Blank Slate Muscle Project: 1970 Dodge Charger

This 1970 Dodge Charger is an awesome blank slate for restoration or resto-mod. If you’ve ever wanted a rippin’ street machine but didn’t want to decrease the value by modifying an original car, this may be the one for you! It can be found here on eBay with a buy-it-now price of $17,000. Located in Tucson, Arizona, there isn’t any information regarding the history of the car. Based on the rust issues though, I’m not sure this car is an original Arizona car. Let’s check out more and see if it is your next project.

As you can see, the original 318 V8 is long gone. The seller said the car had a 400, but it “froze up” and is now removed. While a lot of people would want a running/driving project, the absence of an engine makes for a blank slate with endless possibilities. For the purists out there, you could have a factory-appearing 318 built. How ’bout a 440 or 426 Hemi clone? How about a new Hellcat crate engine? Time and money are the only limiting factors.

The interior needs a full restoration. The green theme isn’t bad looking, but it has certainly seen better days. You can see a little daylight poking through the floor, which isn’t usually a good sign. The seller says the front door panels are warped, but everything is still there.

The rust issues on this car will definitely be the lions share of the restoration work. The seller is including several pieces of new sheet metal which is nice. Hopefully, they are in usable condition and ready to install with a little prep work. The new pieces include the following: replacement passenger door, roof skin, passenger side quarter panel, and deck filler. The seller says there is about 10″ of rot on the driver’s side floor pan and frame rail, but the floor pan overall is “90%” in “good shape.” The trunk pan also needs some patchwork. So what do you think of this car? It looks like a decent project for me, but we’d love to get your opinion. How about it Mopar nuts…What say you?


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  1. matt steele

    Always liked the 68 & 70 they bring ridiculous money tho..cuda and challenger too

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    • Arthell64 Member

      Are there any such thing as a rust free 68-70 charger?

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      • Mark

        I probably have one of the only few, a 68 I got out of AZ almost 3 years ago.

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  2. TimM

    Seems like a good blank canvas but not for $17,000!!!

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    • Michael

      Exactly right especially the rotted frame, are they serious? Just to do the most basic resto would cost a small fortune. $17k is way too much. Not to mention no motor.

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      • r s

        I would be especially leery of anything with a unibody and rust – and all the moreso if I was going to put a big motor into it.

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  3. grant

    17k? It needs a ROOF ffs. Nope. Nope nope nope.

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  4. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Big dollar restoration needing significant rust repair and paint along with interior work. Then an engine will need to be sourced. Add to all of that suspension and brake work along with new tires and whatever else needs attention. When all is said and done after several years, you’re broke, in debt and divorced but with a restored non-matching numbers Charger. Good to go.

    If you are very wealthy, none of the above matters. I miss the days when a car like this was only a couple of hundred bucks. Everybody could have a great muscle car with a little money and some hard work. Now these cars are only viable for a select few.

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    • local_sheriff

      Every frickin’ sentence you wrote = true…!

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  5. rpol35

    I have to agree with other posters, it’s a lot for a little.

    Mopars (‘Cuda, Challenger, Charger, Coronet/Super Bee, Road Runner/GTX) of this vintage bring big money. It is what it is, that’s the current market condition. These models, however, also bring big rust like this one. There is so much wrong with it, I question its ultimate viability. The frame rail deterioration is really troubling. Assuming it still as the A904 transmission, that will be limiting as to what you can put in front of it.

    Better to pass on this one; I’ll be really surprised, regardless of what this car is/was, that it gets close to the BIN price.

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  6. Hemidavey

    one of the coolest looking cars ever made! 10″ of rot will turn into 20 plus the other side. Good project car for a guy that likes to cut and weld. Just get it running and drive it.

  7. Gaspumpchas

    All correct , you guys. Like Grant says, it needs a roof. Dang vinyl tops. And the rust everywhere else. At first glance, and knowing that is in Arizona it doesn’t look bad. But Between the roof and the rot on the frame and underbelly,. looks like it came from somewhere Else, the frame and rot on the lower part screams Rust belt, and the roof looks like a place with high humidity like Fla. Anyhoo, 17 large is a stretch to say the least. good luck to the new owner.

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  8. Poncho

    Wow! $17k for a car with no motor and who knows how much rust beyond what was mentioned? This is the wrong year car…big and ugly and basically needs everything. Don’t know where the seller is coming up with the $17k selling price. I would like to get as much as i can for anything I sell too, but at some point, we have to say… “C’mon Man!”

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    • Keith

      Dude is hitting the pipe hard! 17k for a clapped out Mopar roller? I don’t think so…..Wow!

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  9. the one

    Needs chemo

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  10. theGasHole

    Come on! $17k for this? Where’s Keith?

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    • Keith

      Calling all Mopar Freaks, here’s another clapped out old rusty Mopar for only 17k!, (That’s a Bargain)! Why?…. Because it’s a Mopar and us non-owners wouldn’t understand! Wow!

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      • Chris M.


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      • the one

        In case you didn’t notice, Kieth, everyone is in agreement. But if any one is interested, my buddy has a fully restored ’68 charger was 440 now 426, yes that’s right Kieth, Hemi.. Ever driven one? 80K
        T&M automotive In Omaha. This guy does perfect work

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      • Poncho

        I don’t own a mopar and I don’t understand. Help me! haha

  11. George mattar

    Rust never sleeps. Junk.

  12. bigdoc

    Price is ridiculous for rust everywhere and no motor.

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  13. Mood-O

    Lots of good weed being smoked in the Ol Pueblo…
    Good luck with that BIN number

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  14. JoeNYWF64

    Wonder how much heavier that loop bumper is, compared to an earlier one.
    The doors appear to be from an earlier model.

