Chevy Blazer. Sold the Convertible D, gave the Blazer to my brother, and shipped the C coupe to Norway. After signing in with the Porsche Club of Germany we got periodic notes from the factory telling us what was going on. In early ’75 they put an ad in the newsletter saying they had one 912 engine left and would install it for you at the factory. Even though our C engine was in great shape I called and found that we could get the engine installed in our C for $1,800. Took me two seconds to claim it and two weeks later we were at the factory digging around in the big buildings storing the museum cars waiting for their new building. The last factory 912 engine and European heaters. Hog heaven was never like this!

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      • Armstrongpsyd Armstrongpsyd

        Another good write up Jeff. Thank you. I always scroll down to find Bobhess’s comments, and this one did not disappoint. My own ‘68 912 was factory Kelly green with tan interior and capped chrome wheels. It was a very pretty car. Driving the twisties from Sausalito to the beaches north along Hwy 1, I could keep up with my 911 buddies. There was not enough straight tarmac for them to take advantage of their greater HP, and the 912’s suspension left nothing to be desired. I sold it to finance a trip to India. I don’t regret it as I know all good things come to an end. I now drive a cherry ‘75 ‘02 and have not accepted multiple highball offers for it, but even with a tricked out suspension, it doesn’t quite match the handling of that 912.

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  4. Jack Quantrill

    Friend had a white ‘69 912 in perfect condition. He was in poor health and donated it to the Peterson Auto Museum in L.A., CA. Still on display. They don’t accept any pork chops!

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  5. Big C

    These are the Porsche versions of the 4 door ’57 Chevy. Less than two decades ago? This was a $15,000 car. Maybe $20k. But, when 911’s went stratospheric? The lesser cars came creeping out into the sunlight.

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