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Champ In The Barn: 1962 Studebaker Truck

Studebaker built some great look trucks over the years, ranging from the flowing design of their late 1930’s Coupe Express to the brawny looks of this 1962 Champ. This dusty light duty truck has been parked in this barn for a number of years, but the owner is moving and it has to go. It looks like the seller has lot of other vehicles parked in this barn as well, including a 1948 Studebaker Champion that is also for sale on eBay. You can find this Champ here on eBay in Windsor, California with a current bid of $1,025 and no reserve!

Studebaker offered several engine options in the Champ, including a 170 cui OHV inline 6, a 259 cui V8 or a 289 cui V8. The seller doesn’t state which engine it has, but it’s clearly a V8. It appears that they have attempted to start it, but without much success. It’s said to turn over though, so getting it running could be as simple as a fluid change and a tuneup. Can any of you tell which V8 this is from the seller’s photos?

The interior looks to be just as dusty as the outside. It’s going to definitely need some work, but a good cleaning might be all it needs to make it comfortable enough to drive. I’m a bit curious to know what’s going on with the wires hanging out from under the dash and what is and isn’t currently working. These are quite basic vehicles though, so it shouldn’t be difficult to get any issues sorted out.

This really is a sweet little truck and could make for a great project. While Fords and Chevys are more desirable, there’s something to be said for going off the beaten path. Chances are, you’d have the only Studebaker truck at most car shows and just think of all the attention it would get in a sea of GMCs and Fords!


  1. newfieldscarnut

    Fresh gas , fresh battery and get the points to spark and it should run if mice haven’t inhabited the exhaust system … assuming it ran when it was parked .

  2. BronzeGiant

    Appears to be parked next to another one, tan in color.

  3. Howard A Member

    This is just an incredible find. There’s one down the road from me, and the owner cherishes it with his life. ( in other words, it’s not for sale, I asked). V8 size is inconsistent, on a Stude forum, one member said, all Studebaker trucks from ’59 on had the 289. Others say the 259 was standard, and a 289 could be ordered. I found, if the engine # ( stamped on the block by the oil filler tube) starts with a “V”, it’s a 259, if it starts with a “P”, it’s a 289. That box look familiar? It’s from a Dodge. Also, I don’t see it, but Champs could be ordered with an industry 1st, a sliding rear window, almost standard on trucks today. Super find, probably the rarest find here in a long time, they just didn’t sell that many, by ’62, it was pretty obvious to most, what was next for Studebaker. It only sold about 7,300 Champs in 1962, and to see one not rusted away is amazing. Automatic would seal the deal for me. I predict this thing goes for a lot by the end of the day. I’d love to have it.

    • Davey

      A lot of the late 50s and early 69s Stude trucks had Ford boxes on them as well.

      • Davey

        I meant early 60s. 8^)

    • Wayne Castor Member

      The “P” and “V” prefix’s on the engine serial number are for passenger cars only. When they were installed in trucks, they would have a prefix such as “3E” or similar.

  4. Ben T. Spanner

    The bed is from Dodge, but it is factory. My 1978 Toyota pickup was imported as a cab and chassis due to the chicken tax. The bed was made by Long Beach Metal Products and quickly rusted. I like the idea of a Dodge bed better. You could locate a tailgate with the Fargo logo and really confuse people.

    This truck would actually be useful, drivable on the freeway, and would hold its value.

  5. Bob

    You can get Studebaker trucks to move along quite quickly!

  6. Kevin W

    Studebaker bought that bed from Dodge after the 1960 model year. It was a horrible mismatch.

  7. Wrong Way

    I have been looking for one of these for years, just my luck now that I am to old to redo one, one shows up that I would buy in a heartbeat! I am pretty sure that it is equipped with the smaller V-8 !

  8. Wayne

    Uncle Smitty bought one new. (He never bought anything new! As he always had about 20 Hudsons stashed here and there and had home.) He loved his champ. His also came with posi-trac/limited slip. (Not sure what Studebaker called it. (twin-grip???)
    It was Black with the rear slider window with 3 in the tree.
    I have always loved the style of the cab and front end. A step side bed from anybody would be an improvement.

    • Tony L

      The limited slip rear was call twin traction.

  9. juan

    The explanation was that Studebaker didn´t have the money to develop/make a new “fleetside” cargo box so bought the stamps (or the box made I don´t remember) From Dodge, I read that from Vintage Truck Magazine, here in Argentina they made it from Ford wich was more armonic with the cab, here´s a picture from mine Champ “baja”, they made them out of Lark chasis that´s why they have independent front suspension.

    • Davey

      What a great looking truck!!
      Love it. Well done Juan

      • juan

        Thank you! But the credit comes to the previous owner who put that way, it´s too slow for our roads so I do have to be too careful when I use it.

    • Wayne Castor Member

      Juan, could you contact me about your truck? I have some questions I would like to ask.

    • Loco Mikado

      The same 1953 car frame was used from 1953 to 1966 on Studebaker cars and into the 70’s in the Avanti. It was the frame the Champ pickups were built on and the cab uses the same parts as the Lark, they just cut the Lark body behind the B pillar and enclosed the rear. The saving grace to this Studebaker replacement parts are more plentiful and cheaper in comparison to cars and trucks of a similar age.

      • Wayne Castor Member

        The pick-up’s use a completely different frame than the cars, with a straight axle in front and leaf springs on all corners. They did use the Lark sheet metal as you said, but used a different floor pan than the car. They did make a number of Champ pick-up’s that were sent to Argentina that were built on the car frame and locally sourced beds. The frame is basically the same from 1949 2R series till 1962 with the 7E series. The steering was revamped for the 63-64 8E series.

    • BMW4RunninTundra

      Sharp looking truck!!! I would guess that it is upgradable in the “speed department”? Bet you get a LOT of looks!!!

      • juan

        Thank you! Always people when they see it smile, give me thumbs up and all kind of positive comments.

  10. Greg Member

    Really a fantastic find ! About ten years ago I saw one at a Meetup here in Sacramento, first time I saw one in person. It was a 50’s model, fully restored, and the guy was selling it for $8k. I thought he was crazy! But that was before classic trucks became trendy. Last year, one (another 50’s model) sold at one of the televised auctions, BJ I believe. Sold for like $45k. I was kicking myself for not buying the $8k one ! I agree, they look better before the boxes were supplied by Dodge. This is a wonderful find…. and there’s two of them!

  11. terry

    My step-grandfather Loved these Champs. He had 2 that he bought new in New London, CT. He drove them until he retired in the early 70’s.

  12. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    On the other side of this truck is a 1962 to 1964 Studebaker GT Hawk.

  13. Gay Car Nut

    Sweet looking truck. I can see it being an awesome candidate for restoration or even a restomod. I remember seeing a 1963 Champ in Port Orchard, Washington. The bed was removed and made into a flat bed. Call it wishful thinking, but if I could buy one, I’d remove the original engine and install a Duramax 2.8 litre diesel engine.

  14. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Winning bid:US $2,950.00
    [ 25 bids ] Well bought in my my opinion.

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