  15. Dave

    It’s worth maybe $1700. Assuming that you have mechanical and body skills, you’ll become intimately familiar with names like Wilwood, Eastwood, Harbor Freight, Year One, to name a few. Drivetrain combos are as deep as your imagination and credit line.

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  16. Andrew Franks

    The price is absurd, the cart is a mess, it’s a very big project, unless you are fixated on this car don’t do it.

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  17. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    It’s arithmetic……..

  18. jimmy the orphan

    So for 17k I get a no good body that needs a roof on a bad rusted out frame. what’s goin on here really???? ……………………………..JIMMY

  19. Troy s

    If it wasn’t such rust magnet And expensive why not another 400…souped of course. No little 318’s though.

  20. Del

    Not worth even 1700.00.

    Parts car

  21. Keith

    The bottom line is that all these old Mopar owners think their junk is worth something no matter the condition. As I’ve said (in past posts) back around 2007/08 Barrett Jackson amped up the prices on these old Mopars to ridiculous high prices. For example back then anything with a Hemi was close to one million and anything else Mopar was at least six figures. With that said all these big spending high rollers bought these cars at these high prices and acted like they had something that was better than any other American muscle car out there. Well let’s fast forward to 2019……That Mopar high price bubble has POPPED! Classic Mopars nowdays are not commanding the dollars they use too and all these Mopar owners (who paid the big bucks) are butt hurt and not willing to face reality and/or get a return on their (over priced) investment. This is why they are so sensitive to any negative comments concerning these old Mopars. So what we are seeing here on Barnfinds are old rusty Mopars like the roller listed in this post going for high bucks. Wannabes thinking its 2007/08 and having something. So with this all said THAT is the reason why I like to BUST BALLS on these high priced Mopar junk because that is exactly what they are, JUNK! Like it or not boys & girls, these are the facts……..Have a nice day :)

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      @Keith – We aren’t going to stop featuring Mopars because tons of people actually do like them. So please skip over them instead of posting negative comments every time we do. We all have different tastes and that keeps the car world interesting. I’m sure there are a few cars here that you actually like so please contribute positive commentary on those. Thanks!

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      • Ian C

        You don’t feature many Fiero’s and Prius’, so his liked write-ups are few.

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    • the one

      .Mopars are made of higher quality materials. Better suspension,most powerful engines in all classes. Just a few reasons why Mopars are sought after. Oh yeah, They are better looking Kieth take a drive to the store and pick up a bottle of Midol. Or better yet, preparation H..

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  22. Stevieg

    I LOVE Mother Mopars cars, and Keith has offended me a bit in the past…but he is right. I think the old car hobby as a whole was overpriced about 10-14 years ago, but Mopar products were insane lol.
    I can’t afford a nice, restored show piece right now. Nor can I afford this Charger in question. Even if it were a misprint and only $1,700.00, right now that would be out of the question. But even if I could (& I had money back about 14 years ago), I wouldn’t buy one for the over inflated prices. This car is too far gone, it is a parts car.
    At the time the prices were through the roof, I had a few nice cars. Only one would have appreciated. The others would have remained flat value wise, one probably would have depreciated. If we stop looking at this hobby as a business, we will all be happier.
    Keith, I never responded when you offended me. No need to. You weren’t aiming it at me personally. I believe, after this post, that maybe you are on to something. I just wish sometimes the message you have would be stated a little less offensively & sarcastically. It actually is not a bad message. But I feel it applies to the hobby as a whole, not just Mopar guys.

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  23. Keith

    Ok well like everyone else on this site I thought all opinions are welcomed? My comments are given without personal attack and are back up by the facts (with a little sarcasm/humor included). I’ve seen many comments on this website way more harsh than mine including personal attacks. With that said I’m not out to offend anyone but I call it like I see it.

    • bone

      VERY LITTLE humor , I may ad…

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  24. Poncho

    Lets put on our big girl pants and lighten up.
    Car guys getting offended over manufacturer trash talk? We are talking cars, right? C’mon, it’s been going on since before I can remember. All part of the car culture comradery.

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  25. theGasHole

    This is one of those arguments where I think everyone is right. Mopars are great cars, there’s not too much debate about that. Keith is also correct that the prices were inflated back in the mid to late 2000’s and are still largely out of proportion to cars of similar age and condition.
    I started out restoring Mopars and did 6 or 7 of them, including a 1961 300G. However, I stopped doing Mopars because the buy in price had just gotten irrational and the parts were hard to find and expensive when I did. Easy example: My 1952 Chrysler Windsor wheel cylinders were $55 each, and it needed 6 of them. The same part for a Mustang: $7 and you need four. While that’s just one example, when you start doing a lot of that stuff, the cost really adds up. Another quick example is the grille for my 300G: $1200. For real.
    Keith does at least back up his smack with some facts, unlike that guy last year who dogged every Corvette that would be posted on BF and only say “Corvettes Suck!!” (I’m sure some of you remember that guy).

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  26. JoeNYWF64

    Regarding the current 4 dr charger – dodge should have called it Coronet & also offered a 2 door Charger based on that chassis, with frameless door glass like Challenger & retro handsome(instead of angry) front end. & a retro rear as well. I’m sure it would have sold – in 2006 – not sure about today, tho.

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    • bone

      I’ve said the same thing for years as well !

  27. hiedenwerfin

    Our son has a 2018 Charger Daytona Scat Pack 6.2 liter Hemi. He loves it because it has 4 doors! It makes it easier to pile in a bunch of his pals to go do things.
    He is a practical man, and with 538 horse power, they get there on time..

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  28. faisal basharat

    sir what is the last prise for your car were is this car located i am living in saudia arabia riyadh my whats up number 0096544812135 please answer to me sir thank you my name is faisal basharat pakistani sir i love 1970 charger i am porsche technician i love cars

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