Can’t Touch This: 1967 Mercury Cougar Yard Find

Looks like this 1967 Mercury Cougar has been derelict for quite a while. Apparently some work has been started, but it looks like whomever was working on it has paid too much attention to the “Can’t Touch This” windshield banner and hasn’t done anything in a while. It’s located in Franklinville, New York and is offered for sale here on eBay, where the starting bid for the clear-titled car is $2,500 with no reserve.

It’s pretty apparent from this view that there are a few items missing, or at least removed. And that black cavern in the front goes back a good way, doesn’t it. While the hood doesn’t look too bad (if the awful yellow and black paint weren’t there) there is a spare hood included as well as a pair of spare doors.

I don’t see a whole lot of rust, though it’s apparent this paint would have to be stripped off rather than painted over due to the flaking on the trunk. At least the bumper’s present on this end (the front bumper is included also, it’s just off the car).

And here we have…a mess. A good mess, but nonetheless a mess. It’s impossible to tell from this picture whether all the components are there or not, but it’s a good bet they aren’t. Hopefully someone has a really rusty parts Cougar that needs a shell; perhaps this one would work, although more examination is necessary. Of course, if you are interested in a restomod, the lack of interior may not faze you at all.

This picture might, but then again maybe not. I’m happy to see a manual transmission in there, and the solid shock towers don’t hurt either. I am sure of one thing–I’d be returning this car to the factory Turquoise color!

The seller tells us absolutely nothing about this 289 V8. If it’s the original one, according to the VIN it should have a four barrel carburetor rather than a two, even though this is a plain hardtop rather than the XR-7 model. So do you agree with me that this is a project worth taking on for a Cougar fan?


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  1. steve m

    I would love a 4 gear cougar, very cool in my opinion, I just dont have room for another project now. This would be very cool restomod with a modern engine, brakes, and suspension….maybe an ecoboost???????????.

  2. Squanto

    “Don’t Touch This”

  3. James Scott

    2500 for that buahahahhahahahahahah

  4. Ron

    What are the odds, two Barn Find post 1,000 of miles apart now, but at some point in the past they visited the same paint shop on the same day and got the same Bumblebee special.

  5. fordfan

    New york was not a title state in 1967 , titles started in the mid 70s

  6. JW

    Why start disassembling a car if your never going to do anything with it, it doesn’t help sell the car. My son has done this and I just can’t get it through his head it’s not a good selling point unless you like giving a car away. I know life can get in the way but you have to consider your future plans before taking on a project.

  7. 8banger Dave Member

    No word if that’s a top-loader stuck in there or not. That would certainly help…

  8. M/K

    The eco boost must be a fordophiles cry against a sbc

  9. James

    If that is a top loader the entire 4spd set up is worth about $1,000 and the 4spd console is worth another $400. Taillights being another $250 for the Eleanor crowd. All kind of parts on that car worth $. Too bad the seller couldn’t be bothered to take a powerwasher to it.


      I have been selling Cougar parts for the past 35 years, you are correct that there is some value to the parts. But there are a lot of ifs here. First there is the condition of the parts, just how good are they? There is no way of knowing from the photos and description so an in person inspection would be required. Is it a 4 speed? Or just a 3 speed? Big difference in value there. I doubt that the console is original to this car as it is for a car with A/C, plus it looks like it is for an automatic transmission. The top pad for a manual transmission console is where the value is, just that pad will bring $400-600 condition depending. There is no top pad shown for the console in this car, it might be in there but without looking there is no way of knowing. If you know of someone willing to pay $250 for a pair of 67-8 Cougar taillights please send them my way. I have an over flowing shelf full of them and I have never been able to get that much. The Shelby (real or clone) paople do not care about the chrome Cougar bezels as they are not used on them. They can purchase brand new repro lenses which are much better for their use as an original Cougar lens will have marks from the bezels. Sometimes the marks will clean up and go away, but not always. This car still has some value, I am just not sure without a lot more information if it is worth the asking price.

      • Keith

        Cathouse you’re spot on. My buddy and I are currently working on 4 pre-1970 Cougars right now, and he has a shop full of parts. We’ve never had much luck selling the tail lights, either. IF this is a 4 speed car there’s some cash value there….3 speed….no. I can’t imagine someone dropping $2500 on this one but….you never know

  10. Mark

    That looks to be a 6.5 litre badge on the front drivers fender. That is the 390. Too bad the vin is an A code 289!


      You are correct, that is a 6.5 Litre emblem on the left fender. That is a 1967 only emblem, the 1968 emblem is different. So at some point in time that fender must have been replaced.

    • Billy Braasch

      Shoot! I need those 6.5 badges for my ’67 S-Code!

  11. Rustytech Member

    The NY location would be enough to scare me. If your interested look very carefully! It would be a bummer to have money and title change hands then have the car split in two then you tried to pull it up on the trailer or rollback.

  12. Gary

    I think you missed those two holes in the shock towers that aren’t supposed to be there.

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