Diesel Dually: 1993 Dodge Ram W250 4×4

Dodge partnered with at least two different engine manufacturers for pickup buyers who wanted diesel engines in their trucks beginning in the late-1970s: Mitsubishi and Cummins. We don’t hear much about the Mitsubishi-powered trucks anymore but Cummins and Dodge… more»

Barn Find: 1966 International Scout 800 Sportop

As one of the most interesting models of the Scout series, this Sportop example looks like a great project and the seller calls it an actual barn find. This is a 1966 International Scout 800 Sportop, they have it… more»

Incredible Survivor: 1977 Chevrolet K5 Blazer 4×4

At the time they were made, this 1977 Chevrolet K5 Blazer Cheyenne 4×4 was reportedly the smallest SUV that they offered. It’s hard to grasp that today with so many tiny SUVs swarming around on the roads. The seller… more»

20K-Mile One-Owner 1991 Ford F-150 XLT 4×4

Incredible survivor doesn’t begin to describe the condition of this beautiful 20,400-mile, one-owner 1991 Ford F-150 XLT Lariat 4×4 pickup, but it’s a good start. My newer vehicles barely look this nice and to see one this old in… more»

Solid Original: 1974 International Scout II

International Harvester began producing its off-road Scout vehicles in 1961, and while the original intent was chiefly as a competitor for the Jeep, many now view it as a forerunner to the more modern SUV.  The Scout II was… more»

1964 International Scout 80 Barn Find

Yesterday I had the privilege of taking a ’72 Scout out on a test drive. It was a memorable experience and I was even tempted to buy that rusty old rig. It was a beater but was so full… more»

Loaded Rust-Free 1989 Nissan Hardbody SE 4×4

The Nissan D21, known as the Hardbody here in the US, was quite an upgrade from the previous Nissan pickups which were more pragmatic work trucks. This 1989 Nissan Hardbody SE Kingcab 4×4 5-speed pickup is loaded and rust-free… more»

Weathered Driver! 1971 GMC Jimmy K5

General Motors’ entry into the short-wheelbase multi-purpose vehicle market aimed to draw buyers away from vehicles like the Scout, Jeep, and Bronco. One year after Chevy’s Blazer hit the market in 1969, GMC, “the truck people,” brought the Jimmy…. more»

Rare 1981 Toyota SR5 Winnebago Trekker 4×4

A Toyota Winnebago what who? This 1981 Toyota SR5 Winnebago Trekker, more commonly known as a Toyota Trekker, may look like just a regular Toyota pickup with a color-matched topper or “cap” on the back. You’d be partially right… more»

Crazy Camper! 1976 Chevrolet Chalet

Upon first glance, it really looks like this is some kind of home-built camper, but in actuality, it was a short-lived offering based on the Chevrolet Blazer.  The story goes that the Chevy Blazer Chalet and its counterpart, the… more»

Stored Ten Years: 1985 Toyota FJ60 Land Cruiser

The J-Series Toyotas are known the world over for being rugged to the point of almost being overbuilt. When members of militia groups use your vehicles, they have to be tough. The seller has this tough, four-speed manual-equipped 1985… more»

Rare AWD Turbo: 1985 Audi Ur-Quattro

Iconic is one of those terms like patina, it tends to be overused at times but it really applies with this iconic 1985 Audi Ur-Quattro. Gaining legendary status on the rally circuit, these all-wheel-drive cars were quite a sight… more»

Jump Seat Survivor: 1981 Subaru BRAT 4×4

Subaru really needs to bring back a small car-based pickup again, they really have to. If you haven’t noticed, there have been some recent sales of their former Baja four-door car-based pickup lately that have been pretty dramatic. The… more»

Nicest One Left? 1988 Subaru GL-10 Turbo Wagon

I could have left the question mark off of the title, this 1988 Subaru GL-10 Turbo wagon has to be the nicest one left. If there’s a nicer one, let us know. The seller has this jewel box listed… more»

7K Miles! 1997 Ford F-250 XLT 5-Speed Diesel 4×4

There are time capsules and there are time capsules – if that makes any sense. That term is bandied about a lot when it comes to vintage vehicles and for the record, a 1997 Ford F-250 XLT 4×4 diesel… more»

Stored 40 Years! 1961 International C120 Travelette

From military duty to the South Dakota Department State Forestry department in the fire suppression department, this 1961 International C120 Travelette is one rugged and cool truck. The seller has it listed here on eBay in Cookeville, Tennessee and… more»