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Bulk Buy: Mustang Fastback Shells

Fastback Shells

On occasion, I’ve yearned for a big back yard or even a barn in order to haul in a few parts cars for selling desirable equipment off of, while keeping a few decent rebuilders for long-term projects. I’ve known a few guys who have done this with a good amount of success – buy 3 cars, keep the good stuff you want for yourself, sell the rest off and then scrap the shells. My gut tells me that’s exactly what the seller of these Mustang Fastback shells is doing, with the exception of the scrapping part. He says he bought a large collection and had to take these as part of the deal, but I’m sure if there were any goodies left, they were carefully removed before these carcasses were put up for sale. Take a look at the craigslist ad here. Do you see any potential here, or is simply a case of someone’s unwanted leftovers? Thanks to Barn Finds reader Robert R. for the tip!


  1. Avatar photo randy

    Looks just like “table scraps” to me. Unwanted :>(

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  2. Avatar photo Cassidy

    I agree with Randy, unless you have a rusted out shell, these won’t do anyone much good

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  3. Avatar photo MH

    Sorry to say but there all junk. Scrap them. Wouldn’t make sense to restore any of them and all the good parts have been picked some time ago.

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  4. Avatar photo Jim

    They’d make good track cars or even Boss or Shelby clones. If they were coupe’s, I’d say scrap them but FB’s always have value. I recently sold a rusted out shell ’69 FB Mach 1 428CJ Mustang that a bunch of grumpy ass guys told me was scrap. It sold for $10k. How’s that for scrap prices ??

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    • Avatar photo MH

      Do you have any pictures of the shell you sold for 10K? Where did you find it? That’s a rare car indeed.

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  5. Avatar photo randy

    That is great, I wonder if any of these could turn that kind of big bucks?

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    • Avatar photo Jim

      Probably not, they have the wrong VIN’s for that type of $$$. At this price point, you would have plenty of room for a cool ride and equity at the end if done correctly.

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  6. Avatar photo Skloon

    Looks like floor sweepings from some restoration shop

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  7. Avatar photo don

    you would be amazed what i have seen sell on ebay and for big bucks that most would consider junk. a lot of people have deep pockets.

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  8. Avatar photo Doug Towsley

    Really weird how passive aggressive some people are, just because a project isnt for you, doesnt mean it should be scrapped. Just commented on multiple Mopar collections over the last few days. Same deal applies here. If you are a serious Ford guy and already have parts or other projects these cars would be a good buy for the right person. Be nice if someone had a old mustang that needed help and between one of these and their existing one another classic car ended up back on the road. I dont see these being a good idea to do a full restoration on if this was all you had to work with. But if you already have parts or other cars this stuff will find a buyer.

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  9. Avatar photo JW

    I would say he might get what he wants for the tubbed out drag car as you don’t need a title for that and it could be put together with a nice drive train and the rest Chinese junk body panels just for a toy. Now as far as the red one depends on the floors and cowl whether he can get $2500, if their good it could make a decent modified car and like was said in earlier post FB bring money.

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  10. Avatar photo gregg

    I am so sick of people listing crap like this. I see nothing of value. Go straight to the recycler and stop wasting my ‘car time’

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    • Avatar photo Doug Towsley

      “I am so sick of people listing crap like this. I see nothing of value. Go straight to the recycler and stop wasting my ‘car time’”
      Uh, look where you are posting? Either a flame troll, or a very disturbed person. Probably drives a Prius. Stay away from my place, I pay extra to live in the countryside, and unofficially, its zoning requires at least one pre 1970 car sitting on blocks.
      Im going to moan a prayer for your eternally damned soul over a stack of Fisher body manuals my son and light a candle for you at the Holy church of the unburned Hydrocarbon.

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      • Avatar photo Horse Radish


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    • Avatar photo GreaserMatt

      You sir, are at the wrong site…

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  11. Avatar photo Tom Stewart

    Oh, there probably something here for the person who want’s a serious project. If you wanted to do a conversion, or a good body person with welding skills there’s something to salvage here for you. It’ll just mean some work.

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  12. Avatar photo G Keith

    i have learned over the years that at one point in your life you will be a hater.. that being said let the person that owns them have them.. if you dont like them so what.. he might be able to do something with them that you cant.. ijs

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  13. Avatar photo FASTBACKGUY

    Well thought I would update you guys on the 69 fastback shells , they SOLD yea and was a perfect match, the guy that bought them was into 69-70 cars and had several cars already and the parts to build them, well as far as me stating I was not into any years but the 65-68 and that was the reason I was selling both 69 cars , now don’t that 69 look out of place in a field of 60+ 65-68 fastbacks…

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    • Avatar photo Doug Towsley

      You sir have a cool collection! Now, some might be angry you are holding onto all these for yourself, others would say, thank god you stepped up and kept these cars from the crusher and foul tempered
      nuts who think anything less than pristine should be scrapped. Regardless, I think you have some cool toys. And glad you made the effort to find (hopefully) a good home for the others

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