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Caught In The Middle: 1968 Dodge Charger


I feel for the seller of this Charger, it was their very first car as a teenager. They are going through a divorce and have been court ordered to sell it. Reader John W crossed paths with them at a gas station and thought he’d help the seller out by sharing it with us. I’ll let John tell you more about it below, but if you are interested in giving this Mopar a good home, you can email the seller Alfred here and is located in Pearisburg, Virginia. Just be sure to act fast, as he has until tomorrow to find a good home for it, otherwise it goes to auction.


From John W – This may not be a barn find, but I crossed paths with the owner of this ’68 Charger at a gas station in Pearisburg, Virginia and does this poor car have a dramafest going on!  It’s the owner’s first car that he bought as a teenager and he wants it to go to a good home since he can’t keep it.


Not wanting to tie up a fueling bay on a busy weekday, I didn’t ask to see the engine, but the owners says at some point in the past four decades he pulled the original 383 and put a 340 in it which he claims is just runs just as strong.  It’s a console-shifted automatic.


He has until tomorrow to sell it or it will go to auction immediately!


Up close, the car is no cream puff, but still a good place to start and a very worthy Mopar to own.


I know we don’t have a lot to go off of here, but this could be a great buy. I really do feel for Alfred, but hopefully we can find a good home for it! Big thanks to John for sharing this find with us! So what do you think of this Mopar? Is it something you’d enjoy having in your garage?

Be sure to let us know about any amazing finds you spot alongside the road, in a barn or even at the gas station!


  1. RoughDiamond Member

    I hope somebody steps up to the plate on this one.

  2. Bobsmyuncle

    43 and never married. Having seen so many of my older colleagues living in basement apartments and taking second jobs after divorce I decided I like being single more than jail.

    A shame this wasn’t posted earlier, perhaps a ‘go fund me’ could have been started.

    Wish I could buy this guy’s car for him.

    • G.P. Member

      I am 57 years young and I was married once for 11 months. It wasn’t to bad, went by pretty fast.

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  3. nessy

    I am sure there are two sides to this story, however, it would be nice if his true friends, all pitch in and buy the car, then give it back to the poor guy. Lessens here? Don’t put items that are special to you in either your name of your old lady’s name. The car would have been spared. If his wife really cheated, if he caught her on film, this would have been a different story, at least in my state. I suspect they both screwed up.. Guys, be men, don’t give in to your wife if she is a trouble maker. Catch her in the act. My best friend’s wife wanted out and half HIS MONEY after only 4 years. He hired someone to watch and film her. She cheated and a female judge let him keep the house and the cars. The wife got only what she brought into the marriage which was only a few thousand in items.

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    • jmacc

      If they give it back to him, the judge will just make him sell it again. It’s just another asset.

    • Dovi65

      A very unfortunate situation. Hopefully the car gets back to him somehow.

      A pre-marital/ante-nuptial agreement would go a long way to sorting out whom gets to keep what property. It’s less expensive than hiring private investigators

      • roselandpete

        I’ve often wondered how guys work the pre-nup into the deal. What do they do? Get on bended knee and show her the ring and say, “But first.”

  4. Brian Staff

    What a heart breaking story. I am in Virginia, but I’m in no place to take on another car. Hopefully he can get this Charger sold ASAP!

  5. Luki

    Read the court order. Alfred is getting a check from the insurance company for $46,755.00.He has money coming to him.

    He can simply have a friend buy the car at auction then buy it back from his friend.

    He is merely publicly humiliating his soon to be ex wife with this public display of silliness.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      Not necessarily.

      Divorce settlement differs greatly from state to state (province to province) so that has to be kept in mind.

      Where I am, whether her name is on the title or not means nothing, who is guilty matters not, and all assets must be split.

      Also, unless he HAS the cash to buy the car NOW, at an agreed value how much he has coming means nothing (again from my local perspective).

      My guess is that there is a disagreement on the value of the car.

