Can You Find A Better: 1966 Corvette

1966 Corvette

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This edition of CYFBO should be an interesting one! 1966 Corvettes aren’t particularly rare, but finding unrestored examples for reasonable money can be a bit challenging. This barn fresh example has some issues and the asking price seems a tad high to me at $38k, so let’s see if you guys can find a better one! Before you go on the hunt, take a closer look at this one here on eBay so you know what you need to beat, then report back here to post your finds. Oh and one request, I enjoy shifting through my own gears, so extra points to whoever can find a better one that is also manual! Good luck guys!

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  1. Gary

    Found a better one right at the bottom of the e-bay listing.

    Same year, engine, transmission, and a convertible to boot. The current bidding is just under the BIN for this one with 4 days left.

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    • Frankie

      Yep, this is a better buy.

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    • Alan (Michigan )

      But what is the reserve? Apparently no sale at the current 36K.
      Looking at the basic photos…. I have always thought that the bumped out hood was only put on the big block cars. Is that incorrect?

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      • Grunt0331

        The “bumped out hood” that you mention is not the big-block hood used on ’65/396s, ’66/427s (with chrome side grille inserts), or the ’67 427s and later years with various hoods….the hood on this car is a mid-year small-block hood. There were no ‘big-block’ Corvettes in ’63 or ’64.

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      • Alan (Michigan )

        “There were no ‘big-block’ Corvettes in ’63 or ’64.”

        I knew that of course. But this car is a ’66, which is why I wondered about the hood. I did not realize that something like that had ever been factory for a mouse motor.

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  2. forzaman

    No hit body(claimed),NOM and if the rest checks out,I say fair price for a C2.

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  3. Frankie

    Doubtful he paid $38,000 for his barn find.

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  4. DA

    There is no BIN on that car. Reserve hadn’t been met at $36000 and will go for much more.

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  5. Larry

    Found this one a minute ago.
    Larry in Orlando

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  6. Dean
    • David WilkMember

      This looks like a really nice car at a fair price.

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      • Alan (Michigan)

        Agreed. But the Powerglide kills it for me. :-(

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  7. Cody

    Not original engine, but it’s turn key and looks clean enough. $37500.

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    • Alan (Michigan)

      Yep, a decently clean car, but I’m not a big fan of the modified body.

      With the fiberglass mods, I’d wonder that else had been altered?

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      • Cody

        Agreed. I was trying to keep at the same price point, which apparently is tough. I found this one but its 50K, which compared to the other ones I found is probably a good deal. I wouldn’t know though because I never shop for vettes because I can’t afford one, yet.

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  8. Scott

    If it still had the original 427 maybe, replaced with a small block 327, it’s a stretch at best considering you’ll have to drop another 30 to 40 g’s to make it presentable at auction or the private market that puts it at $70,000 to $80,000 the money’s just not there.

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  9. Peter R

    A friend of mine has an immaculate ’65 convertible with a 365 HP engine and it also comes with the matching numbers original engine which needs a rebuild. The car is naturally a 4 speed and has had vintage air added. And it is absolutely immaculate – no dust anywhere. He turned down $58K and is asking $65K or near offer. Frankly, I think he has more in it. Comparing his car to those shown here, my only comment is you get what you pay for – especially in the 63-67 Vettes. If I had the spare cash, I’d buy his knowing it virtually needs nothing. He even rebuilt the hardtop although it has never been used.

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  10. DA

    Josh obviously found the better deal. Guys need to know the facts. Despite not being “rare” these Vettes are highly collectible if original and bring big money. Rare and collectible are two different things.

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  11. Alan Brase

    The green 300hp coupe in DesMoines (2 hours from me) looks very nice and correct. If you were gonna drive it much, put radials on it! But a very nice car. I had a similar one for a few years in the 1970’s. Very nice nimble GT car compared to a 60’s-70’s 911 Porsche at a fraction of the cost.
    The 300hp motor is very quiet and torquey. The 350hp motor is much more thrilling. And of course the big blocks are stupid fast. Literally knock the air out of you.
    Nice cars, but shop carefully. Get it up on a hoist with a good expert. Many are patched together junkers.

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  12. Grunt0331

    Hello Alan (Michigan)

    What I was trying to explain is that the hood on the car as shown in the head-on front view is the more “standard design” hood for the small block mid-years…as far as the mid-year big-block hoods go, there are only 2 distinct hoods…1) the “raised bubble w/chrome grille inserts” used in the ’65 396 cars, and the ’66 427 cars; and 2) the “aggressive scoop” used on the ’67 427 cars.

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  13. Scott

    Gentleman, just agree to disagree and let’s move on.

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  14. Grunt0331

    THANKS, Scott…’s great to have a forum like this….not only for the great finds that we get to explore thru Barn Finds, but also for the ability to communicate with other car guys.

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  15. P. Flynn

    I owned a pristine numbers matching late 65 in the same colors and the hood for my 327/350HP was identical. Cleaned up, these are absolutely one of the best color combinations ever, (the metallic beige with the chamois color interior was the only one I thought looked better) and the cars are quite quick, stop on a dime, and handle like a slot car. Driving top down was practically windless. Mine was sadly stolen in 1987 with only 56K miles and I was paid 40K then. It’s missing some expensive components (that can be seen) and needs a thorough inspection.

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