Cheap Porsche 356 Coupe?

front left

There should be an ad that goes like; “Have you got an old Porsche or even a Porsche shaped rust spot languishing in your garage, barn, chicken coup, shed or back 40? You can redeem it today for tens or even hundreds of thousands dollars!!! That’s right, call now!” Here’s an actual 356 that has more than a rust spot listed here on craigslist and rusting away in Grass Valley, an hour up the hill from Sacramento for a “modest” asking price of $20,000. It’s pretty original, down to the wheels, except for the engine (VW?), front bumper, etc.

right rear

The floors are rusted away, but from angles, it’s a pretty nice 50 foot car. It’s about what you’d expect to see of a car neglected and left sitting over 20 years.

inside front

The interior appears complete but in need of more than just cleaning. Perhaps someone lusting after a 356 of their own could take this on and complete it for less than purchasing a six figure running car. Or possibly, a flipper will buy it and try to sell it as it is. What do you think of this 356, given the current Porsche madness? It’s better than most, don’t you think?


  1. grant

    This will doubtlessly sell for stupid money

  2. redwagon

    wow. just like a terrible accident – i know i shouldn’t slow down and stare but i just cannot help myself. i am drawn to the condition and the asking price, each and every time. what a calamity.

  3. Cassidy

    Not enough rust, seller needs to park it upside down in a field for a few more years, but before that, he needs to pull the radio and put it in a safe, dry and fully protected spot inside the house.

  4. Mark S

    Just another PORUS 356, I’m in shock at how many of these $hit boxes are out there in this condition. I’ve called them a glorified VW beetle before, this one actually looks like it has a beetle engine. You know seeing these on here is starting to get a little old. Sadly most of the buyers of these crap cans don’t know one end of a wrench from the other.

  5. Geoff A

    Even if it had a Porsche engine it is still nothing but a hopped up VW. Really 20,000 for a rust bucket. You could buy a near mint Lotus Europa and run circles around this and look cooler too

  6. Francisco

    Hey, if you’ve got to have a 356, you do what you can to get one. Not everyone can understand this. I was once an addict, but I’m over it now – with help and intervention. Barn Finds, please stop tempting me. You are enablers.

  7. Keith

    No No No everyone!, I like this Porsche better because it has more patina! Anyway it’s a Porsche so PAY PAY PAY!!!! ……….LOL!

  8. Keith

    Or maybe this Porsche is better? It has character with nice shapes and curves! Don’t matter anyway, IT”S A PORSCHE so give up the $$$ FOOLS……LOL Seriously, I don’t get this Porsche fetish????

  9. Keith

    My Bad! Now this one is Da Bomb!!! I want 50k for this one……No others like it…..Why??? Because it’s a Porsche! ……….LOL LOL LOL LOL!

  10. David Frank David Member

    I have an idea for a great business. One could create a rust stencil pattern to look like a 356 has just disolved into your garden. These would sell for stupid money. For just a few thousand dollars you too can have a 6 figure Porsche making beautiful flowers in your yard. For a little extra, you could even include a replica data plate!

  11. redwagon

    see, i told you all, i just cannot resist. i am back to look at pictures of overly rusted and dented and smashed vehicles just to see how badly someone wants them. it’s a sickness i tell you, a sickness …….

  12. Charles

    This car has about as much appeal as a dog turd drying out in the sun. I don’t get it, and probably never will. In 1971-72 while in high school I worked for a service center that specialized in import cars. There were always three or four 356’s in our shop at any given time. I can honestly say that I never had even the slightest case of Porsche fever. I was around them every day, detailed them, serviced them, drove them, and never got the attraction that many people have for them. My first car was a 68 GMC step-side SWB that I installed a souped up 409 big-block with a four speed Muncie. I would not have traded my truck for a boat load of 356’s. My regret now is that I did not hoard back a whole field full of them when they were just beaters and could be had for a few hundred dollars each. What an investment…

    • D. King

      Charles, I get that you don’t like Porsches. And I get that you don’t understand why anyone else would like them. Can you understand that I loathe pickups? That I would NEVER have anything of the sort…unless it’s as a tow vehicle for my 356?

      To each his or her own. It’s a big country.

      • Charles

        It’s not that I don’t like Porsche’s, and I certainly can understand that others love them. To each thier own. All that I said is that I never caught Porsche fever. The idea of rescuing any car in the condition of this one is beyond me.
        I love vintage Pontiac’s, but would not look twice at one in such shape. I only collect low mileage original cars. A car is only original once. The thing that is so mind boggling about 356’s is why so many of them were parked in the elements to rot.

  13. Keith

    D. King…..? Uhmmmmmmmmm we’re talking about the condition of these rust buckets and the crazy amount of $$$ they want for them, kind of stupid in my book? By the way, I’ll take any truck over a Porsche any day, at least one can find parts for a truck at a reasonable price. Just my two cents bro…… God Bless America!

  14. Adam Wright

    If this car is worth $20,000 my stock just went up!

    • Ed Williams

      What is this place in the photo? A dedicated Porsche rescue facility? Think ” Porsche rescue and parolees” . Might make a good TV show sort of like rounding up stray dogs for rehabilitation. Just a thought.

      • D. King

        I’d watch it–Adam, talk to Hollywood! Adam’s Tubs? Tub Rehab?

        (Adam Wright is well known already in 356 circles–he just needs to expand to a cable network.)

    • Keith

      Ooooooooh Adam Wright! You must be a millionaire! Look at all those high dollar Porsches! You don’t suppose you could let me in on some of that action? I’ll help you sell them to the next rich fool!……..LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!

    • Charles

      Sell those things and retire!

    • Bernd

      Nice to see so many 356s on one place. My german eyes are burning. Is it real? Bernd

  15. D. King

    Adam–you need a big car cover! :-) How is your latest haul coming along?

  16. PRA4SNW

    Next stop for this: BHCC.

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