      • nessy

        Bobsmyuncle, what was yours long before marriage stays with you. If the value of the item climbed while you were married, you may have to split the difference but you do not lose the item. I do not know of any state where all assets must be split including what you owned long before you were married. My best friends wife of only 4 years cheated and was caught on film. She wanted half of his house which he owned 10 years before he met the skunk. In the end, a “Female Judge” gave him his house back, free and clear. She left with very little. The woman does not always win if you have your stuff in order just in case and maybe it’s a good idea to put things under another person’s name, like a best friend you can count on. A cheating woman is only going to win if you let her. It’s the truth.

      • Bobsmyuncle

        You need to reread my words, the rules are not the same everywhere. And while that logic is SUPPOSED to be true in my locale, I have a friend that had to buy the cottage willed to him by his father when he was a boy.

    • skloon

      Is it dated 2015 as well ?

  6. Pete

    Women……oh well

    • DrinkinGasoline

      Has nothing to do with women but everything to do with what is right and what is wrong. If she did in fact love him to enter marriage and he the same with her, then this situation would not be occurring. Part ways with the same love that joined.

      • Bobsmyuncle


      • Jay Bree

        Not if she was cheating as he claims.

        If that’s the case, gloves are off …

  7. Luki

    He could simply have put for sale signs on the car if his intended purpose was to sell the car.

    Since there is obviously a disagreement over the value of the car it would more than likely need to go to an auction or have an agreed upon appraisal anyway.

    He is making a public statement to embarass his ex with all of the other written material and trying to make people feel sorry for him.

    Poor guy. Wha wha wha.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      Yea, ok….like For Sale signs are going to garner results within a specific time period….a reality check is prudent here.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      Says the guy that has clearly never been through a bad divorce.

  8. DA

    The witch has no moral character based on the simple fact she is forcing him to part with something that was never hers to begin with. It doesn’t matter how many sides to the story there is its still wrong. He s obviously de-valuing the car. I would sell it for $1 just out of principle and give her the 100%. First glance I don’t see anything in the court order indicating any monetary value guaranteed.

  9. DrinkinGasoline

    If I were His Father….I would buy the car outright. Wait 90 days and sell it to Him. Done. Been there, done it. My youngest son went through this very same thing and yes, she DID cheat on him (caught red handed, or red “whatever” at a motel). Her lawyer, at her request, sighted his ’67 Mustang convertible as marital property because he purchased it while they were married and it was ordered that it be sold. Ok, whatever…the next day, I purchased it with a cashier’s check for it’s appraised value less 20% for quick sale. My son still drives the ’67 to this day, much to his Ex’s dismay. I would have done the same if he had cheated on her….it was his car, not hers ! But in the name of injustice, she still drives the car that he purchased for her, paid for free and clear at the time of purchase ! I still encourage him to drive by his ex-wife’s house in the convertible and beep the horn now and then. These kind of stories make me sick. A marriage is between a man and a woman and their love for one another….not for what they own or do not own. Did I get my money back…You betcha ! It was worth every penny !
    Rant terminated.

    • DA

      Love it!

    • Woodie Man

      Guys, depending on the state you live in, “community property” and “separate”property have distinct legal definitions. It sounds to me from reading the court order that in some fashion the court considered the car a “community asset”…..meaning when you divide the community assets if it is something that has value and belongs to the “community” it gets sold and the proceeds split between the parties. Maybe the seller in writing gave his wife half the car…as a gift …who knows. In any event there was a reason that the court ordered it sold and I can’t think of a reason other than it was community property, transmuted by gift or otherwise.

  10. Dave Wright

    I saw a 1/2 million dollar aircraft change hands during recess in a divorce court hearing. Just to prevent this kind of problem.

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  11. James Goldie

    with all the paint written all over the car I think it is brilliant. Willing to buy the car when I get the price and will ship it to the uk.. ( England )

  12. Blindmarc

    I bought a Harley for a grand like that. Did complete rebuild and made 3k. It was a dyno’d 97 hp heritage soft tail. First Harley I did wheelies on.

