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California HP Car: 1977 Dodge Monaco Police Package

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Appearing recently here on Barn Finds, was a replica of Rosco P. Coltrane’s police car from the famed Dukes of Hazzard TV series. Several commenters seemed like they might prefer a real police car over a replica driven by a fictional character. You have asked, and the Barn Find community has delivered. This great find was sent in by reader Charles H. Listed recently here on eBay was this 1977 Dodge Monaco that the seller says was an actual police car for the town of Dixon, California. He states that it was ordered at the same time, and to the same specifications as California Highway Patrol cars of the day.

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The cruiser is pictured here with an array of trophies it has won at local car shows. The seller ‘s list of the repairs and restoration done to this vehicle is impressive, as is the list of period correct police radios and other equipment installed inside.

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It still has the “certified” speedometer in place as shown here. Not shown here, is the “special handling” cowl tag installed on the car by the manufacturer.

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Additionally, the seller located and had installed the correct material for the seat upholstery.

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The engine is the venerable 440 cubic inch plant, which he says was professionally rebuilt by a local machine shop. Sadly, the auction ended early, most likely due to the seller accepting an offer. This looked like a very nice car, that was done right, and it’s no wonder it sold quickly. I thought the Dukes of Hazzard car was pretty cool. But I like this one a lot better! What do you think?


  1. Avatar photo Mike D

    thank you for posting it, as I was one of those who said I wanted to see a ” real” one

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  2. Avatar photo Dylan

    Hey, this one is awesome, but who wouldn’t like roscoe’s car? Goo goo goo.

    Honestly though, the General Lee or Boss Hogg’s 70 Caddy would be my first picks.

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  3. Avatar photo George

    I prefer this one over the Roscoe look-a-like. For one thing, this is a real cop car whereas the other was a base model made over including the anemic 318.

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  4. Avatar photo Rex

    I was once friendly with a guy I met at a Maryland car show. He had a beautiful 1967 Chevy Impala in Baltimore City Blue and White with all the correct equipment and markings, and when I asked where he found it he showed me the paperwork. It turns out he was a Baltimore City patrol officer for several years and they gave him his patrol car as a retirement present. Sweet.

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  5. Avatar photo piper62j

    Not bad.. I like the detail on the finish and interior.. Why not go a step further and do the engine compartment.. Then again, the photos aren’t showing it..

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  6. Avatar photo Peter R

    to my mind “real” is always better than “tribute”

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  7. Avatar photo krash

    Give the seller credit for his detailed description…cool car for someone..

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  8. Avatar photo Andrew P

    Hi Guys,

    I was the person who purchased this car and I LOVE it, this car gets it’s picture taken were ever I go. It is like being a movie star having your picture taken and videos taken of the car as I drive down the road. It is awsum driving with lights and siren running in the back streets of Lilydale Melbourne Australia. We even had a un marked police car over take us with our lights flashing. The car is awsum.

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  9. Avatar photo Joe Perillo

    Hi Andrew P please contact me regarding the Monaco when you have a moment. Thanks.


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