Bronco Alternative: 1990 Dodge Ramcharger

Two-wheel drive Ramchargers aren’t typically the ones enthusiasts get hot and bothered about, but if you’re not going to take it off-road, these classic square-bodies still offer the classic styling that made it and the Bronco the iconic vehicles they are today. This example appears to be a nicely preserved survivor that has somehow emerged as a rust-free example despite residing in the northeast. The seller notes it has been garage-kept since new and has just under 100,000 original miles on its 318 V8. Find it here on craigslist with a firm price of $8,000, cash only.

This is a fresh craigslist listing, and I suspect it won’t last too long. While 2WD may not be your first choice, simply finding a Ramcharger in this sort of condition is what will drive potential interest. The cabin looks minty, just like the body, with woodgrain trim still in impressive condition across the dash despite showing non-time capsule mileage. This reinforces the claim (to me, anyway) that it was garage-kept since new, as prolonged exposure to the elements typically puts fake wood trim like this in a bad state. The original stereo equipment remains installed as well, and the ashtray appears to never have held a single old cigarette.

The seller doesn’t provide much in the way of information about the truck’s mechanical health, but it’s hard to go wrong with a 318. These engines just keep going and going, and while they are not overly powerful, it won’t leave you stranded and it certainly won’t be hard to find parts for. The seller mentions that it’s been “…well maintained” but doesn’t provide any evidence of this; still, with the condition on display here and the garage-kept claims, I suspect this is a case of a longtime elderly owner keeping it under lock and key, and likely bringing it in for service quite religiously.

The backseat looks like it was unused, another potential clue to long-tire retiree ownership. This is a bare-bones example, with no air conditioning, crank windows, and power steering seemingly the only convenience feature. As noted, it’s a two-wheel-drive model, so this was definitely the stripper on the lot when it was sold new. Of course, buying a Ramcharger didn’t automatically mean you’d be cresting sand dunes and blasting through the snow every winter; conversely, maybe the lack of 4WD is what kept this one indoors and protected from the ugliness of a New England winter.

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  1. rmward Member

    Someone must have told the seller they were asking to little. The price is now $12,500 cash which seems pretty optimistic.

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  2. Oregon_Guy78 Member

    Seller says in the ad it has a factory rear sunroof…..hmmm.

    • Dave

      It is a vent

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  3. MFerrell

    A buddy of mine had one just like this. He bought it new, drove it until he died in 2013. Solid truck, never gave him any trouble. Seeing this has me remembering old times.

    He also had a ’72 Dodge Charger 440 Magnum that he bought new. When it started showing a little rust, he had Dave Carte of Ferrari restoration fame do the body work. The thing looked brand new.

  4. George Louis Member

    That rear sun roof is probably the small 12X12 inch vet that is hinged to let the stale air out.

  5. seth karpen

    Not quite bare bones, has cloth seats. Bare bones would have been vinyl. Not a sunroof, but a vent you could open to get some hot air out as you drove. I had an 85 version 4wd

  6. Miguel

    I am glad to see this. Mexico is lousy with these 2WD Ramchargers.

    Here is one in Limited trim in Mexico. A lot of them are in really nice shape with all the options.

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  7. Miguel

    The truck has a 360 fuel injected engine with 93,200 KM (57,911 Miles) and they were asking only $3500 USD.

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    • Stevieg

      That’s a cool truck Miguel! I wish I had the money and were living in the southwest. I would gladly make it worth your while to help me procure such a vehicle.

  8. Miguel

    Here is another one for around the same price.

  9. John Member

    My son had one, got tired of pasengers pushing the passengers seat an breaking
    the windshield, ’bout the 3 time got rid of it but was a nice truck

  10. seth karpen

    My son did that once. I didn’t bother fixing it as with farm plates I could pass inspection.

  11. Jim

    The 2 wheel drive ramchargers make great trailer towers.

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  12. Beignet at the Beach

    Had a Limited 2wd with 360 and set up for towing….it would pass everything but a gas station…it was BIG, QUICK and had a great A/C.

  13. Glenn Schwass Member

    Drop a Cummins in it so it could really tow…nice seats but I need AC here in PA.

  14. David G

    Seller is out of his mind, but more power to him if he can find a sucker. The market is very limited for 2wd versions. That, combined with the small engine, lack of interior options, and no A/C make this one a hard sell. Here in California you can get these all day long for $2,500-$3,500 WITH A/C, and most have the LE trim and more options than the one featured here.

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