  13. Darren

    Sell it to a buddy for 50.00$ and then buy it back after divorce is final.

  14. HotRodRandy

    I called the lawyers number in the picture, They have no information about the sale of the vehicle. I emailed the owner but never heard back from him. I smell a scam brewing…..

    • DrinkinGasoline

      I just did the same, not that I want a Charger. The law firm in Union,WVA receptionist stated that they have no direct information about it and could take my name and number to have my call returned.

  15. scatpack

    Lawyer is NOT allowed to publicly talk about case.

  16. Murray Member

    You know why divorce is so expensive???? Because it is worth it. Just a bit of humor for such a sucky situation.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      I can appreciate the humor but I can’t relate. I met my wife when i was 14 and her at the same age. By the time we were 16, we were expecting our daughter. After a lot of arguments with my parents, my father finally agreed to sign my military enlistment agreement.
      I needed a job, plain and simple. Long story short, we are soul mates with three wonderful children, seven grandchildren and now, a great grandchild. Marriage, just like our love of our hobby is, in fact a labor of love, with commitments and sacrifices. Yep….it’s a sucky situation. I feel for those who have to endure divorce regardless of the circumstances and i truly hope that i will never share their disparity.

    • grant

      My divorce lawyer told me that the first time I met her! I pass it along to everyone.

  17. Jay M

    Way too many questions with this sale!
    1) Line #9 says that he has 6 months to sell the “Dodge”, for the $10,000 agreed upon value.
    2) We assume this is the “Dodge” although any court would have included a model and VIN #
    3) The document is dated August 20, 2015….not 2016.

    Bottom line is that there is a reason(s) why this car has not been sold, so if you are interested, some extra due diligence is in order.
    If he was truly interested in selling it, he would have cleaned it up to get top dollar, not vandalized the outside of it.
    Personally, I think he has no intention of selling it and is stalling/preventing the sale for the agreed upon value.

  18. Mike

    My theory is buy it and after the divorce is final let the guy buy ithe back if he wishes.

  19. Jay M

    -So, why hasn’t one of his friends/family done this for him?
    -Alternatively, the court document indicates a sizable amount of money coming to him that he could use as collateral to get the 10K cash for the car.
    This is why I suspect there is more to the story…

  20. Mike

    Dated August of last year. He would sell for 50 bucks otherwise just a scam to get money up

  21. Car Guy

    Honestly the best investment is a Happy wife, as my Dad told me before i got married.
    ” A Happy wife is a Happy life” this poor guy obviously didn’t have that advice before he got married.

    And a good pre nup doesn’t hurt either!

    • roselandpete

      I like the prenup idea. You never know how a marriage is going to turn out.

  22. Junior Johnston

    I bought a friend of mines 69 Z, 63 Split window Vette, and 55 Chevy COE ramp truck for $1,000.00 the day he filed for divorce, waited a year after the divorce, and sold them back to him for the same $1,000.00.

    • Jay M

      Junior Johnston,
      You sir, are a good friend indeed.

      • jmacc

        It’s also criminal almost everywhere.

      • Junior Johnston

        jmacc It is not illegal to sell someone your property, and it is not illegal to sell them their property any state. If that was the case we’d all have to crush or junk cars and trucks when we don’t want/need them anymore.
        We talked to 5 different divorce lawyers, and the lawyer my wife works for before we did it, and ALL of them said it was 100% legal for him to do, but it would not be if he did it after he filed for his divorce.

      • Bobsmyuncle

        Junior, it is certainly illegal here once divorce is filed. For obvious reasons.

        I’d be awfully surprised if family law in all the western world didn’t have some version of this law.

      • Junior Johnston

        Bobsmyuncle, that’s why we did it before he filed for divorce, which made it 100% legal. All the lawyers said it was legal before he filed, but not after he filed.

