Bronco Roundup In Vermont

Let’s face it, the SUV was around in one form or another since the automotive beginning. However, the incarnations which are dominating our roads today are a far cry from the utilitarian purpose for which they were originally built. Now I don’t normally look for old trucks in my constant searching for vehicles, however, I stumbled across an ad for a herd of Ford Broncos that may just be someone’s ticket to take some wild horses down to the restoration rodeo. Found in Colchester, Vermont here on Craigslist, you will get 8 Broncos listed for a $15,000 price tag.

The ad is short on words, but it more than makes up for in photos of the vehicles in question. Admittedly the seller realizes they are what they are, and nothing more. Clearly, the ad states that there is no interest in parting them out, and they must be sold as a package. Clearly they have been sitting a long time, and moving them will be a logistical nightmare, however, the number of parts may make it a worthwhile investment. More than one are nothing more than parts donors, and the chances are most have already been cannibalized in one form or another. No interior shots are shown and likely the insides are just as rough as the exteriors. There may even be some resident rodents that will have to be given their eviction notices on moving day.

The seller notes that the orange Bronco is probably the best restoration candidate. Any prospective buyer would have to make that decision themselves though, and as evidenced in the photos, everything is going to need to be gone through and repaired. At least there are seven other donors to pick parts from, including six V8 engines. No doubt that they will all have to be rebuilt as well, even though all ran when originally bought…don’t they all!

This will definitely be a labor of love for whoever buys this lot of Broncos. The cost of moving all of them will have to be heavily weighed on top of the $15K asking price. Take a look at all the pictures the seller provides. Hopefully, someone will find a use for them. Maybe at least one of them will be rumbling along the broken trails these vehicles were built for before too long. Is your stable big enough to hold these Broncos, or should they just be put out to pasture?

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  1. Howard A Member

    Great parts stash, although, bottom of the barrel, as far as Bronco’s go.

  2. chad

    took 3 to make my 1 back in ’83.
    Wonder if that’s that guy who wrks at the Vt community college’s stash (not a true junk yard)?

  3. glen

    Definitely lots of parts, but I also feel that I’m paying the owner to clean-up his yard.

  4. XMA0891

    There was a time when this “stash” would’ve likely just been considered “trash”, but these things are so hot right now.
    I don’t think the seller is looking for an end-of-the-rainbow buyer. Just might be able to sell them!

  5. Todd Zuercher

    Yeah, in today’s market you might be able to make a bit on this stash. I see some of the front axles are gone on some. Hopefully a few have power steering or automatics still in them.

  6. half cab

    One big wreck and the other seven was looking.

    Looks like a job for Tasker.

  7. Chebby Member


  8. Howard A Member

    You know, for years, that’s exactly what these were, junk. Don’t kid yourself, with people paying 5 figures for these, somebody went through a yard, and picked out the best ones, and lined them up. The blue one looks like it was dropped off a bridge, and very well could have. As shown, they normally led a pretty rough life.

  9. Wrong Way Member

    I believe that someone will buy this heap of junk, but would definitely get their money back just in parts! I just can’t ever visualize any of these returning back on the road tho!

  10. Guggie 13

    They all ran when bought new , I have seen worse restored , lots of parts maybe ,make 3 at the most . years ago my Dad took two and made one and it had a factory 4 speed 6cyl also orange , used as a daily driver and a plow truck, wish I didn’t let that one get away !!

    • half cab

      Sorry but no early Bronco came from factory with a 4 speed.

      • Guggie 13

        is all I know is that one had a 4 speed , we bought it from a farmer it was in ill repair ,and Dad brought it back , Everyone that saw it said the same thing THATs Not Factory , but there it was and it worked fine , every other one I saw either had 3 on the tree or auto . so rare we called it Saquach LOL

  11. chrlsful/chad

    “… I have seen worse restored…”
    got that right.

    Sheet metal is available…some parts are bronk specific only tho. Not sure they R still there. If so this is a less expensive way to get them than any other…

    “…job for Tasker.”
    let Randy know, he’s close.

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