Buy & Drive: 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix

Take a look at this solid Grand Prix. Although the seller has been told that there has been previous metal work done, it has that air of originality (not saying the work wasn’t done, just that it looks original). It’s for sale here on eBay and is located in Bellingham, Massachusetts. Heavy bidding has taken the price all the way up to $5,400, and there’s no reserve so someone will be taking this one home!

I know a lot of folks like the smaller GTO/Tempest, and I do too. But the somewhat more formal Grand Prix styling is pretty darned nice as well. The seller tells us that the car runs and drives great, sports mostly original paint and those gorgeous 8-lug unique to Pontiac wheels. All the trim looks to be in place as well, and the chrome is certainly great for a driver quality car.

We’re told the car has a “rock solid” frame. Although there is certainly some heavy surface rust here, I think judicious application of some rust “converter” would keep this at bay for a long time. Or I suppose you could go all the way and clean it up completely.

The interior is in similar condition to the rest of the car — not perfect, but certainly nice enough to leave alone. One of the things I think is neat about this particular car is the side bolsters — early buckets! The clear plastic parts of the steering wheel are pretty cool as well, even though it’s not as intact as one would like.

The 389 V8 appears to be original and is still attached to the original automatic transmission. I’m really encouraged by the seller’s description of how the car runs and drives.

Honestly, I think I’d end up painting the car eventually, given the discoloration of the horizontal surfaces. I’d certainly go back with the original color, though. But that could all come in time — for now, I’d drive this car and enjoy it! Would you?

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  1. Jeff V

    A 421 tri-power was an option I think???

    • Casey Jones

      There were lots of options with Pontiac in the early 60’s. 421 Super Duty, full cast headers, 4 speeds, Tripowers and gearing options as well. I don’t know how many were available to the Gran Prix but it was the top of the line sedan with Bonnie maybe?

    • ACZ

      421 w/ tripower and a 4 spd were options. I owned one equipped that way a long time ago.

  2. Rick Gaskill

    Why was this part of the description on eBay not posted here? ” metal patches both front fender bottoms”.
    It’s a New England car that has been exposed to road salt.
    I would never buy a car from that area.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Rick, please read the first sentence (should have said paragraph) of the posting again.

      • Richard Gaskill

        I read it. It just said metal work. The description on eBay of patches on front fender bottoms tells the story better. Fenders likely corroded from salt spray thrown up by the tires. Why else would they need to be patched?

    • Dino Pace

      The car is 54 years old. What do you expect? This car makes an excellent template for at least a partial restoration. I would properly repair the front fender rust patches, (and any other trouble areas that may be lurking; trunk pan?), paint it the original color, and drive it.

      • newfieldscarnut

        Leaves and road dirt collect in fender bottoms no matter where you live .

  3. Howard A Member

    This a nice car. Sure it’s from a northern climate, but you just don’t find cars like this, driveable and for this kind of money, cripes, the person wanted more for a Pinto. Got to be one of the best deals to come thru here. Awesome car. Favorite Poncho.

    • King Al

      Great vehicle. My uncle had one new back in the day. Fast, smooth riding, and very stylish.

  4. Casey Jones

    Yes Poncho Power Baby! I love the Gran Prix cars, Swiss Cheese Catalina anyone? Oh my lord. Pontiac was King in these days. I love the 8 lug wheels on these cars. I’ve never driven an 8lug car, can anyone attest to the braking ability? I know maybe a little more cooling? 🤣. And there appear to have a large surface area. I can’t imagine them being better than a decent disc up front but I have a spot on my bucket list for a full-sized Poncho with a 421 SD and Tripower.
    Prices have been high on these high optioned cars especially the 3 pedal variety, my hope is the old farts who kept prices high move on to a condo and let these cars go as their grandchildren will want a new tablet or Prius instead. 50’s prices are dropping, come on 60’s!

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Casey, most of these, especially in the midwest did indeed become “Swiss Cheese” Pontiacs, and not the good kind. And for the record, the old farts DID go to the condo, and the ungrateful grandchildren took their cars, and jacked the prices up.

