Camper Special: 1977 Chevrolet C-30 Cheyenne

It seems like new pickup trucks just keep getting more and more expensive. At the same time, they are being equipped with more technology and lots of exotic materials. As great as that all is, there’s still nothing like a good old square body Chevy truck. They are simple, good looking, durable, oh and a heck of a lot cheaper than a brand new Silverado! This C-30 might not have all the trick features of a brand new truck, but it has everything you could ever need in a work horse, including a 454 V8, AC, the Cheyenne package and the Camper Special package. You can find this beast here on eBay in Manheim, Pennsylvania with a current bid of $3,850.

Whoever ordered this Chevy clearly planned on hauling some heavy loads. The Camper Special package brought GVWR up to 10k pounds. Besides the sweet Tepee cab badges, the option also added the heavy duty suspension, camper wiring harness and dual fuel tanks. To make sure they were comfortable while hauling their camper or pulling a trailer, they also optioned it as a Cheyenne, which added the luxury interior.

Moving this truck once fully loaded takes a lot of grunt. The 454 should be more than up to the task and the seller claims that it runs perfectly. The odometer shows 42,423 miles, but chances are it has rolled over and the seller says as much. As long as it was well cared for, the mileage shouldn’t be of much concern. What is of concern is the rust in the doors and in the door jamb. It was repainted back in 1996 and while it looks great, you will want to take a closer look. At least the seller includes lots of photos of the problem areas and is upfront about the rust.

Rust isn’t all that uncommon with this generation of trucks, so patch panels are readily available. The tailgate is dented, but the seller is including a replacement that is said to be in good shape. It’s the wrong color though, so you could repair the rust and have the cab touched up and the tailgate painted all at the same time. Or you could just treat the rust as best as possible and drive the heck out of it! Which would it be for you?


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  1. Martin Sparkes

    Rusted and repainted and still as nice as they come for a 40 year old work truck. I expect the reserve is high teens and it will most likely make it. Anyone else want to guess?

    • Rspcharger Rspcharger

      considering the seller is some sort of dealer I suspect you are correct on your reserve assessment.

  2. mds47588

    i. want. it.

  3. Steve65

    9 mpg on a good day, and $1200 minimum for a set of tires? No thanks. I can get just as much function way cheaper with something newer, and probably better comfort and convenience features to boot.

    • Miguel

      If you are worried about gas mileage, this is no the truck for you.

      I don’t understand why that is even brought up.

    • Nrg8

      If they haven’t been changed to 16 inch rims, think about 500 more for 16.5

    • Jacob

      $1200 for a set of tires??? You better find a new tire store!

      • DB

        Including tax and such for name brand non Chinese, yes

      • Steve65

        If you have a source for D or E load range 16″ truck tires mounted and installed for less than $200 per rim, I’d like to know where it is. That’s what I pay for tires now on an F350, and no amount of shopping around has turned up anything less. Mail-order tires come up pricier after shipping and mounting gets added in.

    • Tim S. Member

      Well then go to Autotrader or your local dealer and find that indistinguishable appliance you’ve always wanted. Barnfinds: you’re doing it wrong.

      • Steve65

        20 years ago, this was an indistinguishable appliance. And 20 years from now, somebody might see my beater 89 Ford as a restoration candidate collectible.

        Nostalgia distorts reality. It’s just an old truck.

  4. chad

    cummins/alison swap?

  5. angliagt angliagt Member

    And,if you live in a state like CA,weight fees will
    cost you a lot more (10,000 GVW).

  6. MJames

    Had a 4 door 79 version of this.. Drove it from California to NY in 97. Wife, 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats & 20ft cargo trailer.. Best years & best truck of my life.

  7. Dirtymax

    Pretty clean and has a gun rack, if it had a third pedal I’d be bidding

  8. Alan (Michigan) Member

    I don’t understand why anyone would post so many photos which are way out of focus. “High Res” means nothing, is crispness is absent. Better if they were not part of the listing, silly to ad them.

