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Breezy Classic! 1963 Mercury S-55


Barn Finds reader Harlan B. writes: Another 2 door Breezeway–this one looks right and price is not too bad either. This is not far from me but I do not know the seller or the car. I never really liked these but they are kind of cool now as you rarely see them. Thanks, Harlan, for the great find! It’s listed for sale here on craigslist and is located in Warr Acres, Oklahoma. The seller is asking $5,900.


In 1962, Mercury introduced the S-55 as a special, performance-oriented variant of its big cars (the S-55 was based on the Monterey). This one is still largely original, and may even be wearing its original paint–the worn areas on the hood certainly look that way. I’m not sure how I feel about the Cragar SS mag wheels but I would leave them alone for the time being. The seller notes that the original wheels and hubcaps go with the sale, so you have a choice.


From this angle you can see the reverse slope rear window that can be lowered, giving the Breezeway it’s cheerful name. This was a fairly unique feature (the lowering, not the reverse slope, although that’s unusual as well) in it’s day. Although I personally like the fastback version better, this is certainly an unusual car and I’ll bet someone would love it!


Nice looking dash, and yes, that is air conditioning under the dash, although the seller tells us it doesn’t work. I don’t think we need the fuzzy dice either, but that’s personal preference as well.


The seller tells us that this is the original 390 V8 engine, which was rated at either 300 or 330 horsepower, depending on the option. The odd patterns on the air cleaner look like someone tried to pressure wash something off of it, don’t they? Regardless, this is a nice old car, which while not a “survivor” in that it’s not stellar in appearance, still has a lot of cruising life left! How would you like to take a “breezy” cruise?



  1. Jeremy

    That’s a sweet ride……just the right side of odd looking…..If I had the Tom. ….it would he in my garage.

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  2. boxdin

    Wow what a rare car numerically anyway. Don’t know if its worth much but the S-55 designation makes it desirable.

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  3. piper62j

    I like it.. A lot..

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  4. RoughDiamond

    This is beautiful S-55. Oh the car designers of the 50s, 60s and early 70s. There will never be another period like it.

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  5. Jim Mc

    Wow, that is a beautiful car! With the 390, too….

    Value? I have no idea. But $5900 seems fair. I’d like to walk in there with $4500+ in folding money and see if we could have a conversation. Tell him “you can keep the Cragars, the rest of it I’m driving home”.

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  6. stillrunners

    nice rare car…we like it ….and the price – like Jim said – maybe cash would be less….

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  7. Rick

    I would definitely call this car a survivor, although I don’t remember ever seeing an S-55 Breezeway, only fastbacks, so it’s pretty rare imho. And I like the Cragers, would leave them on it. Had a buddy that had a ’63 Monterey Breezeway with a 390 factory 4 speed, that car really got with the program back in the day . . .

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  8. Paul R

    Looks like a good buy for a nice cruiser.

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  9. racer99

    Nice beginner car for someone looking to get into the hobby — looks to be faithfully represented with minimal to no rust (although there are no underneath pics to verify). Solid driver and not something you’re going to see 10 others just like it at the car show. Like it a lot.

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  10. RayT Member

    This is one of those rare designs I actually prefer in four-door form. Looks a little more “balanced” with the extra doors. That said, I thought these looked weird back in ’62 but now find them quite appealing.

    I can’t get excited about worn paint, and so would have to respray it, and lose the Cragar wheels. For me, these have maximum appeal when they are polished up and looking showroom-fresh.

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  11. AMCFAN

    This is a very nice car. Classy and clean. I applaud the seller on not going wild with the spray bomb covering up the originality. How cool it would be to roll the rear window down and hear the FE rumble behind you!. Unless something scary in the mechanical department seems like a great deal. In agreement with what others have said. Cash money may equate to a better deal but don’t expect it. No complaints if not.

    Now on the paint I would not change anything. It is only original once. It is acceptable to leave it as it is today and is quite popular. Most appreciate originality. The effort and result to change it wouldn’t be worth it. First off anyone can say they can paint. In my area I can take my pick. Many back yardigans. Paint is usually $550. Labor $1500-$2500. Quality a toss up.

    Anyone can do a base clear but the result of being too shiny thus fake actually makes all the trim and chrome look dated. Then you will want to update the seals and rubber. Good luck. The correct paint is an art. No one can hardly do acrylic enamel because it is basically a one shot deal. The cost required to get the factory looking hue back on will break the bank.

    As far as the Cragar wheels big plus I think that is why I like the car so much. The wheels are a great addition and date the car to a time period on when it would have been rolling around during the 60’s and 70’s. They are timeless. What a neat driver. The seller has done everything right. Nice presentation.

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  12. Butt4EverySeat

    Thanks for the great compliments. Im the owner of this car and if you have any questions feel free to ask here or craigslist ad. There is rust behind the rear wheels and can be seen trying to peek through the paint. The rest of the car is solid, floor pans, frame, wheel wells. Yes I like Green Backs and not Be Backs so, sure money talks. Thank you HB for pointing me to this site, Im sure Ill be spending a lot of time browsing here. I love old classics and love owning them even more! The ol Merc had lots of admirers at a local car show here recently. I wanted to show her off before she went to her new home.

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  13. Badnikl

    Just a cool old car I keep coming back to look at it!

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    • Butt4EverySeat

      Haha, If your close come by for a ride, I dont mind showing her off

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