Charming Convertible: 1950 Chevrolet Deluxe

Finding a classic car can often bring different challenges when trying to find the right machine of your heart’s desire. A classic convertible is often a difficult machine to find in reasonable condition, but this 1950 Chevrolet Deluxe has been in storage since 1989. The current owner has been familiar with the machine since the 1960’s. Solid, and in running condition, this convertible needs minimal work to be a driver once again. The bid price is currently sitting at $13,500. Check out this neat looking convertible here on eBay out of Bath, Maine.

The 235 inline 6 is a runner which starts every time, according to the seller. Before the car was tucked away, the owner performed a valve job on the head, to which the engine now is a smooth and silent runner. It has been a long time since this Chevy was on road, but a lot of brake parts have been thrown at this car in the preparation of being a driver once again. The seller claims that the car simply needs to have the brake system bled to be roadworthy. I would imagine that there are a few other items that need checking over before being truly being ready for the open roads.

The interior is claimed to be original and certainly looks that way. There is some discoloration that has occurred over the years, but the interior seems to be in overall fair condition. I would dare to say this interior is in good enough shape to be used as is, if this Chevy was to be made into a driver again.

Although this Chevy has not been a regular road goer since 1979, thankfully this Chevy has suffered little in the way of rust. There is some primer to be found on the exterior, more specifically below the driver headlight, and around the passenger rear wheel arch. I would assume there is some level of surface rust present in those locations. The seller claims the car to be solid, and in fact, the only visible rot is a ping pong ball sized hole in the trunk floor. Obviously the paint is worn, but the car’s appearance is rather charming to someone who doesn’t mind the weathered original appearance. One drawback to this Chevy is the convertible top. It has long expired and needs to be replaced, if you are expecting to drive this convertible in inclement weather. A sharp machine no matter how you cut it, but what would you do with this Chevrolet? Would you enjoy this convertible as is, or would you restore this beauty to showroom new?


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  1. 79TA

    Just out of curiosity, new to these older cars, what is that to the left of the engine mounted to the firewall in the picture shown? Thanks.

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    • Chris

      Don’t take this as sound advice because i’m not the best source of info but i beleive it to be something to do with the A/C. There is something that looks similar in my 82 z28 that i know is part of the A/C unit

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    • Lance

      That 79TA ,is the hydraulic top pump reservoir. It was normally called a firewall pump but not all cars had them on the firewall. They generally used brake fluid as the hydraulic fluid which did wonders if the lines leaked or the cars were stored for long periods of time.

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      • Chris

        Or that

  2. dirtyharry

    In high school, I had a 62 nova and the top was gone, it had the bows. If it rained, I put up the bows and through a tarp over it. Somehow my kid brother and I used that car for 5 years off and on, no top. We also had a 60 Corvair coupe for the bad weather days, which had a really effective heater. Or the worst of all worlds, we could drive one of the old mans infamous shop trucks.

    Everything doesn’t need to be so perfect. Some of my favorite cars had Indian blankets for seat covers and missing paint. Clean, drive and enjoy.

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  3. local_sheriff

    Charming drop-top indeed. It’ll never be a racer with that I-6/PG combo, however bombs of this era were not really intended for rip’n’tear driving – more like cruising with dignity. A basic garage respray would help it present a lot better without costing a fortune

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  4. Jim in FL

    My wife learned to drive in a 52 sedan (in 1987). She has a special fondness for these, although hers had three on the tree. The price and location put it a bit out of my range, but I would love to pull this into the driveway for her. Me, I would put a top on it and make it roadworthy. I would leave the exterior cosmetics as is. Adds character.

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  5. Bob C.

    This is the first year for the Powerglide and the 235 six combo.If I can remember correctly, for the first three years that transmission did not shift automatically from low to high. You had to manually do it or it would start out in high in the D position.

  6. Bob McK Member

    I had one of these Maine convertibles back in 1970. Paid $50 for it. I knew nothing about getting it running and was poor, so when I lost my storage I towed it to the town dump. Now look what it is worth.

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  7. theGasHole

    Wow, don’t see a ‘vert one of these very often. I had a 52 Sport Sedan a few years back, the lines of these cars really grow on you.
    Maine is a pretty rusty area, hopefully this one has been stored well. Will be beautiful when done.

  8. geomechs geomechs Member

    Nice clean unit. Needs lots of work but it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. I would love to have a convertible to go alongside my 4-door but this one is already out of my range. I might add that I’m no big fan of those old cast iron Powerglides. Don’t get me wrong; they’re good transmissions but if you leave them for an extended period of time the fluid seeps out of the torque converter and floods back into the sump where the level rises above the breather and thus onto the floor. A 216 and 3 spd. manual would do me just fine. But then, there aren’t a lot of these out there…

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  9. Andrew Franks

    This is a brother of my first car I bought on my own, used. For $600.00 in the Midwest. It needed nothing because it was so well cared for by an old bachelor whose knees gave out so that he could not operate the clutch properly. It was black with a red interior. It was slow and wonderful. This one has PowerGlide I think, based on the rear view of the vehicle.If I had the room I’d buy it immediately. Sentimentality would close the sale.

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  10. Al

    Beautiful cars in its day. Would love to see this gently restored and driven. Put a top on myself for my first car, ‘54 Plymouth Belvedere. Not that tough a job. Grandfather had a sedan version of this and friends parents had one as their second car when I was in HS. Many rainy walks avoided thanks to the old Chevy. Almost talking myself into this ?

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  11. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Too high a price for me and a friend that drove an 7 year old one to high school….he’d like another but his age is getting up there.

  12. TimM

    50 convertible what’s not to like!! Must be the week for cool original cars!!!

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  13. James Turner

    My first car at 16 Y O was a 1952 Red Chevy convertible deluxe with the fender skirts and black top. I paid $275.00 for it back in 1962 and was in good condition. Wow, Just thinking what that old Chevy would be worth today.

  14. Del

    If the bidder honors his 14 grand bid then seller did well.

    I do not think this is worth 14 grand

  15. Mark M.

    Looks like the yellow convertible in roger rabbit

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