Cadillac Powered 1931 Ford Model A!

1931 Ford Model A Hot Rod

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I’ve really come to appreciate period hot rods, don’t get me wrong I love all original survivors, but there is just something cool about a hot rod built back in the day! The seller of this sweet little Model A can’t prove it was built in the ’50s, but everything on it is period correct and looks like it just rolled out of the ’50s. The body is looking a little rough, but the Cadillac 390 V8 is absolutely breathtaking. I bet it sounds amazing through those short pipes and I imagine it’s rather quick. The interior is pretty much none existent, but that’s just part of the fun with something like this! Be sure to take a closer look at this hot rod here on eBay in Houston, Texas with bidding just over $9k. So do you think this one really was put together in the ’50s?

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  1. David WilkMember

    Wow! That is a cool hot rod. Whether it’s a 50s rod or a recreation, it fits the bill, at least for me. Some may not like it, but this is a perfect example of an old school home built hot rod. Unfortunately for me, it will probably go for big bucks. I am way priced out of this market. But it’s always fun to dream.

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  2. KO

    Wow, that’s sex on wheels!

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  3. DENIS

    Crude n rude…I luvet! If it was closer to home, I’d be the owner.

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  4. ghalperin Glenn

    Sweet ride. The 390 came out in 1959. This would be a ’60’s build if it was built back in the day.

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  5. RayT

    I would go through all the mechanicals — with special emphasis on the brakes — and make sure all the added welds and other “engineering” details are solid, then gas it up and hit the road!

    I’m sure it feels far faster from behind the wheel than it really is. That’s good enough for me.

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  6. jeff6599

    The headers are certainly not from the 50s or 60s with thick flanges (3/8″ or so) and socket head capscrews. Those appear to be Sanderson units from the past decade. And that steering wheel is an 80s or newer item. That style didn’t exist until the 80s.

    Love that Caddy mill though. I built a ’53 Cad powered ’29 A roadster in 1957. Used a U-FAB 6 carb manifold and headers I made in high school shop, mated to a ’36 Ford Transmission. Great days those were.

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  7. Van

    Six carbs awesome.

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  8. bcavileer

    Looks perfect for TROG. Wildwood here I come. Like it a lot.

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  9. David Montanbeau

    In our shop.

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  10. David Montanbeau


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  11. alder

    Dave, looks good is that for sale also?

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    • David Montanbeau

      Sold 20k
      Being delivered

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  12. Brian

    I would safety check, build out the interior (for my comfort), and drive. That is a bitchin’ ride!

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  13. ghalperin Glenn
  14. Snotty

    Don’t care for modern Hot Rods, too overdone,too much chrome, to “purdy”but this one is nude and and she sits so sweet, really love the stance,and the location of the front axle and how the rearend squats just a bit,look at the front wheels,love those tall skinny wheels and what appears to be old bias ply tires. This thing oozes nasty. Wouldn’t change a thing on the outside,Yes she may have some newer parts, but this truly old school Hot Rod was conceived long ago.

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  15. jeff6599

    absolutely right on. Built by someone who knows proportions, lines up the tires with the wheelwells, headlamps positioned correctly, engine high enough to be dominant and of course, great proportions on the bignliddles.

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