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This 1972 Ford Torino here on eBay had led a quiet life for the past few years, as the seller bought it as a project out of North Carolina and let it sit in his carport ever since. Now, with rust creeping in and no ground gained, the seller is realizing it’s time to cut it loose in hopes that it’s not too late for a resurrection. 


The 351 Cleveland was running when it was brought to Tennessee but four years have passed since it was last fired up. What a shame – especially if the sub-60,000 original mile claim is true. I’ve never quite understood the habit of buying cars to then let them collect dust, or in this case, dirt and snow while sitting under a carport. My projects usually have plans associated with them, and wasting away outside unused has never been part of the grand vision.


The low mileage claim could be validated by this extremely mint interior. A shame, then, that you can see the cobwebs creeping in and who knows what other rodents. Thankfully, it’s not exposed to the sun which can be deadly for vinyl surfaces and dash tops. Unfortunately, the rear quarters and the roof are suffering from corrosion, the latter due to trapped moisture.


It’s a good thing that this Torino was parked on concrete, as I can only imagine how much worse the deterioration might have been otherwise. Rust doesn’t sleep, which is why it rarely makes much sense to buy a project car and then let it sit outside – sell it on so someone else can save it and keep the body preserved. Then again, if I had the real estate, who knows what I might drag home and park for a “someday” project. Do any of you have cars that you simply haven’t gotten to in a few years?

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  1. Blindmarc

    A running driving dark green one went for 6k at mecum in Kissimmee.

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    • Jay Calk

      This isn’t a Cleveland it is a Windsor. Sadly, the isn’t worth much more than scrap value. The rust is taking it….

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  2. Gary I

    I have the same problem with a 1965 Cutlass I have had since I was 18. Needs everything from floor and trunk pans, interior and body work, you name it. I can buy one restored for less than mine would cost to do without figuring my time into things. I stare at it but not much more has happened for over 15 yrs. I just can’t talk myself into a loosing venture, even with the sentimental value.

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    • Moparman MoparmannMember

      Last year, I sold a 73 340 Dodge Challenger that I had sworn I would ‘never’ sell.I’d rescued this car, got it back to running and driving condition, bought a TON of parts for the eventual restoration. I stopped driving it due to a severe transmission leak (running when parked, LOL!) I simply came to accept the fact that since 10+ years had passed, I needed to do something, as “time is not ony my side.” Like you, sentimental value had kept me hanging on to it. I had a sucessful (first) sale on Ebay, and the new owner is currently in work on restoration. Do I miss it?, yes, but I realize that someone who cares is now ACTIVELY workling on it. Now, I’ve got to clear out my garage attic of all the OEM parts/spares/etc. that I won’t be needing as I downsize. You won’t regret letting it go, as much as you will hurt when it finally becomes to be considered only as JUNK! :-)

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  3. RON

    Know the situation well. It’s called time catches in age. It is sad. This one isn’t far from me this time but sadly I am in the same shape. This one would be a good one to get. I haven’t had a lot of interest in 60’s-70’s cars until recently mainly because I owned most of these cars new in my prime. now they are antiques like me. This is a car a bit different from most GT’s it has the base hubcaps but most other nice options. I lived in a small sothern town many years and sometimes people ordered cars like this and then often the dealer would order cars like this for stock just to keep cost down for frugal people. I dealt with a dealer for years as a fleet Buyer and he always had cars like this and black tires. Some country people wanted them that way or didn’t want to pay 50 bucks extra for whites and 75 for full wheel covers. I see big block cars in the upper echelon series on here fairly often and readers comment they never came from the factory like that. In those times most dealers especially small town dealers placed their own orders and ordered color and series, doors equipment as they wanted from standard appts.The mfg’s controlled to an extent what they got and how many based on size and sales. I ordered many of my cars new and they usually were always 4-8 weeks. I ordered a new GT like this in 74 in a beautiful dark metallic brown with contrasting vinyl top that was offered on the T-Bird only. Those were great days, I had a great relationship with the Co-Owner and salesmanager who was a car nut like me. . Got to buy lots of Back Lot 10-15 year old corvairs and Early Impalas and hard run Novas and Camaros that would have wound up in the junk yards. No days or cars like that anymore.

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  4. Jason Houston

    This marked the Official Beginning of the End for innovative Ford styling.

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  5. Pookie Jamie P

    Love the design of this car…. That front end…. OMG…. Ford hit the nail on the head with this one…. My dad had a 72 Ranchero with the same front end. I cried when he sold it, but that was years ago.

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    • Rando

      I accidentally hit “report” instead of reply. SORRY – hope it doesn’t cause any problems.

      My mom’s first new car I remember was a 72 Torino. Before that, she had a 67 Impala – don;t know it’s history. It was green and had wheel covers. Not SS or anything. Maybe a 327. I can remember both of them. Especially the Torino just because I was old enough to remember it and was becoming a car guy already at 5. THe Torino was plain, no trim or vinyl. Did have 351 – can’t remember if it was Windsor or Cleveland, but want to say it was a Cleveland with 2 bbl. Sky blue, wheel covers, plain blue bench seat like this one except plainer. I stood in the back floor on the hump and looked out the front most of the time. I got to ride in front seat too. And when we went on LONG trips, I had to wear a seat belt. And I survived despite no car seat, etc. lol

      Mom clipped something and bent the rear bumper out. And hit a mud slide and damaged the pan under front bumper. Only dmamge I ever remember. Traded for a new 78 Granada with 302. That was the first car I drove in 81 or so. It was okay.

      I would love to find an old torino someday.

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  6. Danno

    The Dude would approve.
    Wasn’t this Ford’s last body-on-frame automobile?

