Bullitt or Maybe Not? 1968 Highland Green Mustang Fastback

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Imagine a world in which the movie “Bullitt” never existed. In that alternate universe, this 1968 Highland Green Mustang Fastback would just be a used-up car painted in a shade best suited for British racing cars, rather than in red, like a proper muscle car should be. And in that world, the starting bid for this shell would likely not be nearly $30K, as it is in the eBay listing found here. So far, no one’s bitten, though the auction is barely underway, and it has until Sunday to run. The car is in Eads,Tennessee, after being a resident of the Oxford, Mississippi area for most of its life.

But McQueen’s filmic exploits are always near to mind when people see a car with this paint code, and so the words “Great Bullitt Tribute Potential” come to be the highlighted ones in this ad. You can disregard this at will, however, since according to the attached Marti Report, more than 5,000 Highland Green Fastbacks were produced for the 1968 model year. Let someone else do the Bullitt thing, if you please, and just restore yourself a stock Fastback, in green. This is probably one of the better starting platforms you’re going to find. You just need to source a few bits like a rear window and rear seat, bumpers, and front grill.

This one has the rather tame C-code 289-CID V8 shared from nearly the start of the Mustang’s run. There are about 94,000 miles on the clock. Unfortunately, it does not run, since the car has been laid up in storage for many years. The engine is backed up by a C4 Select Shift Automatic transmission, so not exactly a muscle car, but then again, if you’re going to Bullitt it or resto-mod it (another suggestion by the seller), you’re going to put in a four-speed stick or even a modern five-speed, aren’t you?

The key attribute of this semi-gutted Mustang, according to the ad, is its solidity. That’s a good point to make, and the claim is that the car is 95% rust-free, but I’ve always wondered how one calculates this. Certainly, there’s plenty of surface rust to be dealt with, on both sides of the floor pans. However, the ad is very pointed in saying that the torque boxes, rocker panels, and other pieces you normally worry about on a rusty Mustang are intact. There’s no mention of a prior accident, so you’re gonna just have to find your way to the South to run your hands over the body in a search for filler or other work if you feel the call to make this car yours, or make it look like Steve McQueen’s.


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  1. Rw

    Already enough Bullits,do Last American Hero car.

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    • joenywf64

      I really really want to see a “Gone in 60 sec” tribute ’73 mustang, but never have.
      Good luck finding these Goodyear RWL tires, tho …

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      • Robert Lopez

        You can get those tires from Coker tires. FACT !!!

        Like 5
      • John Bury

        Yes. Same.
        I dream about it often. I believe to be authentic to a point you would need a 71 with 73 update grill etc. I even have a set of plates ready RHM100. This plate was used in the movie for about 5 seconds 😂😂while HB Halicki swapped them for another set.
        All I need now is the car and lots of $$$.
        One day 😴.

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  2. Bick Banter

    Resale…Highland Green?

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  3. CCFisher

    Forget the Bullit references… this car is unusual for being a bench seat fastback. Only 1079 were built for 1968.

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  4. Big C

    The FM converter adds at least a couple grand.

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  5. Rick Rothermel

    We’re I to do a BULLITT tribute car it would have the kinks and dents the car had at the start of the chase… but that’s just me.

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  6. Paul S

    28,500 don’t think so, lots missing and needs an engine as well. The 289 looks like a boat anchor.

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  7. Steve

    30 to put into it + 30? Not worth 60 so there’s you answer.

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