Chains Not Included: 1949 Dodge Power Wagon

This petite, posh, cushioned commuter is a 1949 Dodge Power Wagon. Actually, this one is anything but petite, posh, or cushioned; this is one heavy-haulin’ tough truck. It’s listed on eBay, and you had better take a seat before you look at the price – over $21,000 and the reserve isn’t met! Are you ok? It’s located in Augusta, Georgia.

Those chains hanging over the front bumper give this truck the perfect tougher-than-thou look, but unfortunately, they aren’t included with the sale. The 10,000-pound winch was standard on these trucks. This is a first-series military-style flat-fender style Power Wagon, first offered to the public in 1946. Their main competitors were the Ford/Marmon-Herrington and GMC trucks.

Although having an enclosed cab was somewhat luxurious, these weren’t heavily-styled pickups, as you can see. It really has some fantastic ghost lettering on it from a former life. I hope that the next owner doesn’t restore it, more than keeping the mechanicals in order. The next owner will have to sort out the fuel storage and/or delivery issue. As you can see, there is a “freshly boiled tank” in the bed that can be changed out for the one that’s in there that must not be usable anymore. It’s a bummer to see a hole cut in the bed to feed a gas line from a plastic tank, but the seller says that the “bed currently has metal over the wooden floors that can be taken out but the wood probably needs to be replaced.”

The floor scares me a bit, but above that things look pretty decent. Maybe a good wire brushing and some POR-15 would do the trick to keep any rust under control. These early PWs had a 4-speed with a 2-speed transfer case. Don’t look for highway speeds with this truck.

This 230 cubic-inch flathead-six “runs nice” according to the seller and it should have had around 95 hp. These engines were reliable, easy to fix, and they lasted for years. This one falls under the category of I-would-have-no-use-for-it-but-I-still-want-it. Have any of you owned a Power Wagon from this era?


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  1. Dave Wright

    That’s a real Power Wagon……have owned many. Were built until 1968 mostly unchanged

  2. Woodie Man

    Always wanted one……just couldn’t rationalize owning it as I have no real need for it. But super cool.

  3. glen

    This is so amazingly beautiful! The last to posts have been awesome,love those trucks.

  4. Rob

    Thought you did a cut, copy and paste from the Webster’s dictionary when you looked up the word TRUCK!!

  5. Don

    There is a shop that is into power wagons that can make them Street able with modern engines and transmission and rear ends and suspicious

    • Loco Mikado

      But then they are not POWER WAGONS, just wannabees.

  6. Lee

    If you ever owned one you would never want another -What they call 4wd is actually 2wd as the axles are not locking I had a wrecker that only looked tough

  7. geomechs geomechs Member

    I’d love to have one. And yes, it would be like the dog chasing the car; he wouldn’t know what to do with it when he caught it but it would still be a lot of fun. Actually if something like this came my way, I would put it to work. Always something that needed to be hauled.

  8. JW

    These trucks would make for a good horror car movie but a more desirable drivetrain would be in order.

  9. ed p

    If you are looking for a no frills truck, this is it.

  10. Oil Slick

    That’s a Bad old Dog right there

  11. Dave Wright

    The last one I bought came from the Voice Of America antenna site near Delano California. It was a mid 60’s truck that had a utility bed and had a man lift attached at one time. It was ordered and received new by the facility, it came with all the maintenance logs since the day it was received. It had been repainted at sometime but was really like a new truck. Had a front winch and a marine type capstan on the front. I think it had 30,000 miles. Sold it to a retired LA Sherrifs Deputy as I remember. He was very excited to get it, was going to keep and restore it.

  12. angliagt

    Looking at the bidding,this will probably be used
    to drive to Starbucks for a latte.
    Give us our old cool cheap trucks back,please.

  13. Wayne

    Gotta love the rats nest wiring under the bonnet. Pity they couldn’t afford black zip ties for the steering column.

  14. Howard A Member

    Good thing those chains aren’t included. Those and the mombo winch ( and cable) probably weigh over 500lbs alone. Like all the other “cult fueled prices” ( Lancruiser, Willys, etc) this, to me, is pure siliiness. A quick check on Hemmings, shows, the price isn’t that out of line and some restored ones bring $100g’s. Same old thing, I hope someone that buys this knows what it’s like to drive one. It’s not your Ram 1500, for sure. They made a billion of these. I can’t for the life of me, see the $100K dollar attraction here.( much less$20g’s for one like this).

