Built But Not Started: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro

Unfortunately, we don’t get to see much of this 1967 Chevrolet Camaro that has apparently been off the road since 1979 (based on the license plate). Thanks to Barn Finds reader Frank Y. for sending it in. The Camaro is listed for sale here on Facebook Marketplace and is located in Garland, Texas. The seller has thrown out a price of $10,000 but they also state that it’s negotiable (I hope so!).

The pictures are truly non-descriptive; my assumption is that the seller wants to start up a conversation and then talk about the car in person. Either that or this is one of the cases where a significant other has asked for the car to be sold and the seller is half-heartedly advertising it. It does look like it’s been in the garage for a while–the seller says 40 years!

Other than that the driveshaft is in the trunk and that the seams of the trunk lid are starting to show rust, there’s not much to see in this picture. Oh, wait, the trunk lock has been pulled.

The seller seems to think that the 396 is the main selling point here. They may be right, as we’re told that the engine was “built but not ran.” However, judging from the rust on the pushrods alone, it will have to be disassembled again and at least checked through, even if it doesn’t stay in the Camaro. There were multiple different engines available in 1967 Camaros including the 396 cubic-inch big block, so it is possible this is the original engine.

Billet aluminum rocker arms are a nice touch; hopefully, the rest of the engine was built to a similar standard. I wonder why it was never started? Have you ever bought a project like this where someone rebuilt the engine but didn’t start it? Tell us the story in the comment section!

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  1. Weasel

    I’m not a Facebook person so I can only go off of the pictures and description provided, but by no means is this a factory big block car.

    Don’t rusty pushrods add HP?

  2. JW454

    Ever build a motor and never started it? Yes, I did. I was restoring a 1957 Belair 2 door hard top. The engine was the original 283 – 220 H.P. In the middle of the project I found a 1970 Chevelle convertible w/ a big block and a 4 speed. A friend offered to buy the ’57 so I could get the Chevelle. He sold the motor in favor of a built up small block 350. I heard later the motor went into a completely restored 1957 Belair convertible. GM didn’t put the serial numbers on the engines back then so, as long as the block casting date is within reason, you can pass it off as numbers matching. 25 years ago the tri-fives were starting to go for some very serious money.

  3. Terry

    well, it ran when parked…….

  4. Chris H

    Yes. I can hear him now. “Well I tried to sell it, but nobody wanted it…”. The price inflated to scare…

  5. doug

    The heater hose outlets would help tell if it was a BB car, can’t see them in the picture. The ballast resistor on the firewall is a nice touch. Camaro never used them, they had a resistor wire to the coil.

    • jerry z

      I was looking at the same thing, can’t tell if the hoses come out the end or middle of the heater core. Price isn’t too crazy since it’s a 1st gen but still too rich for by taste.

  6. Josh Loftis

    I still have the built 273 out of my great grandpa’s ’65 Barracuda. It’s now stored in a terrible spot under our house. .040 over, 11.5:1, and a 6 pack cam. Hopefully when I retire my son and I can build a car.

    • David Ulrey

      A future Barn Finds in the making. A close friend of mine has a Trans Am he bought new in 1975. It’s been sitting tucked away in his garage for close to 30 years over a very minor fender bender. BTW, he’s a mechanic too. It’s stored in ideal conditions too so that helps. His outlook? I’ll get around to it one of these days.

  7. jimmy the orphan

    Can’t even take the tarp off this thing and drag it out of the chicken coop when your trying to sell it? All I see is a pile of junk with one to many zeros on the price. Later…………………………..JIMMY

  8. BigDoc

    Where’s the front end and why is it off? The price is too steep for what is shown.


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