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    • Blyndgesser

      Nope. The Panther platform cars (Crown Vic et al) were b.o.f and survived almost forty years past this car.

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  7. Mike D

    my initial thought when I saw this is big block, HD Suspension, duals… and then I went to the ad… it is in sorry shape , may have been nice a few years ago when the seller bought it , but it isn’t now. I noted the cars in the background, but apparently he isn’t selling those would look classy… too bad ..

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  8. Rocco

    I have one right now that needs sold. I just survived cancer, and haven’t got the energy to complete the little details (bumper, etc.). I drove it Wed. but just don’t have the drive to finish. My son and I started on a Mustang just before cancer treatment started, so I’ll be finishing that one first when it gets a little warmer. Just too many to deal with. “65 Mustang, ’94 Cobra Mustang, ’95 BIW Mustang Race Car(finished), ’96 Lightning Bronco 2WD(95% finished).
    So you see, I now fall into the unfinished projects catagory.
    It’s hell to get old, and your brain says you can still do it.

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    • JCW

      Hey I to am a survivor and for a while felt the same. I am 2 yr. out and just Startin to get the urge so done give up I don’t go as fast or as lo g but at least I’m going. You will to.

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      • Rocco

        Thanks. I’m very positive about everything.

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    • Jim

      Rocco please don’t throw in the towel on all the cars, I understand where you’re at, I’m disabled with spinal cord injury, degenerative nerve disease and a few others less appealing. I still have my drag car and hot rod. Maybe thin out the herd but a car guy needs a car to play with. I move considerably slower than before but dam do I feel good on days when I can get dirty, it makes up for the crap days when you’re not so good. If you ever feel like screaming or talking let me know, email me and I’ll give you my number, I’m in NYC.
      Make the Grim Reaper pry the wrench from your hand, piss him off.

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      • Wayne S.K.

        Rocco, JCW, Jim, Godspeed to all of you! I used to have my own shop and cars were my EVERYTHING. Once in awhile for the occasional customer, but mostly for me. I wasn’t a dolphin, er… I mean “flipper.” I just bought them, restored them, and drove them until something more interesting came along. When THAT was finished, I’d sell the previous and drive the latest. It sucks to be ill guys. My legs just won’t work any more, but I sure miss the egg frying sound of the welder, the whine of a d/a, the clatter of an air board and the smell of lacquer primer and acrylic enamel. Hang in there Dudes. No one and I mean NO one can steal your memories… ;)

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  9. Nessy

    These metal storage sheds this guy has? They are great to have but gee, why on earth would he only close off the upper half of the sides? If he only continued the walls to the ground, his cars would be in much better shape. I put up a few of these metal storage sheds in my yard, spent the extra 150 bucks for the full side walls and closed off the front and back walls with treated plywood. The cars I put in the sheds are as clean and dry as when I stored them a few years back. What a dumb idea only closing off half the sides of a shed.

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  10. jeff

    Did anyone else notice the 69-70 Javelin and 71 Roadrunner in the background ?? HE obviously has several projects and good thing he only waitied 4 years to pass this on to someone else to …. rejuvinate

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  11. Brian

    Bought a Cobra kit 20 some years ago that I had every intention of assembling. Time, money, lack of space and the companies bankruptcy have all conspired to keep me from getting very far on it. It will need to go at some point. But….. it has never sat outside.

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  12. George

    I prefer the other cars he has under cover. He also has his own car graveyard in the woods.

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    I have a funny story about one of these my buddy owned back in the day. He was fixing it up while driving it daily as it had the worm bad in 1979. Ugly brown on brown vinyl top car.
    We went to a girls Christmas party and she had this heavy spiked punchbowl juice concoction. Being young we took full advantage of free alcohol at any chance we got.

    I pertook in to much of the libations and ate all the food like pizza, chips, cookies etc.
    There were four of us dudes in the car and we were all feeling our oats when we left the party.
    It was cold, really cold so we waited for my buddy to warm the car up while we said our goodbyes and collected phone numbers from the foxy ladies (girls) at the bash.

    When I hit the seat of the Torino we tore out of there in a hurry. It was really hot and I was really drunk. Did you ever see the scene in the movie Stand by me?
    I proceeded to unload my Christmas party consumption on my buddies just like the scene from the movie blasting them with no mercy. It was a lot and don’t know where all of that came from out of a 150lb teenager!

    Anyway we cleaned the hell out of the car 6 times, vacuumed, shampooed, steam cleaned, air freshened etc. and couldnt get rid of the odor. We finally pulled the carped and cleaned everything and still couldn’t get rid of the puke.

    He ended up trading the car for a 77 Cutlass S. Thanks for the memories

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    • Wayne S.K.

      Thank you so very MUCH Steve, for painting that mental picture! I wasn’t really looking forward to having lunch today anyhow. After all, all they are planning on serving in the community room this afternoon is a seafood buffet. (a thousand plagues upon you) ;)

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  14. alabee

    Drove about 1500 miles in one of these as a Hertz station wagon back in the days and was just amazed at watching the hood vibrate, it looked totally independent from the rest of the car. We got back to my 64 Fury wagon and were so pleased to get home and out of the Torino.

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  15. Tom Driscoll

    Being a 2 door, it’s a perfect candidate for GTS clone, need the scooped hood and misc int/ext trim pieces, then you’ll get some real money.Prices are climbing on these…my ’72 bid up to 28k this year on ebay (reserve was set at 30k)…glad I kept it

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  16. Tom Driscoll


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  17. RON

    Hang in there Jim. Great attitude. I still have the components to build a dual carbed champion six cyl inder wheel chair when I get to the nursing home. Just having problem finding one where I can store my tools and doesn’t have a noise level regulation !!!!

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    That’s a nice car Tom

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