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Cargo Container Find: 1947 DeSoto Deluxe

This DeSoto spent 45 years in a box. It looks really nice in the pictures in the craigslist ad except for the wheels, of course. Otherwise, it looks very original. It was driven for about 35 years before being stored, so it was likely restored or at least repainted before being put away. There is no way to tell if the 19,000 miles showing is accurate. It’s a numbers matching car, so it’s not a restomod, it just has those “interesting wheels”. The first few years after the war, cars were mostly warmed over versions of the prewar cars. After the war, the DeSoto’s headlights reappeared (The 1942 model had hidden headlights) and the front fenders extended back into the front doors.

The interior looks really nice and very original.  It looks really comfortable and ready for a long road trip.

The back seat looks pretty nice as well. This brings back memories of some long car rides. All we had for entertainment back then was parents telling us to be quiet, quit fighting and behave.

Those suicide doors add a touch of class. This old car really looks amazing. Some of you may like the looks of those wheels on this DeSoto, but it’s an easy swap for those of us who don’t. Some would rather it have a couple fewer doors and some will think the price is too high. Some of us like the extra doors and know how much it would take to turn a cheaper car into a car this nice. For me, this is a beautiful car at a reasonable price. I would swap the wheels for the stock wheels and caps, add air conditioning, and enjoy. This looks like a great survivor and wonderful driver.


  1. Scot

    ~ That is pretty incredible !

  2. Craig MacDonald

    Who posts an ad like that with no under hood shots??

  3. Dovi65

    Beautiful car, but those wheels gotta go. Put the correct wheel/tire package back on with the stock wheel covers

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    • JohnT

      I agree, But I would not let the odd “interesting wheels” stop me from driving the car. Maybe the buyer can work out a deal with Big Mike (see below), then sell the mag wheels or put them on another car.

  4. Scot Douglas

    I agree with everything written so far. :)

  5. Big Mike

    I actually have a set of rims and caps that came off a 48 Desoto that I bought at a swap meet some years back. I also bought a set of wide white wall bias ply tires that were still wrapped in the brown paper wrap from years gone by.
    Wonder which shed they are in? Might have to go look for them, and list them for sell!!!!!!

    • Rebecca Savage

      Mike, have you decided to sell the 4 rims. If so how much? Thank you! Rebecca Savage

  6. Fred W.

    This looks for all the world like a well maintained, completely unrestored car. Black paint tells all. Not sure what they were thinking with the wheels, if they were not going to restomod.

  7. 86 Vette Convertible

    Boy that brings back some memories for me. My one set of Grandparents had one close if not the same year. Kind of a medium green color. I thought those rear doors were the neatest thing since sliced bread. Grandpa actually let me help him move the car once. I was only 8-10 at the time and though I’d driven tractors, Grandpa didn’t just turn anyone loose with his car so he was in there with me (I got to move it about 20 feet or so). I couldn’t believe you could put it into gear like a normal manual transmission and it didn’t move till you hit the accelerator.

    I agree to put original wheels, tires and hubcaps on it and parade the heck out of it. That’s one I really like.

  8. Ben T. Spanner

    I am very old, but not very mature. The first car I remember was my Father’s 1948 Desoto convertible. He got it in 1949, whne I was 4, and traded it in 1951. He was afraid of possible car shortages due to the Korean War and bought a new 1951 Dodge Wayfarer convertible off the showroom floor. This was the samllest Dodge It came with no back seat. We went to a junk yard and bought a bus seat that fit. It was then home upholstered in semi matching oil cloth.

    We went on many road trips. The Desoto was huge. The Dodge was small and had no side windows except in the door. (Early Wayfarers had side curtains instead of roll up windows.) I had to stick my head forward to see out while my Father smoked his Lord Baltimore cigars.

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  9. jw454

    I really like the car… the wheels, not so much.

  10. Nano

    Having this in mind, the price tag of $7600 doesn’t look to be a great deal……

  11. Mark

    Keep the goose rims, 5000.00


    Love the wheels on the car.
    what engine is the question

  13. Wiley Robinson

    Maybe the tires were all dry rotted and they figured this would be a good way to dispose of those ugly wheels without getting charged a fee for tires at the local dump.

  14. Barry Klotz

    WOW !!! This is Amazing. Since I learned to drive on my brother’s car just like this one. It was a Flathead 6 with the first fluid drive semi automatic. Built like a tank. Loved it. Thanks Barry.

  15. Doug

    One major downside is the “Fluid Drive.” My dad was researching fuel,economy
    prior to purchasing a Plymouth Suburban wagon in 1953, and bought the 3 on a tree instead, because it got over double the fuel economy of the “Fluid Drive”.
    We sold the Plymouth about 1975….. Still ran well – those old flathead sixes ran well if properly cared for.

  16. Dogfather

    Just like Mr C. drove on Happy Days

  17. CJ

    Wheels have to go! Love the dashboards in these cars, so elaborate and cool! Doubt th 19K miles are accurate when you look at the wear on the steering wheel, however the car is in great shape…. Nice ride!

  18. Martin Horrocks

    Ref price guides. In a case like this, there´s also the factor of “Find another”. Not a unique piece but hard to find, especially with an interior like this one. Maybe how far away you live is a big factor on a car in this price range.

    The asking price is not massive, car looks good and is worth considering whether you pay asking price or 30% less.

    You´d know which from viewing the car and meeting the seller.

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