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Brat Pack! Subaru Package Deal

Brat Pack

If you want a Brat, or if you have one and need another 5 and a truck full (or 2) of parts then maybe this find is for you. Listed here on craigslist in Western Slope, Colorado is this Subaru Brat Pack package deal (’79-’81) sitting in Grand Junction for trade or $6,900. The first Brat is a 1980 with over $1,200 of receipts of resent work done. It currently does run but still needs some details sorted.

'79 Brat blue

Here you have  ’79 Brat with the engine in the bed. It appears to already have parts from another Brat on it.

'80 Brat brown

The brown one “runs great”.  It’s an ’80, but needs the carburetor rebuilt and there are also some missing pieces and dents.

'79 Brat parts 2

Here are some of the parts in the Brat Pack package. Clearly not enough parts to fully  restore one of these oddballs, but it’s a good start.

'79 Brat parts

There are 24 images with the craigslist ad and more information about this state of these projects for your review. There are clear 3 titles for the Brats at this time. The seller may find the others, if not they will be sold as “part cars”. In the ad there is the list of what the seller is willing to trade for. With the Brats and parts the buyer will also receive two factory service manuals, one Haynes manual and one original owners manual to complete you instant Brat Pack collection. Are to ready and up for this project, project, project, project and maybe one more project?



  1. Avatar photo randy

    My first car was almost a Brat. I turned it down, a mistake. My other choice at the time was a VW kit car. I turned it down as well. I ended up buying my own truck.

    I’d love to have a nice Brat now. I think these were early enough to have timing gears, and no chain, which were very reliable.

    These appear to be too far gone for me to jump in.

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  2. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    Talk about polishing brass on a sinking ship…

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  3. Avatar photo JW

    Everyone on FleeBay thinks they have a collector car that’s worth a lot of cash no matter the make / model / condition. The televised auction shows and flipper car shows have created a monster. Now us blue collar enthusiasts are paying the price.

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  4. Avatar photo Doug Towsley

    I agree on the effect the TV Shows have had. I was at an auction a while back and there was some stuff from an estate with Motorcycle parts mixed into some of the lots. Went right past my price quickly and sold for well above retail. The buyers were a retired couple who had just got into selling on feebay and quickly noticed MC parts have good sell thru compared to anything else. Good luck even recouping your purchase.
    When i first saw the price on this sale my first thoughts were over priced but the sheer volume of stuff and multiple vehicles it seems reasonable, but not for a reasonable person. Some one REALLY has to like these to turn into a early Subaru hoarder. But i think the price is not out of line. I dont think there is a big resale market for these so you buy it out of love. I DO have a little connection here. Used to see those jump seats all over, now very rare. I have a set i used to use in my chevy luv and now are in the back of my 65 GMC pickup. My nephews saw them and too young to remember them. They think they are cool. Thats the ultimate goal isnt it? To have kids look up to you and think you are cool and interesting. Sure beats the altermative.

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  5. Avatar photo Ronniecarlo

    I have some memories of these little brats. I worked at a full service gas station in the early 80’s in Groesbeck, Tx.I recall a very pretty girl who used to come in a lot for oil changes etc. But the thing I remember about her Subaru brat is it had two glass panels in the roof. I recall them opened up like gullwings. Although I don’t recall them totally removed like T-tops.Anyone recall this on a Subaru brat? Then in 2010 a friend of mine was hauling junk from a field in Corsicana, Tx. He needed to get it to the junkyard. Well neither of us had a trailer handy so we hooked s chain to it and pulled it the 12 miles(back roads) to the recycling yard ON 4 FLATS!!! We had a blast!!!

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  6. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    I too thought these were pretty neat. Much better than the Suzuki Samari. I believe the reason they had those seats in the back, was it could be licensed as a car ( more seats than cargo space), which was cheaper at the time, but I believe is the same fee as a car now ( at least in Wis). Certainly everything you would need to keep at least one going for a long time. I like the camper top the best.

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    • Avatar photo thomas j schweikert

      think of the people you could torture in the back of a brat

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  7. Avatar photo Matt

    The seats were the result of the Chicken Tax

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