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Bleed The Brakes: 1950 Chevrolet Truck


The seller of this 1950 Chevrolet flatbed truck says that it is in “very untouched condition.”  The engine has been replaced with a straight six out of a slightly newer truck though. The year of this replacement engine is not given. The wooden side boards to the bed are included in this sale, but no image is provided. Find it here on craigslist in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for $4,000.


The owner claims to have bled the brakes each summer before he would take her out for a ride down the road.  It has now been at least two years since the truck was moved so apparently it “would not be fit to drive home without doing that first.”  The history, the number of owners, how long the present owner has owned this truck is not given.  “It’s time for it to move on,” the owner says.  He is taking offers and does provide a contact number so you may be able to get more details if you are interested.



  1. Cassidy

    Nice looking old gem! He’s been trying to sell it for at least 24 days, maybe its time to drag it out into the sunshine and take some more pictures! Maybe adding some more verbage might help as well. Might also be time to lower the price. If it needs to leave, price it to leave!

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  2. grant

    I’d want to know why the brakes were consistently sucking air, to start with

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  3. Howard A Member

    Look out ma, no brakes!! Yep, there’s the big bottle of brake fluid, right there. These are just the easiest brakes to repair, and parts are plentiful. There’s no reason to take a chance like that, especially with a single line brake system. Not a bad looking truck, from what we see, but that test drive could be an eye opener.

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  4. SoCal Car Guy

    Seller might have better luck if he dialed the bad attitude back a little bit.

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    • francisco

      Don’t show up, don’t look at the truck, don’t give any cash, and stay the hell home, you old codger. That’s how it works for me.

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    • Chebby

      It’s true that some sellers have an attitude, but I think sellers on CL get a bad rap when they post an otherwise polite ad, then bitch in their PS statements. If you’ve ever tried to sell something on Craigslist, it bring out more loonies than a full moon.

      One time I was giving away a motorcycle that I clearly stated *DID NOT RUN* and I got over two dozen emails from a guy who “needed reliable transportation to work” and “he was an honest Christian” and “could he come to meet me in person and make a deal” etc etc etc, just a freaking lunatic who did not even read the ad. What part of “BROKEN motorcycle for FREE” doesn’t make sense?

      That and check-cashing scammers, and all kinds of nonsense are what these guys are up against.

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      • Chebby

        Oh yeah, one other time I gave away an old mattress on Craigslist, thinking it might be a nice gesture, and these people drove from 3 hours away to come get it, in a giant 4×4 monster truck that probably burned $150 worth of fuel on the trip to get a free bed, and they got lost several times and I had to spend my entire Saturday waiting for them to show up, when i could have just put the damn thing on the curb and been done with it. Loonies: they are out there, and they show up when you have something to sell, even if its free. See now I have an attitude too!

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      • francisco

        Is that a vein I see on your forehead, Chebby?

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  5. jim s

    looks like this truck needs to be put back to work. i too think the seller needs to work harder and be willing to take offers. nice find.

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  6. Doug Towsley

    Sweet truck,,, cash money on site always works wonders,,, I too get tired of the CL crazies. Had all kinds email, 95% are flakes or want to trade a PS4, or a Ford Escort that only needs a little work, or some other lame trade.
    Really want to check out the crazies??? Check out the “Barter” section on CL. Locally we also have a super aggressive Gypsy Scrap metal-Scrapper contingent who offer low ball offers so they can take your vehicle down to the scrap metal place. Despite all the BS i do get some really nice people from time to time that are a pleasure to deal with. As I am downsizing my herd and piles of parts i get all kinds. Its refreshing to meet the nice people. But….Keep in mind the simple adage however, that some people are just like Slinkys. Completely useless but vastly entertaining when you push them down the stairs.

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