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Cheap Classic: 1940 Hudson 40

This Hudson has been on display for many years and is now for sale for $7,000 at The California Automobile Museum. It has an older paint job but is otherwise in very original rust free condition. It’s only problem (for some people) is the extra pair of doors. Our old friend will need the usual attention after sitting for so long, but should make for a nice driver.

The interior is complete and useable. There are stains, worn places and a tear or two in the fabric.

The engine is not frozen. It’s complete under the hood and looks like it just needs new belts and hoses and the usual service.

It truly is rust free everywhere you look with very little surface rust.

This is a car that could be enjoyed just as it is and perhaps improved on over time. It shouldn’t take much to get it running. Thousands of museum members have enjoyed seeing it over the years, but it’s time has come to go, replaced by a Camry. It’s no show winner, but for those of us who like to drive old cars, it will be a wonderful driver.


  1. Jeffro

    As I’ve goten older, I have developed a appreciation for 4 doors. I have a growing family and it’s easier to transport them in a 4 door. I like this Hudson. Nice lines. I’m not sure if it’s a factory color, but it looks good on this car.

    • Wm Lawrence

      With suicide doors make sure they are belted in…

  2. gardener

    I have loved Hudson’ since I was a kid (used to get picked on for looking at them and not comaros).Love this car would get to drivable and then fix as I go.There is a hudson musuem just south of me wonderfol place and great cars all of then

  3. Brakeservo

    What has this world come to, time for the Hudson to go, replaced by a — a – Camry? ? I don’t believe it, I just don’t believe it . . .

  4. D

    I was wondering the same thing …. replaced by a a a a C A M R Y????

  5. Jason

    The California Automobile Museum is dumping this Hudson to make space for a Camry?


    • David Frank David F Member

      Thank you so much for your thoughts. I tried not to show my bitternes and anger… but they recently chose to exhibit a Camry and an Escort wagon and sold our 1918 REO and are selling the Hudson. They said they want to display 1980s cars so I offered them a Buick Grand National GNX and they said they’d never heard of it… Some of us have plotted to put up banners and such to make the 1980s area look like a used car lot. The museum still has, though, another 150 really wonderful historical and rare cars, from Clara Ford’s Lincoln limo to one of the first Model Ts, early steam cars and more. Have a look at the web site,

      • Jason

        “They said they want to display 1980s cars”

        I don’t have a problem with that in principle and within reason. But a Camry??

      • MikeH

        The 80s was one of the most dismal decades in automotive history.

      • Ergle Snarf

        Not very clear judgment.

      • Ed P

        Are teenagers in charge now?

  6. Rod

    This is a beautiful classic car as is. Take it any day over a Camry. A bit of work and it should be road ready. I wouldn’t worry about the interior too much at first other than trying to get some of the stains out. See what it would take too get running which is probably simple enough. I would be worried about the gas tank it appears to have stains indicating a possible leak.
    Get it running drive it and enjoy.

  7. Ed P

    A fine piece of American iron is being cast out for a Camry??? This is such a nice Hudson. I hope it finds a home soon and gets out of the weather. The color is not to my liking but that is a personal thing.

  8. Larry K


  9. daniel wright

    There is a similar model mounted in front of a restaurant in Pryor Oklahoma. Not sure why its there….its engineless and rusty.

  10. geomechs geomechs Member

    I love the car and the asking price is very reasonable. What I do NOT understand is why the museum intends to replace it with something that’s about as common as flies on a dead horse. Must be a very special Camry, like something with backseat controls, or maybe an ATR button.

  11. JW454

    Is that a mechanical brake system? Fords had hydraulic brakes in 1940. I would have thought Hudson would have too. I believe they were a more upscale car. Well, I learned something new today… BTW… that running board brace could use some straightening.

    Nice car even with the extra doors.

    • Ed P

      Hudson used a dual system. Hydraulic with mechanical back up.

      • Loco Mikado

        Belt and suspenders brake system. Today if you lose all your fluid you are SOL. Even a dual circuit is not nearly as foolproof as this.

      • Brakeservo

        So did RR and Bentley 1946- 1965

  12. James

    I don’t see anything about a camry replacement in the seller’s description, so I realllllly hope that’s a joke!

  13. Leroy

    You have to admit, you just don’t see a Camry every day but at least they’ll have one in the museum for to look at! Are you kidding me?

    • RayT Member

      I wouldn’t see a Camry if it was parked in front of my house!

  14. Coventrycat

    It’s Cali, so it must be a one off hybrid owned by some some actor like Ed Begley Jr.or a one hit wonder musician.

  15. Ralph Terhune

    The museum is replacing the Hudson with a Camry??? Generation X’ers must have taken over the museum.

  16. Fred W.

    My daily driver is a Toyota, but come on…a Camry in a museum? Maybe in 30 years. There is enough steel in this Hudson to make about 12 Camrys.

  17. C Brand

    Replace this piece of AMERICANA with a camry…what have they been smoking? Unbelievable that is so just not right!!!

  18. Rustytech Member

    I love that dash! In fact I love a lot of things about this car. There’s just something about the Art Deco era that presses my buttons. Why any museum would cast this off for any late model car is beyond my comprehension, but it’s their business, and their loss will be the buyers gain!

  19. Pappy2d

    Do Camrys fans go to car museums?

  20. charlie Member

    Many auto museums are exhibiting more recent cars to keep the visitors coming, from the Automobile Driving Museum to Petersen in LA. Without bringing in cars of the 70’s and 80’s they are not attracting visitors in their 20’s and 30’s who grew up with these cars. Adapt or die.

  21. MrF

    Beautiful dash and seats like overstuffed couches. Nice.

  22. Melvin Burwell

    Somebody buy this car. Immaculate. Its got to be gone by now.

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