      • Jim

        If I was in the USA I would by it with an agreement to sell back when he gets back on his feet. This sort of stuff happens to often and makes my blood boil.

  23. David Wilk Member

    The date on that supposed “court order” is August 20, *2015*.
    Also, Clause 8 says the car must be sold within 30 days or it will be auctioned immediately, but then Clause 9 says that if the car has not been sold within six months, petitioner will owe respondent $10,000. Those two clauses seem to be contradictory. And calling the car “The Dodge” does not seem to be the way a legal document would read.
    I agree with Jay M that this situation seems to require some further investigation.

  24. Wildfire

    I would have not gone public as judges do NOT like being publicly questioned about their Orders, think Judge Judy, she was a family court judge and my wife’s first husband filed fer divorce on her and she hired a VERY good lawyer who told her to cross file and he tried to drop the divorce and fired his lawyer, as he discovered : it was cheaper to keep her in the end he dragged the Divorce out for three years and had to pay out $2800 a month in spouse support and LIFETIME Child support for his special needs daughter !! so he had to pay $3400.00 a month and even tried to tell her he had a midlife crisis and wanted her Back ~by the time they had been living apart for a year I was in her life and she already told him NO WAY and because she cross filed he had to pay her 1/2 of his 401K and she got the house and car ~he did not even show up for court because he quit his job to keep her from getting the child support ~ but he put a sign up in the front yard and the judge put him in jail for contempt ~until he agreed to issue a public apology and post another sign saying as much ~~sometimes forgetting to say ‘I Think…” before any public statement means not covered by freedom of speech

  25. JeffPS

    I went through a divorce. In the end the only winners are the lawyers ! They get everyone’s money . As for the Dodge I would have paid BarnFinds their fee and sold it ! Then bought Classic Chevy ! Sorry not a huge Dodge fan !

  26. Jason

    Wow its a nice car. If i drove it back to TN would it make it.

    • John Wilburn

      I don’t know why not. The owner was driving it. It looked plenty roadworthy to me.

  27. johnny williams

    Why dont he just sell it to a friend for a dollar then buy it back for 2 dollars. Wish i had his number i would do it for him

  28. Jeffro

    I sold a lot of my toys to pay for my divorce. My ex wife takes great pride in my misery. My new “project” is making a voodoo doll that looks a lot like her.

    • rockribbedrushy

      Her name wouldn’t be Christine, would it?

  29. Bret

    Divorce is ugly. (Aside from the fact that this thing seems totally shady) I had two airplanes. A beautiful, classic radial engined Cessna 195, which I was lucky to sell in a down market to a buyer in Australia. My ex produced ads of other non-comparable aircraft listed for much higher trying to prove I was cheating her. I also had a homebuilt aerobatic biplane I was building from scratch. It was fairly far along, but missing all the expensive bits – engine, prop, flying wires – projects don’t usually get very much $. I hoped I could get 3 grand out of it, figure 1,500 was probable. She produced ads for flyable, completed aircraft in the range of $30-40,000. At this point the judge had had it with her, and said to her, you sell it. Get as much as you can, and split it. So many months later I go to the mailbox and there is an envelope from her. First thing I notice is the thing is covered in stamps. I recognized them as collectable historic aviation stamps I bought years earlier. Inside was a check for $1.50, my half of the proceeds of her sale. A real FU to me.

  30. Prowler

    Life is grand
    Divorce is a hundred grand

  31. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    If nothing else, the comments here have made my appreciate both my late first wife and my current one that much more!

  32. Leaf36

    Sheesh! These tales are killing me. Sounds like y’all were scraping the bottom of the barrell with these women.

    • roselandpete

      Like I said before, you never know. Marriage is a crap shoot.

  33. Bobsmyuncle

    Does the date mean a scam, or more likely the submission is not quite factual.

