Boxer Barn Find: 1980 Ferrari 512 BB Berlinetta

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The 1980 Ferrari 512 BB Berlinetta is the kind of barn find most of us just dream about finding, but one seller has actually uncovered the real deal in California. Still wearing its iconic California blue plates with a vintage dealer plate frame, it remains highly original and has just 22,000 original miles on the clock. The 512 BB is the earlier, carbureted example and wears a desirable color combination of black over red leather. The paint is faded and the engine clearly hasn’t been serviced in quite some time, but this rarely stops Ferrari fanatics hunting for an original example of one of the most desirable models. Find the 512 here on craigslist with an asking price of $225,000 or best offer.

Now, that is all the money for one of these in project-grade condition, but you can’t blame the guy for asking the sort of money most Ferrari owners consider pocket change. However, according to Hagerty – sort of an expert in assigning values to collector cars – the 512 BB in “Fair” condition is worth $169,000, on average. That’s quite a variance from the asking price, especially given Hagerty further claims that a “Good” condition car, one that’s presumably running, is worth $200,000. I’m sure the seller is expecting to wheel and deal a bit and also trying to weed out the less-than-serious buyers, but it’s still a significant gulf at the moment. The interior is clearly tired but not past the point of restoration; fortunately, the seats are not all torn up.

The engine bay is perhaps the most intimidating aspect of such a project, as it’s clear the pricey mechanical components have not been serviced in quite some time. It begs the question as to what happened to this Ferrari that it sat dormant for so many years, and not just as a static showpiece – it clearly was neglected and not being paid much attention to for years at a time. There’s a YouTube personality in the U.K. who just rescued one of these in similar condition, and it’s a bit of a shock to see what many Ferrari enthusiasts would consider a dream car left in a state of decay. The 5-liter, V12 engine is a delight to wring out, but in this sort of state, the only logical next step is a full engine-out servicing, and likely a full re-seal, if I had to speculate.

Fortunately, the bodywork shows no major flaws aside from the paint is faded. The original badges remain in place, but you’ll notice the original Compomotive center-lock wheels have been altered or possibly replaced: the current wheels are still the center lock style, but it’s hard to affirm whether the original wheels have simply been painted or replaced entirely. The latter scenario wouldn’t surprise me, as Ferraris of this vintage tended to have the TRX-style wheels that require exceedingly expensive tire replacements. Regardless, this Ferrari will need all of its various mechanical systems serviced and thousands of dollars worth of deferred maintenance performed, which makes the asking price seem steeper than it already is. What would you be willing to pay?

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  1. Tracy

    Great car! Not so sure about the price. It may be a little ambitious.

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  2. alphasudMember

    Those rear wheel arches don’t look factory to me. Looks to be added on to an otherwise beautiful shape. I think the asking is ambitious. You will spend more than the car is worth to put it right.

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    • DRV

      For sure they are not stock wheel wells!

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      • Scott L.

        I’ve seen them before – on the Buried Ferrari. I believe they were correct on that car.

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  3. ClassicCarFan

    it’s not one of Ferrari’s V12s…it’s a flat 12. The second “B” stands for “boxer” it’s a horizontally opposed 12.

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  4. ClassicCarFan

    not a V12 – the second ‘B’ stands for “boxer” its a horizontally-opposed, or “flat” 12

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    • Dave Mazz

      To further clarify things and avoid bar-bet losses, despite the name, this engine is *not* a true boxer. (see below)

      “A prime example of this automotive misconception comes in the form of the Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer. Even though its name suggests that is uses a boxer mill and the two six-cylinder banks oppose each other horizontally, this ’70s Italian exotic uses an 180 degree V12 engine, not a proper boxer. By laying the angle of the V configuration to 180 degrees you don’t necessarily transform the powerplant into a boxer engine because cause the pistons and their connecting rods still share a crankshaft journal.”

      With a true boxer.paired pistons are at TDC and/or BDC at the *same* time. Not with his engine.

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  5. Ike Onick

    I wonder if it also listed in the local Shopper’s News in the racks at the grocery stores? I am thinking any high-end car NOT listed with a reputable broker is a car full of holes literally and figuratively. I just checked my local Craigslist and was unable to find anyone capable to do a $150,000 engine rebuild. Strange.

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  6. jo6pac

    Price is out there. Out of engine service is $35,000 and that is not rebuilding 12 carbs. I love this model but you can really great ones for $ 275,000 to $339,000 with fuel injection.

