California Yard Clean-Out: 1983 Mazda RX-7

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While certainly excellent budget sports cars, the first generation Mazda RX-7 seems to be a perpetually cheap vehicle, even in running/driving form. This example is far from that, and is apparently part of a larger collection clean-out based on the seller’s other items listed for sale. Check out the RX-7 here on eBay where it’s listed with no reserve and one bid to $500, and then look at the seller’s other items for sale.

The California blue plates offer some indication as to how long this RX-7 has been parked, along with the healthy coating of tree debris. I dig the period rear window louvers, and I’m sure some RX-7 fanatic is looking at those wishing they didn’t have to buy the whole car to own them. The other vehicle we featured from this collection is a Pontiac Trans Am, as seen here on Barn Finds.

As with most every other first-generation RX-7, the interior remains in surprisingly good shape. I’ve seen this in multiple junkyard find RX-7s, and can only guess Mazda used a fairly hard-wearing material, like the W123 Mercedes, which seems to never look as bad as the outside of the car. This one doesn’t run and doesn’t come with a California pink slip, so owning it will truly be a labor of love – or simply a smart buy for a good parts car.

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  1. flmikey

    For a little over $500.00, it would be worth it just to see how well my power washer could clean this car off…then, as a bonus, you got a nice little project…or parts car…

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  2. Sandy Claws

    I drove one new from a dealer on a test drive. Wonderful, smooth, quiet, zippy, yet I just couldn’t bring myself to buy because of the radical engine. To this day I feel I made the right choice for me at the time, but when ever I see one of these, I get a little sad deep in my heart. Really loved those wheels, and the metallic brown colored one I drove was the most awesome combination of all. Only car I can recall that ever looked good in brown! Wonder what would have happened if they had offered them with an optional regular four cylinder? Just like there has always been talk of a radial engined Miata, why not a 2.0 liter four popper RX7?

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    • JMB#7

      I know that this is a really old post. But I just cannot help replying… I drove several Miata(s) but could never bring myself to buy one. If only it had the rotary engine, I would have bought a Miata immediately. Some people say that a rotary doesn’t have much torque. I say that you just need to learn how to drive one. A 12A engine is easier to drive in traffic than most small 4 cylinders (clutch).

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  3. That Guy

    That license plate is a ham radio operator’s call letters. Those plates can’t stay with the car, they can only be used by the person with that radio license. I bought a car with that kind of plate once, and the owner kept the plates to put on another car.

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  4. That Guy

    Also, somewhat surprisingly, getting a replacement title here in California is usually pretty easy. Submit a form stating the title has been lost and any other relevant facts, pay the fees for a new title, and that’s about it. I know other states can be really difficult, but it’s generally straightforward here.

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  5. John Nydam

    I owned an 82 red w/ black interior put 189000 miles on it got it serviced when needed. Got married and that was that. Sold the car to a girl in Sacramento and she drove it until she got hit. What a car I just loved it ! I’m crazy enough to bid! And you guys are right getting the paperwork isn’t that difficult.

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  6. Mike

    Someone should do an experiment where they see how much they get for a car as-is compared to a car that got some soap & water, tires inflated, a vacuuming out and parked on concrete.

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  7. racer-x

    I bought this car and turned the purchase into a RoadKill style mini-adventure with my two sons 18 and 12. Had a great time.

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