Brumos Connection? 1971 Porsche 911T

There’s a monstrous opening bid on this package of Porsches, with the star of the show being this 1971 911T painted in Euro-market-only Signal Orange paint. The seller is also including an additional 911E as well as a second 911T sitting on a rolling chassis with no body. This seller goes so far as to speculate a potential connection to the Brumos family of P-cars in Florida, but is it enough to justify the asking price? Find it here on eBay with four days left.

The seller claims this is a European-market 911T, and that the Signal Orange paint – a Euro-market only feature – is the clearest sign as to this car’s interesting past. The engine has been removed (clearly) and is disassembled; the seller notes that in light of the significant work required to return this 911T to the roads, the lengthy European-market options list should make it worthwhile: Coco-style weave floormats, driving lights, electric antenna, adjustable shocks, sway bars and leather. No sport seats, disappointingly.

The motor is an unknown, with the seller noting it’s been at least partially torn down. Overall, the listing feels a bit light on the mechanical history and/or health of these cars and heavy on the options list. A 911T isn’t the most desirable specimen by any means; that honor belongs to the 911S of the same era. The seller casually alludes to the 911’s time in Florida and Atlanta as a clue to a connection to the Brumos dealer family and racing team, but that link seems weak. Mileage is quite low at just 19,000 miles from new.

Other interesting features include an integrated air dam and duckbill spoiler on the engine lid. Inside, a period Momo-style steering wheel and the aforementioned Coco mats grace the cockpit. Fortunately, the dash doesn’t appear to be cracked and the interior presents as tidy overall. The seller goes on to mention that this car belongs in a “high-end collection”, but I’m just not sure of how many points you get for provenance with this one given the shaky Brumos connection and unfinished condition of a “T” model 911.


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  1. Steve M

    Any P car in Signal Orange is drop dead awesome, only thing cooler than an inka 2002……….LOVE this.

  2. Moxman

    It will be interesting to see what this one does? The picture of the motor looks like it’s pretty rusty. That doesn’t bode well for the Bosch mechanical fuel injection. By now, that pump is probably way beyond worn out! Let’s see what happens?

  3. michael h streuly

    1/4 of a million dollars for a car that does not run. REALLY!

  4. glen

    I’m lost. What makes this worth $250,000 ?, and just saying “Brumos”, doesn’t prove anything.( Full disclosure,I have no clue who they are) I’d rather have a new Cayman for less than half of this price, and no restoration!

    • Jeffro

      You’re actually paying $249999 for the plastic totes full of parts. Cars are only a $1.

  5. Dolphin Member

    Tough to stop chuckling over this Ebay listing.

    First is the quarter-mil Buy-It-Now price. But even the seller doesn’t think that will happen since he says “Please take the time to read this before you offer.” Maybe he’s aware that vintage Porsche 911 prices have gone soft.

    How about a lot less than a quarter-mil, pending a close inspection? One thing to inspect would be the VIN, which isn’t in the Ebay listing, so you can confirm that it’s really the car the seller says it is.

    Next is the claimed 19K miles. Not with that major rust perforation around the base of the windshield.

    Registered originally in Florida suggests “Brumos”? Well, Brumos is a very famous Porsche dealership in Jacksonville, and has a long racing history. But were all of the approximately 17,548 Porsches that were ever sold in Florida raced by Brumos…or even sold by them? And even if it did come out of the Brumos dealership, that plus 5 bucks will get you a very nice designer coffee.

    And if the engine really is a T engine, it has the cheaper, less reliable cast iron crankshaft, which would be the last choice for racing compared to the forged crank in the S model. So unless all the internals were changed for racing components I don’t think this car has much of anything special going for it other than some S options and Signal Orange paint.

    If there are some useful vintage Porsche 911 parts in those bins in the garage this lot could worth considering, but not at anything close to the quarter-mil price. And that’s assuming that there are Porsche parts in the bins, which are not stated as coming in this auction….despite the photo of some plastic storage bins in the listing.

    With the quarter-mil asking it’s good for a chuckle, tho.

  6. Marty Reardon

    Is this on barn finds as a joke?

  7. danny ruble

    Reminds me of when I worked at a Multi line imports and Pontiac dealer.. I still recall Steve, one of the sales people showing a Firebird that was said to have the rare Scabinni Bar AND the Mujhindi Suspension. Around the same time, Steve, while showing a nice clean low mile Green 4 door Mercury Comet, it was mentioned that the car was in the same family since new, was owned by a the famous attorney John Marivigglia, as you can see he took immaculate care of the vehicle. The customer, quite impressed with the provenance, was driving off in a chrome festooned Maverick, happy in the belief that his six hundred dollar turd that he paid $3495.00 was special. . John the supposed attorney was standing near by sipping his ever present vending machine coffee, before talking to another customer. There is an ass for every seat. Oh, and , This is a stupid price for almost any 911.

  8. Mountainwoodie

    PT Barnum or some other wit had the potential buyer of this pile of junk in mind with his favorite observation…….