    I’m doing a bit of drooling about this truck, but there are some issues. I can’t help feeling that the vinyl seat and dash were painted, not just the body. And there are some supports underneath which obviously used to have bolts and washers, based on rusty witness marks, but now don’t. Before plunking down real money on any vehicle with this age, I’d just have to have “eyes on it”.

  9. geomechs geomechs Member

    We sold a lot of 1-ton dualies between ’75 and ’84. I still see some of them around, still sporting the 454 engines. Nice truck. I don’t think you can really work one to death; you have to kill it with a stick—a BIG stick.

  10. Miguel

    This would be a great truck to haul a fifth wheel trailer.

  11. Nrg8

    Too much rust that is gonna pop out. Front A pillars are all blistered, usually ties into the drip rail. Soon as those running boards come off there gonna be lots of rust showing. In rockers. Tires are all miss matched and cupped. At 6k you’re at the limit. Too much gonna need adjusting to make it right and then you up side downy. Def need to inspect it motor looks painted. Might get there and it would be tired.

  12. Rube Goldberg Member

    This is a great example of this type of truck, if it’s used for what it’s intended for, pulling things. Trouble is, they are such nice trucks, people began using them as daily drivers, and drive them like they’re king of the road. More than once, these things come barreling up behind you,( empty) riding your bumper, as if to say, “out of my way, I’m bigger than you”. ( and don’t forget, in America, bigger is better) I had an ex-friend with a Dodge dually pickup that drove that way. Made me very uneasy. I’m sure you’ve all had that happen. I never used my semi’s size to intimidate someone. Still, a nice truck, for sure.

  13. jdjonesdr

    I had a Dodge dually for a few years at my business. Had to change those rear fender extensions more than once.

  14. tompepper

    Being from better check for bondo. and I believe registration is over $200. for that weight class…

  15. Wasup

    Is that 77 or 87 I thought square bodies came out in the 80`s ??

    • Seth J

      The squarebody style started in 1973 and ran through 1987, but 1 ton trucks, blazers and suburbans continued production until 1991. The only thing is is the ones from the 80s have a different grille/turn signals, so I understand your confusion.

      • Miguel

        I worked at a Chevrolet dealer when the new C/K’s came out. It was really nice to have the new square bodies on the lot.

        It is hard for me to see them in clapped out condition when I remember driving them new.

    • Henry Drake

      73-80 were the most square of them, then in 81, they tapered the front ends a bit, along the fenders and along the hood. Generally speaking, all sheet metal from 73-80 is interchangeable, and from 81-87. I believe there was a slight change in the mid 70s on the doors.

  16. 86 Vette Convertible

    First glance it looks good till memories and a couple of pictures are checked. That bottom of the drivers door being as rusted as it is, you wonder how much other rust is hiding in this one. My Dad has a 76 3/4 ton and quite frankly in the later years it was hard to tell where the rust ended and the remaining body started. Front fenders, cab and the box all had substantial rust in them. When he finally sold it, the guy that bought it only wanted the engine and scrapped the rest.
    Unless I could absolutely confirm there was no rust other than that one door I’d be very skeptical of this one and how much rust is waiting to be discovered.

    My 2 cents.

  17. Gay Car Nut

    Lovely looking truck. I’ve always loved Chevys and GMCs of 1973-80. I particularly like duallies. I would think that would make for a more steady ride and handling when either towing a trailer, or hauling a camper. The only thing I’d do is have a diesel engine installed. I’m thinking either a 6.5 litre Detroit Diesel Turbo, or a 6.6 litre Duramax Diesel.

  18. KKW

    Rust isn’t the only thing these square crates were notorious for, watch out for that “folding hood”, great design that was. No chevrolet fan here, but the 67-72 was twice the truck, and a helluva lot better looking.

  19. W9BAG

    I really like this truck. I LOVE this truck. Great color, and nicely optioned. But with the rust issues, and the aftermarket paint job, I think it may be problematic and expensive to bring up to snuff. And to take all of these great photos, and have the right front tire seriously under inflated, hmm… Nonetheless, if kept inside and not abused, it should look nice for a few more years.

  20. Alan (Michigan) Member

    Not sold, with the top bid hitting $6200

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