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Boat Truck: 1978 Chevrolet K10 Wellcraft Combo

Many of us like to drive 4x4s. Many of us like to boat. But it’s difficult to combine those things, unless you consider towing your boat some sort of magical experience wherein you get to experience two of your favorite forms of transportation at once. Most of the time, unless you’re a professional boat hauler, moving your boat isn’t exactly a good time – but this Chevrolet K10 pickup with a Wellcraft boat on top listed here on Facebook Marketplace may make the process less aggravating.

The asking price is just $900, which is far cheaper than the cost of a needy 70s 4WD truck or a watertight vessel of almost any variety purchased separately. As you can see here, the donor truck was quite rusty, but likely still had a healthy drivetrain to offer. While some truck fans may argue a new bed would have addressed most of the cosmetic issues this ’78 Chevy had, I’d wager the outcome devised by the seller is far more entertaining than just grabbing a junkyard bed and tossing it on.

This is more of an in-progress photo, and seeing as the 1989 Wellcraft is missing its windscreen glass, I’m guessing the seller made an executive decision that this boat is not returning to the local waterways any time soon. Cutting the openings for the front wheels is a bold move, and I wonder if that modification rendered the boat functionally useless for anything other than road-going travel (assuming it wasn’t already just being used as yard art.) What do you think – is the builder brilliant or just bored?


  1. HoA Howard A Member

    Again and again, we can find fault with this, or accept that this is America, and we can do these things. Doesn’t have to make any sense except for the builder. Now selling their idea is another matter. Like Homers jacket with tweed patches on a leather jacket, he ruined 2 good jackets. Same here. The truck would have made a dandy plow truck, and the boat a pretty slick unit itself. I don’t get it, but that’s the way it is. Viva America!

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    • Rw

      Wonder how many skiers it can pull?

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    • RMac

      I don’t understand this either but good luck trying to find a buyer for this
      It would be a hoot to buy a similar boat and take it to a crowded launch ramp towed behind this! LOL
      This is proof that nothing good happens after consumption of mass quantities of alcohol LMAO

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      • Jamie

        I’m wondering if the boat can tow that truck home? Lol

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    • Mountainwoodie

      My thoughts exactly!

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    • Roy Bergsholm

      I got burned on a boat like that. Found that the wood structure under the fiberglass was rotten. Not hard to find cheap, unwanted fiberglass boat hulls. Repair cost would’ve been more than it was worth. Likewise a rusty truck with a good drivetrain. Combining the 2 would be a fun novelty ride. Building a true amphibian would be a real challenge.

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  2. Bob


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  3. Jim

    What happens when a guy has two much time on his hands and a couple cases of Budweiser.

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    • Rw

      Wonder how many skiers it can pull?

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  4. TomP

    I saw this for sale last month but the listing and photos are just too vague to make a purchase decision.

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  5. RMac

    In college in the 70’s in Flagstaff we had lots of snow and they did not salt the roads we used to get a truck with chains on in tie rope of the back and “Skitch” buy hanging on to the rope while the truck pulled us that would be hysterical behind this. Stupid we were and it would be now but funny

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  6. Roland

    dirt surf’n anyone??

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  7. Rick

    Dumbest thing I’ve ever seen and I’m 71…

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    • HoA Howard A Member

      Oh come on, Rick, 71 and THIS is the dumbest thing you’ve seen? Got to get out more, pal. :)

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    • Solosolo UK Solosolo UK Member

      As Howard says, you have to get out more, much more in fact. I’m near 85 and still see some pretty dumb things.

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    • Gary Gary

      SOLD! Obviously this isn’t the dumbest thing ever. Or at least one other person thinks that it’s not.

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  8. mainlymuscle

    There was a few professionally done Van/Boats,that would seperate at the launch . They were rally incredible and functional ,I nearly lost my mind when i saw one on the Highway.Sorry too busy to find the link this morning,but I bet someone will.

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  9. Handsome Pristine Patriot

    When Amish families first moved up here to North Maine, snowbanks were something of a novelty to them. The first time Mom and Dad left to visit back home, the boys tied a rope to a buggy and were skiing down the major road in the area, up and down those banks.

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  10. jwaltb

    Pedestrian safety.

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  11. Jeff

    Is this not the second time on here?

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  12. BlackTa

    Shipping costs to the front yard would exceed the vehicles value…no?

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