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My wife has been suggesting that I need a different daily driver for while now. Back when I bought the Miata, I predicted that “eventually the sensible side of me will force a sell”. Well, she has spoken! Actually, my wife is very patient with my odd car buying habits, but she does have some reason with this one. A back seat and some hauling capacity is needed, but there isn’t enough room in the garage or the budget to keep the Miata. But, before I list it locally I wanted to give you guys first dibs on it. A few of you expressed interest so here is your chance to pick up a good driver quality Miata on the cheap!


The problem with most early Miatas is that they have been modified by a previous owner. My Miata was no different, but luckily the changes were all cosmetic. I have reinstalled the original cassette player and replaced the cracked surround that was presumably damaged when the aftermarket CD player was installed. The stock block out plate that sits below it was also sourced and installed. Luckily, none of the wires had been cut so it was an easy fix. The bra also came off as did the map light equipped rear view mirror. I still plan on polishing that bumper a bit more and throwing some new brake pads on the front. Replacing the chrome windshield washer nozzles with something a little less flashy might be a good idea too…


This car is by no means perfect, but I have been driving it everyday and it has never given me an ounce of trouble. It does leak a little oil, but some of that high mileage stuff seems to have helped. I have a folder full of receipts documenting a long line of careful maintenance. There are multiple bills in there totaling more than the total value of the car and that shows that all the previous owners knew there is no other car that can deliver more smiles per dollar than the Miata. So, in keeping with that spirit, I’m only asking $2,500 for the car! If you are interested please email me here. I’m going to regret this…

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Rich

    Great price! GLWS!!

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  2. Mark E

    Good job restoring it back to original! Now that they have the audio units that install behind (well actually UNDER) the dashboard and play mp3s from your tablet or cellphone via bluetooth, there’s really no excuse for replacing the original audio unit in a car! Good luck with the sale Jesse!

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  3. Mike E


    I sold my Miata last year and I regret it every time I think of it,

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  4. Marc Lawrence

    Back seat, loads of room to haul crap and a lot of fun = S13. And it’s way much cooler. IMO – lol

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  5. David

    This can’t be costing you that much to keep. I have two superfluous cars (old Miata and old Volvo wagon) that I can’t bring myself to sell, but they cost virtually nothing to keep around other than maintenance.

    Personally, I think you’ll regret selling it the next time there is sunny day.

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  6. Jesse JesseAuthor

    Sale already pending! A reader from San Diego plans to fly in and drive it home. My only requirement was that he gives us an update about the journey home! I will leave another comment if the sale falls through though. Thanks guys!

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    • Jesse JesseAuthor

      Looks like he backed out so it’s still available!

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  7. Jo

    Same thing happened to me earlier this year for the same reasons, so the 15 year old MX5 Jasper Conran went and in came the 10 year old 2.5l V6 X type estate. A fair exchange I think?

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  8. Don

    Jesse – unless I missed it in the article, what year is this Miata?

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  9. jim s

    great price on a very nice 1990 miata which is 41 days away from being a antique. another car that should already be sold.

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  10. Jesse JesseAuthor

    The Miata has sold to a BF reader in Chicago! He would like to fly in and drive it home, but the weather is making that decision a tough one. Either way, this little car is going to a good home. I already miss it!

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  11. Jacob

    We have a 1995 Mazda Miata in our garage not running it is a good car for summer

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