Brits in Texas: Jaguar 340 and Austin Healey 3000


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These two British built classics were recently pulled from the same garage in San Antonio, Texas, where the seller claims they had been for a number of years. One is a 1967 Jaguar 340 Saloon and the other is 1967 Austin Healey 3000. While they were discovered in the garage together, the seller is selling them separately. Both have been listed on eBay, the Jag can be found here and the Big Healey here.


If you’ve been looking for a four door family hauler that has some style, this Jaguar could be the car for you. It appears to be in very nice condition, with good paint and only a few dents and dings. The seller claims the interior is also in good shape, with only a few flaws. For those of you who haven’t ever heard of the 340, in 1967 Jaguar rebadged the 2.4l and 3.4l powered MKIIs as the 240 and 340 to distinguish them as more economical models. Besides smaller motors, they also came with restyled bumpers, restyled rear body, and a more stripped down interior.


This 3.4 liter straight six was rated at 210 horsepower and was mated to a four speed manual. The 3.4 XK engine is an icon of Jaguar and powered the XK120, XK140, XK150 and a number of Jaguar saloons. The seller has yet to attempt to turn this motor over, but has pulled the spark plugs to soak the cylinders in oil. Hopefully, the engine will start, but chances are it is going to need work first.


If you aren’t looking for a saloon or just want something sportier, the Jaguar’s stable mate might be a more fitting choice. This ’67 Austin Healey 3000 needs some work, as there is some rust in the floors and the passenger front fender needs to be redone. The seller believes the engine and transmission are original and complete, but they don’t state whether it runs or not.


This was the last year for the Big Healey and it came with a 150 horsepower version of the 2.9 liter straight six. Both of these Brits are going to need work, but should make for fun projects. Which would you rather have, the four-door Jag or the drop-top Healey?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. seth

    Wow $11 k for the Healy, reserve not met and not Running.

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  2. scottski

    The A-H 3000 is always going to command more money.
    I blame Barbie.
    Plus, less weight and a big 6. Who wouldn’t want one?

    I owned a ’67 S-type for a ridiculous number of years.
    When it had a good day, there was no other ride comparable.
    It was like a Chris-Craft on wheels.
    It embarrassed several Camaros at stoplights.
    If it’s in good nick, it’s a gem.

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    • Jesse JesseStaff

      If you don’t get the Barbie reference, here is a post that might help.

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    • Don Andreina

      Yep, she’s also responsible for those stratospheric GMC camper values

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  3. paul

    11k & not running doesn’t surprise me at all these are going for 60k & up at the auctions of course they are brand new ( completely gone thru ).

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  4. Horse Radish

    While I support saving these cars, I don’t see how this person paid nearly as much as is bid on it already and doesn’t even have it running, which is the hardest thing in saving the car…..
    $3,181 reserve not met……….
    pass, too greedy

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    • Horse Radish

      I meant the Jag…

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  5. jim

    the 75 bronco in the background is also up for sale on ebay. be interesting to see where the bids go on these. all are great finds.

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    • Jesse JesseStaff

      Here is the link to the eBay listing. That Bronco might be the one to get here actually.

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  6. BillR

    “….the body is pretty damn straight”. Now guys, THAT is straight !!

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  7. paul

    Funny I see the compressor for the AC on the Jag but I don’t see any AC vents on the dash.

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    • paul

      The car is good but who ever ends up with it, will spend a bloody fortune restoring it, straight, rust free & all, they still need everything, always.

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  8. BobinBexley Bob in BexleyMember

    I’d take the Jag u ar. Where else you gonna find an enameled exhaust manifold ?

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    • Kman

      On a ’47 Cadillac. Had one.

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      • kman

        And ’48. Had one in a ’53 Olds’. Yeah, I know. I didn’t swap a flathead caddy for a Rocket 98 overhead cam engine.

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    • paul

      Close Bob in Bexley, Jag u a.

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  9. rancho bella

    I reckon I’ll stay with the Bronco on this one. Missing a few original items but all can be sourced. Nice to see them sitting at the correct height and uncut fenders. In this case an automatic is wonderful to have in the old box top.
    Places to look for rust is a must
    Under the rubber floor mats especially by the emergency brake pedal. The lip/rain gutter around the removable roof and the hinges for the the tail gate. Under the hood back by the air intakes for the cabin. And the windshield frame is a biggie…….they leaked around the rubber gasket so the rust.

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  10. Robert J

    I just sold off the last of my Brits in favor of an all Sweede/German/Japanese fleet. Old Volvo’s never die, but I will eventually and I would like to get more driving and less wrenching done in the interim.

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    • kman

      I had a 140 and a 240 and just got bored after that. The Next series was my father’s Oldsmobile.

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  11. Conservatives Defeated

    Had a ’67 3000 for a couple of years in the eighties………..beautiful car but a bear to drive…….one day the hood flew up and blocked my view…and ……kaboom.

    Had it squared away by a panel beater ….sold it for 6.000.00!……….which bellieve it or not was good money at the time.

    Electric overdrive a must.

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  12. Kman

    I’ve got to question the original paint on the Healy. I don’t think they came with white door frames if the body was brg. It is good looking tho’ and I’m sure this guy will get a lot more than what it’s at now. The 3.4 is a real temptress. I’ve wanted one sine I was a teen and THAT, folks, is a loooong time ago. There is just something about that shape that makes me itch all over. Pretty classy interiors and handling not to be found on anything this side but of course, you got to keep that finicky engine running. They know a 100 ways to break. All in all, if I had the money, I’d buy both.

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  13. ECW

    Those are aluminum panels in the door jamb of the Healey, not paint. I paid a lot more than $11,700 for mine and it was a whole lot uglier than this one. But after I restored and sold it, I made a handsome profit of about …..78 cents an hour for my labor!

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    • paul

      Ah but you had a great time doing it & learned a few things on the way, ECW. & Kman, this is nice but the real deal is the 3.8 MK II.

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      • scottski

        All you have to do is let the driver’s door snap alongside you (slamming, unnecessary), smell the leather, pass your eyes across the burl-walnut dash, press the “Start” button… and you are LOST.

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  14. ClassicCarfan

    a slight correction to your description, this Austin Healey in 1967 was powered by the 2912cc version of the BMC C-series 6-cylinder engine, not the earlier 2.6 liter version – hence the name change to “Austin Healey 3000” reflecting the (approximate) capactiy.

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  15. gvernau

    A/C air vents are on package shelf behind rear seats- condenser/ fan is in trunk for those old “Coolaire” units.

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