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This is a first-generation Civic and it’s about as nice as they come, especially 38 years after being on the roads. This 1978 Honda CVCC Wagon is on eBay and will be shipped from British Columbia, Canada to your house when you win the auction. The bid is currently just above $3,500 with a little over a day left and there is a Buy It Now price of $6,500. Believe it or not, that’s not a crazy amount of money for a rust-free first-generation Civic wagon with a manual transmission, and optional hood vents! Ok, I’m pushing it there. And, it’s even better news if those are Canadian prices. The US dollar version would be $2,770 and $4,900, respectively!

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Ain’t she sweet? I know that these vintage Japanese cars aren’t interesting to a portion of the car lovers out there, but there’s enough room here for everyone. Honda made this generation of Civic from 1972 through 1979 and this one looks like it’s been kept in someone’s living room for a couple of decades. The body is almost perfect, although the seller says that there are some small dings and “one tennis ball size dent above the LR quarter glass.”

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This is where it all happens, or at least the driving part. From the photos it looks super nice, but again, the seller mentions that it’s missing a piece of the wood dash trim and there’s a crack in the passenger side jamb molding. Thankfully, this is a manual transmission car. One of my favorite vehicle types: a small wagon with a clutch pedal; utility and fun. Or, at least more fun than an automatic would be.

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The seller says that this car was originally from California and spent 37 years there, but that only leaves about a year, which makes me wonder why they went to the trouble of buying it and importing it to Canada and are now selling it. Unless they got a heck of a deal on it. Who knows, but the thing sure looks nice. This a small car, but with the seats folded down you should be able to get the boxes hauled to the storage unit; you know, the ones that you were told to get out of the garage three weeks ago…

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There is a badge missing on the right side, but that’s where your Visualize Whirled Peas bumper sticker would go anyway. That should say 5-Speed, but you should be able to get a new badge. I’m guessing that someone needed one for their car and popped it off; sort of a musical badges game. There are only so many to go around and they keep going around and around. The good thing is that this 1,500 pound car is a little lighter now because of that missing piece.

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Here is Honda’s answer to the EPA: their famous CVCC (Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion) engine. By using a pre-chamber like some diesel engines used, oddly enough, Honda was able to meet both Japan’s pollution standards and the EPA’s requirements without needing to add a catalytic converter. The genius of Honda engineering. Again, a little detailing under the hood would go a long way, but what a great looking car in great shape for being so old. I know that a lot of folks aren’t into vintage Japanese iron at all, but for those who are, this is a good find. How about you, would you drive this little Honda wagon?

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    WTH would you do with it besides drive it into the ground?
    It ain’t no show car

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  2. Alan (Michigan)

    Ended, @ US $4,617.00, “reserve not met”.

    AMC Steve has a point… Is there a “collection” or collector somewhere that would want this? Perhaps a funky little weekend resort type of car? Otherwise, it is a clean older economy car lacking any of the safety features of those 25 years newer, and for about the same price. The real market is for the CRX which followed a few years behind this car, IMO.

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  3. jim s

    there were a lot of these running around my area back in the day. most were run into the ground and/or rusted out. nice to see one in this shape. i hope it gets relisted at a lower reserve. nice find.

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  4. Woodie Man

    I drove a wicked two door version of this in the late seventies, hopped up by a speed shop in San Diego…… a ticket on the 406 going 90…back when the freeway actually moved. I think the chippie saw me because it was screaming orange with a fat black stripe from bumper to bumper. This would be a nice little grocery getter or first car for a teen……they’re fun and maneuverable..

    But at no more than 2500 for me….

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    Had the two door hatchback version. Somehow, blew a head gasket (really don’t remember how – College Years, know what I mean) and took it to a Votech School to get it fixed. College years were LEAN so I had to do things outside of the norm. They screwed it up and never got it back to being the little orange rocket that it could be by burying the tach. Oops, they didn’t have a tach, so we will say – running the crap out of it. Had the back of the front seats held up with bricks because the undercarriage was so rusted out. Other than the head gasket fiasco, never gave me a minute of mechanical problems, outside normal stuff. I would love to have this for a “going to the lake house” vehicle!!!! Unfortunately too far overpriced!!!!!! Way overpriced!
    Hope it goes to a loving home! Sweet specimen from the past!

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  6. Rhett

    The badge on the right side isn’t actually missing, these only came with a four speed manual. The Hondamatics would have had a badge there, all four speed cars, sedan and wagon just had rubber grommets plugging the existing holes.

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