  15. Fred W.

    Hmmmm, I found two similar Power Wagons right here on BF, here is one
    Either was a coat of wax away from looking about like this one. Bidding on both was around $4-$5K at time of BF post.

  16. Steven

    The one that actor Tom Selleck owned was sold at Barrett-Jackson in Scottsdale last year..

  17. David Hunt

    Have one for sale and they are tough. Still no sale
    David Hunt

    • Howard A Member

      Hi David, it never ceases to amaze me, put the bulletproof mechanicals ( for the most part) in a different package, like yours, and not near the zing. Quite frankly, your truck is much more “user friendly” than the older ones. Again, not sure how much you want to mess with your truck, but I feel, removal of the tow setup will increase chances of a sale. It becomes a cool pickup, and not an outdated tow truck.( can’t tow much today with a “sling lift”.)

  18. Doug Towsley

    I think this Truck is a work of art, I also agree that the prices are out of control but it is what it is, But while i never drove THIS exact model I have operated a lot of similar type equipment, And I would keep ALL the original parts but I admit I would happily set the body on a modern roller. (I SAID I would keep the original stuff,, dont get your panties in a twist!) But something this cool needs to be out on the road and enjoyed, would pull a crowd ANYWHERE. You could rent it out to let kids play on it (With proof of tentanus shots) Do school photos, Redneck weddings, etc, We have the Estacada Timber festival and what a chick magnet this would be. (Those girls dont miss many rodeos)
    Cool find!

    • Loco Mikado

      Doug, do they still hold the oval track mud races like in the ’70’s? The four cylinder jeeps always seemed to win the races

      • Doug Towsley

        Loco, To answer your question I dont think ANY stock car racing in last several decades, We used to be further south but near Estacada for 15 years.
        I know some of the people who were active in the lawn mower racing, but I think that fizzled out locally. The Timber festival ceased to exist for a while and a effort to bring it back. Theres been some concerts at Timber park as well, and some Harley biker events, but truth is I avoid many of these events now days as I have a problem with crowds and temper, PTSD. But I live up on the ridge overlooking Clackamas River, 10 min from town. I used to handle explosives and did some of the 4th of July shows in the area, and the summer festival is still going strong. The Timber fest is back and running though, But I suspect not like the old days, of Booze & Fighting.

        This truck featured sold for $22,000 and change, Good & Bad depending on viewpoints. My wife looked and said… “Of course, Its sexy as hell!” Gotta love a country girl.

  19. Doug Towsley
  20. Ram Rod

    Yes that is a descent power wagon. You got at least two fools with more money than brains bidding on that one. I’ve seen them in that condition 4 to 7 grand. Heck there was a premo 46 at a collector lot here that looked better than new for 22gs. Trailor queen she was.

  21. Ram Rod

    I’m looking at a 59 power wagon right now. Not as tough as the fat fenders but a rare and unique truck. Its in about the same condition as this one. Runs and drives. The kicker is that it has an original 331hemi and a 4spd in it. He wants 6gs for it.

  22. Todd Barrett

    I can’t believe the asking price is so high.

  23. Joe Howell

    Love old heavy duty trucks but that chain is overkill, The one hanging off the front of my Deuce and a Half wasn’t that heavy.

  24. Steven

    Watch what you buying , take this power wagon here needing full on restoration and by that time one of these who are bidding for it ties up money? They wont be able to recover their money back.. The one Tom Selleck owned sold cheap at Barrett-Jackson!

  25. Jeff

    Restored 48

  26. Jeff

    Restored 52

  27. Scotty Staff

    Auction update: this truck was bid up to $22,101 but it was a no-sale!

    Like 1
  28. Loco Mikado

    It was relisted and owner pulled it at over $6,000.00 below it’s last listing. Something is rotten in Denmark!!!!!

  29. DM DeLuka

    My boss had a ’42 Civilian PW he would sold to me for 1/100th of this needing a generator. Yes not 1/10th but what I said, & not an alternator. 230 flat head, 4 sp, 6 volt. Sold the spare engine & tranny for it last year. Great truck to own!

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