Cheap Driver: 1973 Mercury Comet

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With two doors and a couple of engines, this driving condition Mercury Comet is a very straight and rust free machine. Needing some fine polishing and a couple of seats, this Comet could be a very nice driver with little work. This Comet could be yours for the buy it now price of $2,000! Be sure to check it out here on eBay out of Pleasanton, California.

The 250 inline 6 is reported as being a good runner and driver. Although the engine compartment is a bit dirty, I am sure it would clean up fairly well. The seller is also including a 302 with this car, so if you aren’t crazy about the 250, the 302 should get the job done.

I did say there are a couple of engines, one of which is the 302 inside of the cockpit. It appears that the interior of this Comet was very nice, but someone decided to take the front seats out. So the factory front seats are missing which explains the large Cadillac seat. The seller is including 73 mustang seats to go with the car. There is some silly damage inside like a broken door pull, and removed steering wheel trim. Otherwise the remaining interior seems manageable.

Being a California car, rust is little to none other than some surface rust on the roof. The body work is quite straight minus a scuff on the passenger rear quarter, and what looks to be two minor dents on the passenger side near the door. Sun exposure has eaten away the vinyl top, which is the biggest eye sore of this project. Also the paint on the driver side has suffered from sun exposure as well. If you are looking for a solid classic that has a V8 ready chassis, then this Comet is great opportunity. Are you a Comet/Maverick fan?

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  1. Rock On

    I think that I read about this car on the internet. It was the prototype for Mercurys long anticipated mid engined V-8 powered Comet.

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    • FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972Member

      “Some assembly required.”

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    • fred w

      Beat me to the punch!

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  2. Mark

    Never knew they made a “right hand drive” Comet. There, I said it and I’m not proud of myself…..I need to get out of this cubicle more often….

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  3. Blyndgesser


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  4. 71FXSuperGlide

    Be fun to pull into a Jiffy Lube and ask them to change the oil for the 302 in the front seat. :D

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    • slickb

      I think ill go buy the car just for that joke!!! :D

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  5. Beatnbik Bedouin

    I’m still trying to work out what class this twin-engined Comet would run in on the Salt..?

    Seriously, it could be a fun project for someone, whether 6 or V8 powered, unless
    slickb snaps it up, in which case he should let us know how he gets on at the Jiffy Lube…

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  6. jw454

    Having the 302 on hand is nice but, I see no reason the pull the 200. The 302 isn’t going to make this a neck snapper anyway so I’d just drive it as is and enjoy the ride.

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    • Wizdbiz2

      That is so true, I had a Maverick with the 302 and it was no speed demon. My ’66 Plymouth with a poly 318 would blow it away.

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    • philthyphil

      from a 302 grows a 347 with a t-5

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    • rancoracing

      The inline is reported as a 250, which is significantly better than the 200. Running on relatively flat ground the 250 and the 302 will have similar response. I had a 70 Maverick with a 200 and had to downshift to get up some hills on an interstate highway until I yanked that for a 250.

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  7. Cody

    I’m interested in the two E30’s and the E24 behind it

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  8. Gay Car Nut

    Lovely looking car. I’ve always preferred the 1970-77 Mercury Comet version. But I like both cars. I’ve never understood why they’re so un-popular with collectors today. They served the same purpose as the Ford Falcon and Mercury Comet did during the 1960s. They provided basic, reliable, transportation. How reliable they were depended on many things.

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  9. Denis Flaherty

    I think it could be a fun sleeper with the 302 warmed-over. Appears to be solid….do you deliver?

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  10. Dbd2019

    Oh yes, we finally located the ultra-rare specially developed 14 cylinder Come to Kahotek! These only appear once every 77 years…

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  11. Warren Whiteman

    70-77 Ford Maverick 71-77 Mercury comet

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  12. Video Calibrator


    This is the car I associate most with being carted around by Mom in the 1970s! Mom’s was a 4CYL, same green exterior and vinyl top, tan interior, bucket front seats with the taller option head restraints.

    It replaced “That fire trap” my Dad referred to Mom’s ’66 midnight blue convertible Mustang as, lol! Trunk floor and other areas of that ride were rusting rapidly six years after she bought it new, and with little old me my parents needed something a little more substantial to get the family around in. So they traded the Ford in for the Mercury Comet.

    I miss Mom and her Comet so much!

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    • Dan D

      4 cylinder? The Maverick/Comet came with 6 and V8…. I had a ’73 Maverick in this same color, with 250 6 and automatic, black houndstooth front bench. Had the dog dish wheel covers too. Really liked that car. Reliable, decent driver and really a good-looking car. One of the best looking made by FoMoCo, IMHO.

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      • VideoCalibrator

        4cyl. That’s what my Dad said it had! It was after all classified a compact of that era. Smaller than a Chevelle or T-Bird and bigger than a Pinto.

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  13. Dan D
  14. PatrickM

    Been looking for a good little car. This almost had me. But, being in Maryland, the trip would cost me more than $1,500.00. Dang, Man! Not so much a Comet fan, just looking for a decent little car.

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  15. Paul

    Rust free……I didn’t think they even left the factory rust free!

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