Boosted Buick: 1984 Buick Riviera T-Type

040616 Barn Finds - 1984 Buick Riviera Turbo - 1

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This car is a little newer than normal here, and it wasn’t found in a barn. But, it’s such a nice, original, and unusual car that I thought I’d give it a shot and see how it goes over with the crowd. This is a 1984 Buick Riviera T-Type found in Mankato, Minnesota. That’s not T-Top, it’s a T-Type, as in Buick’s fancy name for turbo. But, you knew that. The asking price is a very reasonable $2,850!

040616 Barn Finds - 1984 Buick Riviera Turbo - 2

This is a lot of luxury for $2,850, especially in a car that cost over $17,000 when new. Buick only made a little over 1,100 of these turbo Rivieras in 1984 making them pretty rare today.

040616 Barn Finds - 1984 Buick Riviera Turbo - 3

I’ve always thought that the Riviera was the best looking of the three similar GM downsized front-drive cars from this era. And, after seeing this one, I still think that. The seller says that this car “needs some TLC” but I can’t see anything wrong with it, other than a couple of cracked filler pieces under the tail lights and a chunk-o-paint missing on the LR fender, along with a couple of small abrasions there.

040616 Barn Finds - 1984 Buick Riviera Turbo - 5

That is one big, flat dash! Classic 1980s. The seats look fantastic in this car, front and rear. The seller mentions that this car is “mechanically sound” and that the previous owner used this car for years as a weekend driver; that’s exactly what I would use it for. I guess I’d throw another $100 at the interior and get a new floor mat, too, I’d still be under three-grand for this beauty.

040616 Barn Finds - 1984 Buick Riviera Turbo - 6

I do see a little rust here, mainly on the edges of the RF fender, so there must be some of that nasty stuff lurking elsewhere, too. But, the underside looks pretty good, especially if this was originally a Minnesota car. I apologize for the “newness” of this car but I couldn’t help myself, it was just too nice, condition and price-wise, to pass up. I think that this would be a great, unusual weekend cruiser, especially given it’s rarity and that great $2,850 price! It’s found at a classic car dealer and I’m sure they’ll work with you on the price. Would you beat around in this boosted Buick or are you a rear-wheel-drive-only Riviera fan?

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  1. Roseland Pete

    I had an 80 Toro so I’m a big fan of these cars but I don’t know if this one had the 350 like my Toro did.

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    • Blyndgesser

      This is a turbo v6.

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  2. Todd Zuercher

    Looks like a great deal to me! They have some other nice cars on the lot too.

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  3. Jose

    If it were closer to California it would be on my garage tomorrow.

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  4. Ceezy

    I had one similar to this, triple brown but not a turbo. Just recently sold it, looking at this kind of makes me regret it.

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  5. piper62j

    Nice car, and it won’t need much work to make it pristine.. Sellers’ website indicates a lot of great cars and for the most part, his prices, based on the condition of the cars, are reasonable..
    This one, however, seems extremely low priced. IMO, he can’t sell it there and is willing to move it off the lot..
    My price to have a 73 mustang shipped from Oklahoma City to Florida was $1500 enclosed.. That should give you an idea on how much shipping would cost from his location, so add it to the price of the car and you still have a nice machine to tool around in..
    Great find,, Nice car… Worth the investment..

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  6. rmward194Member

    Nice car for the price, but that fake convertible top is just ugly.

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  7. Rich

    Always liked these. Quite possibly my favorite car from the 80’s

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  8. Keith

    It’s a Minnesota car, and it shows (rust). That left quarter looks rough. And the vinyl top is just plain ugly. A do-it-yourselfer could make it presentable on the cheap, but I don’t think aiming for perfection would be practical with this one.

    I’d take it on… if it were a grand cheaper.

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  9. Fred

    The one car that I could convince my wife, a child of the 80’s, to let me buy for her. She has fond memories of her parents ’84 Riviera. I, on the other hand, prefer most everything else.

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  10. piper62j

    Back in the day, the vinyl top on this car was very popular and sold as a “Carriage Top”… Sounds crazy, but like all other fads, it also faded out of glory..

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  11. Albert

    I see what looks like some serious structural rust on the passenger side of the engine compartment. I don’t know, the pic is blurry but when you compare it with the shot showing the opposite side it’s pretty apparent.

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  12. Cattoo CattooButtMember

    I love it. Daily driver for me.

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    • Jack

      I would gladly pay the $2,850 to make this my daily driver!
      Try and stop the rust and fix the front end damage, smoke the front wheels off it.
      A nice 80’s Classic.

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  13. Nessy

    Always liked this body style Riviera, Toronado and Eldorado with the Toronado being my top pick. Once in a while, you will see these cars with a full metal top, or, “bald headed” as we always called them. When ordered with this stupid fake rag top, it takes away from the beautiful body lines and covers up the little rear quarter windows which in my opinion, the side body lines are what make these cars so nice looking. Make mine white with red leather, a moonroof and bald headed. No ugly padded tops for me.

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    • Roger

      I never was a fan of the carriage tops either. Caddy had an option in the mid 80’s on the Eldorado that looked pretty good though. On the ” Biarritz ” model you could get a full brushed stainless steel top and I think they looked awesome!

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  14. Brandon

    Not all Buick T-types were turbos — it was more of a sporty appearance package.

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  15. Keith

    The “Carriage Top” look was very popular here on the east coast. Not a good look, but it is in line with the rest of the car and period correct. This car is dirt cheap for what it is. But people will complain about price no matter what…….

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