    Perhaps the submitter John W didn’t actually come across this at all or maybe it wasn’t recently, and he just thought we’d get a kick out of it. (He was right if that’s the case).

    • John Wilburn

      I assure you that I happened upon this car and its owner just a day ago. I was working driving from Narrows east on the old road when the instantly recognizable taillights of a 68 Charger and a for sale sign in the back window prompted me to stop. Rolling into the lot, I saw all the stuff written on the car in shoe polish and I had to find out more. The owner seemed to convey that this was a current happening, but I don’t know. May a prospective buyer do his own diligence.

      • Bobsmyuncle

        … leaves another possibility, he’s nutso.

  34. angliagt

    If anyone knows the REAL story on this,
    please inform the rest of us.
    I’m very fortunate to have the same Wife
    for 38 years,& counting.
    We have seven cars,a Triumph Bonneville,
    & a car trailer.I had 13 cars around here at one time,
    mostly English Fords.
    I just heard about a 1970 Volvo 142,that I can
    pick up cheap,& she said “OK”.I’ll probably sell it,as
    I don’t need to start collecting Volvos.

  35. Tracy Carver

    Emailed seller and he sent the ‘wifes’ attorney information and they have set the price of the car at 20k. If it smells like fish it ain’t caviar.

    • John Wilburn

      It’s a decent enough old Charger, but it doesn’t merit $20,000 today. It needs a restoration and looks like it’s been a reaaonably cared-for, driver all its life. I should have asked how many miles was on it.

  36. Keith K..

    No opinion on what this car is worth or the voracity of his divorce claim but some are worried or upset about him “defacing” this car. Those white letters are scrub off markers that kids write “Go team” on your van or wagon. Been there , done that. Notice the area at the top of the windshield that has already worn off with the wipers. Personally I’m in. Drive it like you stole it !

  37. Joe Howell

    Marry a woman with more to lo$e than you and keep your vehicles in your name.

  38. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Speaking of nasty divorce, I see a lady driving around now and then in a nice Caddy. Her vanity plate reads HIS 57. Not nice.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      There was a woman driving a Porsche around here with the plate WAS HIS.

      Surprised the car wasn’t vandalized on a regular basis.

  39. Jay E.

    Your guys just need to marry a better class of woman. My wife would happily go buy a car like this and give it to me.

  40. VR LIVES

    Who’s idea was marriage anyway, you know that it wasn’t a man. I don’t think any one of us walked down that aisle thinking it would end in disaster. But Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned. I sold my vehicle so she could go to school, and she waited until it was sold and emptied all our bank accounts. Loan for the wedding lasted longer than the marriage. God pulled the “shifter” off all the bad ones. I bid you all Adieu.

  41. Eric Dashman

    This ‘story’ has produced a great deal of male angst. As someone who has been through an unpleasant divorce, I can empathize with some of the men’s comments above. However, I would suggest a modicum of perspective. It takes 2 to tango and we all believe that we were the victims. A number of years ago I read of a poll whereby 60% of men admitted to cheating on their wives and 40% of women admitted to cheating on their husbands. Relationships can fail for all sorts of reasons and cheating is more often a symptom rather than a cause.

    Finally, there are a number of women readers of Barn Finds and I note that none have commented. I suspect their perspective might be somewhat different regarding victimization.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      I argue the dissemination of wealth is incongruent regardless of the whos or whys.

      How many times have you heard that the guy got the house, or the woman only gets to see the kids every other weekend?

      Divorce court or family court is absolutely prejudiced against men. At least here in Ontario Canada.

      • nessy

        That is what alot of men would think Bobsmyuncle. I thought it too until my good friend who is a male, got to keep his house that he owned before he married a cheating witch and the best part of all? The Judge was a woman! His wife was caught on film. This Woman Judge had it with women thinking they could get away with anything and still expect half. Well, as I said, the low rent wife walked away with very little. My friend worked all day so the lazy fatty could stay home and have a boyfriend come over. Man, 100%, wife, 0. This is a very interesting topic. I still think it’s always a good idea to keep at least some things to yourself, such as special lifelong possessions. It may be better to rent a garage space for your special car in another town and title the car under a close friend. Not a thing she could do about it. This story is 100% true.

