Canadian Cousin: 1956 GMC 9300 Pickup

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Looking at the pictures there should be no disputing this cool truck is an actual barn find with lots of character. Although some vehicles are purchased for collect-ability and pampered since new, I really doubt this was the case here. The worn and faded look gives it a certain amount of credibility as an actual work truck which spent its years performing farming duties before retiring to the barn. Located in Sweet Grass Montana and listed for auction here on eBay, it has only one opening bid of only $1000! At the time of writing, there are 5 days left for this no reserve action. Thanks to reader Ikey H for this tip!

The seller has provided multiple high-resolution pictures and has taken extra effort to pull the truck out to better show it. The snowy field provides a picturesque backdrop, making my imagination think is still performing winter farming chores. The seller seems to be up-front with the condition and has done his best to fully disclose all the rust areas that he is aware of. The aftermarket supports these trucks well, and patch panels are available for the floors, cab corners, fender bottoms, and headlight brows. The most troublesome area looks to be above the windshield, glass requires removal and channel area may have to be replaced. The seller mentions door misalignment and this looks like it resulted in some minor panel damage. As well there are dents and scrapes down the sides.

The truck is complete and although not running looks like it could fire right up not being seized and having a 12-volt negative ground system. It would be a good project to get the truck running just to evaluate the overall mechanical condition. As the seller states the Canadian version has the more common Chevrolet engine.

There is absolutely no material left on the seat cushion. Perhaps years of barn storage and subsequent rodent damage may have forced removal of the remaining cushion. The interior of these trucks were built with utility in mind, but other than the upholstery it is complete and looks good looking out through the windshield.

This truck is unique in that some of the trim was designed specifically for the Canadian market. However, with some exceptions, Canadian versions of any of the big three automotive manufacturers haven’t seemed to be able to command a premium. For this reason, I can’t say it will be worth more than a similar 1956 Chevrolet ½ ton. It would be tempting to safely fix this truck up to driver status but retaining as much as the present look as possible. In modern traffic, some commuter drivers show a complete lack of respect to collector vehicles just trying to preserve safe following distances. Seeing this beast in the mirror, the average SUV or commuter vehicle driver should have no trouble not giving the well-deserved respect this truck has earned.

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  1. geomechs geomechsMember

    Nice truck! And with the price it looks like someone will get it and still have something left over for fixing it up. The ‘farm look’ passes right onto the signal lights on top of the cab. A lot of trucks had signals there for some reason. I guess it beats sticking your arm out the window. I wonder how many people can understand hand signals these days? Drive quality restoration would be the order of the day for me. I’d keep it stock and have a good time with it. A person could have a lot of fun…

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    • HoA Howard AMember

      That is a bit unusual, lights on the cab but not at the back. With that stout rear bumper, I bet this truck pulled a wagon, or something. I agree, nice truck, right price ( for once) and you want patina, leave the seat as is,,,

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      • geomechs geomechsMember

        Good call! On the P-word…

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  2. Bob S

    I don’t know if GM used the 261 Pontiac engine in the truck, but in any case, it will have the 3.90 rear end, and therefore not a high speed cruiser. I have a 55 Chev Cameo, and the original engine was the 235 6 banger. It was not a truck equipped to do 65 on the highways even back then. I wished I had an overdrive. It had enough power, just the wrong gearing for light duty, high speed highway driving.
    This is a nice truck for the money, and I hope it finds a good home.
    I keep looking for one with the Pontiac engine and the hydramatic tranny.


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  3. the one

    I dig old trucks.

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  4. Gaspumpchas

    Geomechs hit it on the head. Great price and cool Jimmy . get it running and stopping, and run it around as is, would be a hit at any cruise or show. This is what pickumup trucks were built for, hard work and keep coming back for more! Hopefully the 235 has insert bearings. Easy to rebuild, even if you did it in the chassis. Good luck to the new owner, great dad and son Project!!


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