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Canadian Survivor! 1948 Ford F-68 Pickup

Most of you are probably familiar with the Ford F-Series pickups, but have you ever heard of an F-68? Like their Mercury cousins, the F-68 moniker was a way to differentiate trucks being sold outside the U.S. and is equal to the F-3. This particular truck is said to be a Canadian survivor and can be found here on eBay with an asking price of $3,850. Now located in Pembina, North Dakota, the seller states they will ship in the U.S. for $0.85 per mile, which isn’t too bad. Check out this cool truck and see if it might be your next project!

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information in the ad regarding the details of the truck. The seller does state it has been upgraded to 12-volts and features a new battery. You can tell from the photos, the powerplant is a Flathead V8. It isn’t clear if this is the original engine, but it probably is. The ad does say it runs when gas is fed directly into the carburetor.

Like the rest of the truck, the interior seems to be mainly original. Perhaps the bench seat has a new cover, but overall, it looks decent. The driver’s window is missing but other than that, it seems fairly complete.

Personally, I have always preferred a regular bed instead of a flatbed/stake-bed combo. There is something endearing about the flatbed look though. This truck looks like it just came off the farm and would be a great truck for business advertising or as yard art. Hopefully, the truck will get a new lease on life and will get a second chance to be enjoyed for years to come. Let us know what you think about this truck. Do you like the stake-bed or would you find a proper step side bed for it?



  1. Avatar photo geomechs Member

    I like this truck but would rather have a full pickup bed. Flatbeds on tonners don’t appeal to me all that much. Not too fussy about the 12V conversion. Some say they have to do that to fix hard hot starting issues. Personally, if your starter is in good shape and your battery and cables are correct, you shouldn’t have any trouble starting one of these beasts hot on 6V.

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    • Avatar photo Howard A Member

      Let’s see, Pembina, Nordakota got to be near Sweetgrass, where all the classic trucks are,,,or so it seems. I like these Fords too, I guess I could live with the flatbed, but a regular box can’t be that hard to find. IDK about that 12 volt conversion, looks like the old 6 volt generator to me. I never had much problem with 6 volts either, except with bad valves and hot motor, and the Packard, to start it, you had to floor the gas pedal, making things worse. This is a bit odd, a Ford, but Mercury model numbers, I bet that was fun at the Ford/Mercury dealer.

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      • Avatar photo geomechs Member

        Actually, Howard, it’s a fair hike from Sweetgrass; it’s almost in Minnesota, and it’s on the border with Canada right where I-29 begins. It’s got more than double the population of Sweetgrass. Maybe a bunch of Canadians came down for the long weekend and forgot to go home. But it’s still in North Dakota, the land where men are men, and sheep are nervous; the place where seagulls fly upside down because there’s nothing worth dumping on. Hey, they tell the same jokes about Montana…

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      • Avatar photo Rod

        This is a dealer selling the truck, they always have a dozen or so old trucks for sale, hauls them down from Canada to get USD instead of the every so falling CDN dollar

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  2. Avatar photo KSwheatfarmer

    I took the easy way out on my 12-volt conversion on my 50 F-1. One toggle switch for the ignition and a starter button to engage the solenoid. Yes no charging system,lights or gauges. No problems so far with the total loss system,a good battery will get me around the section,sneak into town once a year for the car show,home before dark.Always have the cell phone along in case the wife has to come to the rescue.

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  3. Avatar photo austin alfa

    Its got a lot going for it-including the beer kegs already in the back

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  4. Avatar photo Steve

    Love it nice find

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  5. Avatar photo Rod

    Definately nothing rare about it I just sold my F-68, mine had the original towing wrecker on the back, the F68 stands for 6800 gvw

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  6. Avatar photo xrotaryguy

    I thought a survivor was a vehicle that was at least in running, driving condition. Or maybe this passes as a survivor due to it’s age?

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