    Having owned not one but two P cars, an early S and a ’70 T, in my humble opinion this is beyond ridiculous.

  9. VictorAnderson

    One of two things: Scam, or delusional owner (who might of got scammed buying the thing to begin with).

  10. glen

    A ’73 911T project sold yesterday on BaT for $13250.00 , complete with plastic bins!

  11. Redwagon

    Well now it is down to a $175,000 bin.
    Must be a Black Friday sale come early.

    PS never seen Signal Orange before on a 911. It is gorgeous.

  12. JohnD

    Why not shoot for the moon? The Porsche market is still somewhat crazy, despite ‘bubble’ talk. Someone with more money than brains might lowball him with a $25k offer…and he’d certainly take it if he knows what he really has.

  13. Pat kelly

    I don’t think the orange is original. Looked like overspray on the passenger door trim.

  14. angliagt angliagt Member

    While visiting our Son in Jacksonville,I drove by Brumos.
    I went by there later,& asked to see their car collection.I went to
    their shop across the street,& about the only thing there was a Fiat-
    600 race car.
    The collection must be stored elsewhere.

    • glen

      What did they say when you asked, did they send you to the shop across the street?

      • angliagt angliagt Member

        Yes,they did.Never did find out where the rest
        of the cars were stored.

    • Dave

      You could not have been at Bruno’s. Bruno’s has been gone for well over a year. They sold the entire company to Fields.

  15. Simon

    The engine shown is a MFI e engine,even if this was a 71 s model the price is far beyond reason.The spoilers are not period correct for this car.

  16. David

    The picture engine is an 911e engine. Recognisible from the green airduct and the mfi pump. Signalen orange 911s where sold in the us, in factuur i own a 1970 911, originally sold in the US in that colours.

  17. Paul Daly

    Now you have me wondering – I have an original 1969 912 with an original orange colour – unfortunately now very nicely resprayed in white, still stripped down to bodyshell. Wonder if its worth the investment to take it back to original colour ?

    • Simon

      Original color is a strong selling point,unless it’s one of the less desirable colors,sand beige or brown.

    • Dolphin Member

      Paul, These days in the collector car world, ‘original’ is something that real collectors (i.e., the guys with the $$ and who know the cars and the market) will pay up for—-either original paint, or a repaint in the original color. It would be important to document your car’s original color based on a Porsche COA or photos of areas still covered with original paint, preferably both.

      The issue for me would be whether a repaint can be done for a cost that doesn’t leave you underwater as far as the additional outlay for the paint work compared to any value added to the car.

      If your white car has had a high quality paint job and doesn’t need bodywork then your painter can tell you what the cost for a repaint will be with good accuracy. Then it will be up to you to determine how the car’s value will be affected (increased) and whether that will benefit you in terms of the net financial benefit to you.

      Keep in mind that many collectors will not want a car with thick paint, so you will have a better result if your car is taken back to bare metal before the repaint. That equals lots of hand sanding and added cost, which you might want to determine with your painter beforehand.

      And if the car’s original color was beige or brown, as Simon pointed out, I would speak with a couple of Porsche experts before redoing the paint in one of those colors.

      • Paul

        Dolphin, thank you very much for your input – the car is very original, I have a little notebook with trips recorded from new !!! also have porsche certificate of origin which states color “Blutorange 6809” . The son who sold me the car said that his father was tired of getting tickets and decided when rebuilding to change to white. The white paint job seems great and its exactly that cost/benefit quandary – I would love the orange but I am on a budget and repaint done well will be expensive. Will take your advice and seek some professional help – meanwhile I’m reassembling the gearbox and learning loads. thanks

  18. Cj

    I’m not a gearhead, so I have to ask – why do you take apart an engine with only 19,000 miles on it?

  19. Jack Quantrill

    Some oil-rich sheik might buy this, just because he can!

  20. Simon

    In my experience with the early 2.0 liter,and 2.2 liter engines you wouldn’t be taking them apart until they start to wear out,after many miles.

  21. Simon

    Salient points,I concur.if you want to present your car Porsche to the collector market,especially early short wheel based cars,then originality is everything.

    How many whale tailed,and flared out early Cars were converted back to spec?
    It’s rare to see those early 911s, it there still seems a glut of short wheel based 912s still out there.

  22. mikec

    $175K? The guy is plain nuts. No wonder there are no bids

    • Moxman

      Totally agree. This is a mess of a car and the sky’s the limit on making this thing right. It’s just not that desirable of a 911. No matter what the market for 911s is doing.

  23. Blinkster

    Bottom line what a piece of teutonic garbage .

  24. Hopie

    Give the seller credit for looking for PT Barnum’s fool. The car is a disaster, with bonds, rust-thru, poor paint, aftermarket FG tail (inappropriate til ’72) and cheesy FG “S” spoiler. Add in the crazy reference to being a “Brumo’s car” and you’ve got a first class jack ass. Kudos!

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