    • Leaf36

      Well hey, I’m an old woman and commented. Been married for 33 yrs and would do all in my power not to divorce. If I WAS slighted by my husband, I would hope I would take the high road and not take his toys.

    • Leaf36

      …an “accident” before court filings might not be out of the realm of possibilities though. ;)

  42. Joe Haska

    Just read all the comments, WOW! divorce really strikes a cord with car guys! Maybe our biggest fear is loosing our baby to divorce. I have had my 34 Ford Coupe 53 years, and have been married 49 years. I guess you could argue, I love the car more than my wife, I know she thinks so sometimes.

  43. Jeff Staff

    Frankly, I don’t think my wife would want any of my cars if we got divorced.

    • Dave Wright

      They usually don’t……they just don’t want you to have them any more and they want the cash.

      • Bobsmyuncle

        Beat me to it LOL!

  44. OA5599

    Perhaps this guy’s on to something….

    He found a way to get more attention than a legit, dusty Barn Find.

    That’s a muscle car with white shoe polish on it that says “Court Ordered Sale” flanked by a fender sign that reads, “For Sale Due to Cheating wife.”

  45. Howard A Member

    Wait, let me get in on this. This REALLY hits a nerve with a lot of people. Shows where we’re at, socially. It seems divorce and losing classic cars ( or any prized possession) go hand in hand. It’s the 1st to go. I lost my ’49 Diamond T pickup, and H-D. BUT, to be fair, and others have pointed this out, it’s a 2 way deal, and I had to decide what was worse, and I chose the wife was worse than keeping my projects. There is little compromise in divorce, SOMEONE’S gonna lose, and unfortunately, the guy usually seems to lose out. ( from a guy’s perspective, of course) Proof positive, we were warned about marriage, but did we listen? I didn’t.

  46. roselandpete

    I listened. During my life I’ve had more than one person tell me to not get married–that it wasn’t worth it. I have yet to have one person tell me that marriage was great and that I should do it. In a skit on the Benny Hill show, Jackie Wright played a game-show contestant and BH was the game-show host. BH asked JW “What is the definition of a bachelor?” JW replied “A man who hasn’t thought about marriage.” BH replied “WRONG. A bachelor is a man who HAS thought about marriage.”

  47. some1whoknows

    Wow! People are so quick to judge when they only get 1 side of the story! Any1 ever stop to think this guy wasn’t gonna be winning any “husband of the year” awards?? By the way… he lied about the auction. It’s sitting in his driveway as we speak. Drive by there every day.

    • Dave Wright

      I don’t think that justifies him being forced to sell a car he has owned since he was a teenager…….long before the marriage. This kind of stuff usually has more to do with spite than justice.

      • some1whoknows

        The car was NOT in this condition “since he was a teenager” in fact it was in pieces when they got married. The wife helped fix it up… so yeah I think it justifies it….

      • some1whoknows

        Plus no one on here knows what the wife may have lost in the divorce…. I’m sure there were things near and dear to her heart that she lost as well. No one (except the lawyers) wins in a divorce. This guy is looking for pitty and people to feel sorry for him.

  48. Drew

    I would rather torch it or have it stolen rather than sell it & bullied by the govt into giving the money to that cheating slut.

  49. Drew

    My friend’s dad gave him a house when he got married. My friend never got around to transferring the title from his father’s name as it was gonna cost $15,000. So 12 years later when he got divorced she tried to claim the house but the judge threw the case out because the house was not legally my friends. It still belonged to his father. She went histerical screeching “but it’s my house, he told me the house was ours. It was a wedding gift.”The father got up & testified that it was never given to his son, only for them to live in rent-free.

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