    • Greg Member

      Your bucket list is like mine: either a Grand Prix 421 w/tri-power, or an early 60’s Catalina 2+2!

  5. mark

    If the description of this car is true then it is a bargain at 6 grand. Don’t think so? Look at what people are paying for mid 70’s American cars. There have been Mavericks and Pinto’s on here for the same price.


    I like it. Clean mid-century modern lines…lovely interior.I’ll deal with the rust issues when I rip the drivetrain out for a sick magazine photospread-worthy restomod.

  7. jeff6599

    Jamie, the first sentence says: “take a look at this solid Grand Prix.”

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      You’re right, I should’ve said paragraph. Corrected now.

  8. jeff6599

    Casey, SD engine cars in 1962 and 1963 were available only in single 4bbl and dual 4 bbl versions. If you wanted 3x2s back then you had to settle for the 421 HO motors which had smaller heads, hydraulic lifters, much smaller header type exhaust manifolds etc. More streetable, much slower.

  9. Bill vidales

    This a very rare car ,just like the 69&70 GPX’s ,I had a 70 GP w a 400 engine ,wich I SOL in the early 80’s ,to this day I have lived to regret it,but the early 60’s are very rare ,and going up in price, there aren’t enough of this beautiful muscle cars around ,so when you run across 1 buy it ,restore it and it will go up in price

  10. Ikey Heyman

    Nice! My dad bought one of these new, this looks to be the same color as ours. Sold it because he got lousy tire wear – neither he nor our small-town tire shop knew that you need a “balancing plate” to properly balance the 8-lug wheels. Dad also had 2 teenage sons at the time, so that couldn’t have helped with the tire wear issue either.

  11. John C Cargill

    One thing about GM paint of that period it reacts well to polishing, so if that is simply oxygenation, no problem.

    • ACZ

      That was the nice part about acrylic lacquer. It was east to spray, as well. Enamels of any year never looked that good.

  12. Greg Member

    It’s sold for $6689. There’s a 64 Grand Prix with HO 421 and 4 speed tranny for sale on Bring A Trailer, currently at $16,000.

  13. Rustytech Member

    Nice car. These were top of the line for Pontiac, and could run the range from luxury to race car before the GTO. Value wise they have always lived in the shadows of the GTO, somebody got a great deal here!

  14. Alan (Michigan)

    Neighbor had one, with the 421. 4-Barrel carb. Auto trans.
    It was a RED car with a White interior and convertible top.
    Beautiful! I rode in it exactly once.

    It was my favorite in the neighborhood, until the young guy one house to the left brought home a ’67 GTO, also RED, and White over White. But it was a 4-speed….. Hooboy!


    Looks like a lot of car to work with for the money, I suspect the selling price will be a lot higher than $5400.

  16. JRP

    I’m restoring a 66 GP that came from Arizona. My 2 sons bought it for my birthday last month. They figured I needed a project after retirement last year. Even being from Az. and having copious amounts of undercoating it too needs lower fenders patched and a new trunk floor. Living in Michigan and working on rusty cars in a body shop for 46 years I appreciate a 51 yr. old solid car. Doing a frame off restoration on one of these is a labor of love. Can’t wait to get it finished. Hope the values on these cars goes up so I won’t be upside down on it. But if not I’ll still have one classy ride.

  17. jeff6599

    Sorry Allen; the Grand Prix didn’t have a convertible available until 1967.

    • Tenspeed

      And I believe 67 was the ONLY year for a convertible GP.

  18. Dennis Kimbrell

    my father had a 64 granprix 389 with 4 speed trans. pos. rear end and man it ran…. left real nice black tire marks.. when my older brother would sneak it out at night and drive it around…

  19. Jim F

    You have a killer Pontiac. I would stick with the original color too. Todays color toners have light sensitive toners. Base coat clear coat systems of today are great. Good luck with your Pontiac.

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