    I would buy this one in a heart beat. Read the add this guy went crazy on this car.

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    • Richard

      Agreed. That eBay car is incredible. Better than new.

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  7. oilngas

    I thought it was a kit car from the first picture. The flairs and gaps look horrible.

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  8. jo6pac

    There’s is a better one on ebay at this time

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  9. Bakyrdhero BakyrdheroMember

    The nose looks off and I don’t think those wheels are stock. I’m not a Ferrari enthusiast however.

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  10. William

    Gosh, a neglected Ferrari, what could go wring with that?

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      Your “wring” typo is actually more appropriate to what will happen to the wallet of the buyer.

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  11. Doyler

    Surprised this hasn’t been scooped up by BHCC or Gullwing.

    Complete with unhealthy mark up, of course.

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      You KNOW it’s a mess when Gullwing won’t touch it.

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      • PRA4SNW

        I disagree.
        It’s not messy enough for Gullwing.

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      • douglas hunt

        yea, they want that bargain price

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      • Bullethead

        By coincidence, Mr. Kumar has a VERY nice example on offer for just $42.5K more than this fright-pig.

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    Let’s remove that first “2” from the asking price. Then after we get real about that…I pull the entire drive train…rebuild it…and sell it. I return the body to it’s original gorgeous splendor. Then I turn this puppy into an EV.

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  13. SMS

    The idea of going through a Hudson that has been sitting for a few decades is exciting and thought provoking. Even a Jag saloon sitting for a decade I am up for. Picturing the aged rubber bits and any corrosion in the engine or transmission on a Ferrari make my hair, what is left of it, stand on end.

    In the ‘70s had a friend who’s father had a four passenger 12 cyl Ferrari from the ‘60s. The GTs were not popular. It was a daily driver with well over 100k miles. He said he had to drive it to keep it happy.

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  14. Newport Pagnell

    The original wheels would have been the five point star Campagnolo Ko’s.

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  15. Pebblebeachjudge

    Without question will take 40000$ to recommission. Loosing battle with true value. Buy one restored as plenty around.

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  16. rustyvet

    22k miles? sure, 22k a year…

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  17. racer417

    Body mods, wrong wheels, awful interior. Money pit. Run away!

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  18. KurtMember

    Would a SBC bolt in there?😉

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  19. car nut

    One of the great joys in my life is bringing a old ferrari Carb. engine alive after sitting for years.. I did this over Covid 2020 and it took about 3 months (waiting for parts from italy).. I can attest once I had it started and took that second ride (first ride was shake down).. that feeling was pure exhilaration and pride in a job well done. Pictures paint the story on this ole gal, just a opportunist who bought low and wants to sell high.. the true winner will be the person who gets her running and takes that second drive.. that feeling is priceless.

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  20. Malcolm Boyes

    Know that these were never officially imported into the US..every one is a grey market car. That this one already has a California reg is a big plus but may also mean all sorts of weird things were done to get it federalized..especially smog equipment on the motor that could have made it never run quite right and may be why it was parked. My friend Pat Phinney, owner of Carmel’s Baja Cantina had one when he also owned the Baja Cantina in Venice Ca. We took it out one night, no license plates as it couldn’t be registered, and the battery died when we stopped for gas..can you believe the two of us actually managed to push start a flat 12 Ferrari! Of course we were both a little younger then. To me this is the last of the gorgeous classic Ferraris..and Eric Clapton’s favorite car. Ferrari even recently made a modern version of a BB just for him called the BB EC. He has owned several and, famously, wrecked one. This car deserves a much better fate than sit-in gathering dust..but the price needs serious adjusting…Good luck.

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  21. t-bone bob

    Car is located in Napa County

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  22. bfletch.2002

    Who puts a quarter-million-dollar car on CL?
    “Yeah, I swear I put it up for sale, but nobody is making me offers. I guess we have to keep it!”

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  23. Gordo

    1987 tags, has this car been sitting for 34 years? What I find empressive is some guy flared his fenders on a less than 6 yr old Ferrari, someone had money to burn, it sure would be fun to hear the history of this car.

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  24. PRA4SNW

    Honestly, I’m more interested in the ’70 Red Corvette.

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  25. Phipps Hadaway

    I would immediately put on Phil Collins and take my socks off if I could get that thing. Such an awesome car

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